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Daily Ish

Emotion Makes You Cry Sometimes

Drake has always been an emotional dude. Have to be if he walking around with Bill Cosby sweaters on. Every chick he has messed with has been put in blast on one of cry for you ballads so how does one think he is not an overly sensitive ball of mess? We only call it how we see it. Well he is getting tired of all the assumptions that he is whiney, emotional and lonely. Well what are you? If you would stop putting out these soft ass love ballads we might not think you’re emotional. Wait..that’s a lie we still will.

You’re Not a Bad Bish After All

When you talk a lot of shit be prepared to have it thrown back at you. I thought Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada was about that life. Guess she’s not as hard as she protrays to everyone on the show.

Ms Ev has vehemently declined to attend the BW reunion show even though it is in her contract to do so. She is too damn scared of what co-star Tasha Marbury and ex ace boon coon Tami Roman might spill about her past relationship with Chad OchoCinco and new boo LA Dodgers Carl Crawford. Damn it gotta be some good ass shit if Ev is backing down on a show. She should have thought of that before she put Tasha on blast in her new book. Karma is a true blue bitch!

Leave Blue Ivy Alone Damn

A few days ago a picture surfaced of Beyonce carrying Blue Ivy. All social media outlets went crazy because Blue Ivy’s hair was in some Coolio braids. I thought it was adorable but everyone else did not share the same opinion. What is it with black people and hair?! Especially black kids hair? Bey is damned if she does the baby’s hair and damned if she doens’t. Have we become that narcissistic about this? I let my baby girl rock an afro for the longest before I started throwing ponytails in it. Blue Ivy is not your baby so why get so mad. I bet the ones who are complaining are the ones whose house is filthy as hell. Just sayin. Let that baby breathe. Kids are supposed to be off limits.

Chris Breezy Needs Baby Jesus

Here we go again. Chris Brown did his thug thizzle again this morning at a nightclub in Washington D. C. Why the fight started or who was involved has not been released but what I do know is one Breezy is in jail until Monday and two he needs to get his life together before he run up on the wrong true thug and get his head knocked. Obviously the people around him doesn’t give a damn enough to try and help the chile, they’re too busy digging holes in his pockets. Sooner or later something will happen to his ass and then you will hear me say, I told yall!

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

The Porn Industry Shooked

Should we be surprised that another porn star has been diagnosed with HIV? I’m surprised that there only have been two who have tested positive since 2009. Porn star Pinky is the second to be hit with a positive status. She retired from the industry but not before getting a goodbye gift. Only nineteen percent of pornstars use condoms! In the words of Mr. Brown – stop being nasty! Ass and titties can and will kill you. They shut down the porn film industry for a minute until they figure out what they are going to do but what good will that do? Imagine how many already have it now? There is no cure for HIV, don’t they know that?

Did Tami Roman quit?

According to Shaunie O’Neal Tami got fired off of the show Basketball Wives. Twitter shots were fired at fans when they tried to inquire about the status of Tami, Shaunie even blocked a few of those fans for even asking the question. Shaunie personally needs to grow the hell up, her kids act better than she do. I see why Shaq went and cheated on her, she is annoying. Anyway I thought Tami and Shaunie were ace boon coons? What the hell happened? No wonder Tami took the chance to do a talk show because she was no longer on the show, that I heard was garbage now. Sometimes you have to move on. Why would a person want to be a part of that treachery anyway? Leave the kluck, klucking to the birds Tami.

Lamar Odom Overdoses

Khloe Kardashian has stuck to her guns with leaving Lamar alone…well until someone told her he suffered a drug overdose then all hell broke loose and she went into overdrive trying to find her boo. When she finally found him he let her know he did not suffer an overdose and that he was fine. I hope she hung up on him after she realized he was fine.

Lamar was spotted buying some copper Chore scrubbing pads which is commonly used to make makeshift crackpipes. And he was roaming around at night looking lost as hell in LA. What was you looking for boo some crack. Kiddies just say no before you end up like this fool.


Congratulations to John Legend and his fiancé Chrissy for getting married this weekend in Italy. How do you say congrats in Italian? Anyone?

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Daily Ish 6-13
Well hello! How was your Thursday? Ours was beautiful. Glad you’re with us. Shall we dive into the daily ish? Alright, lets get it in then.

Beyonce Anorexic?

Hell naw, Beyonce’s too perfect to let herself become an anorexic. However designer Cavalli doesn’t think she is so perfect. They have put Bey on a serious diet when they did a cartoonish sketch of the diva in a dress they designed especially for the thick framed singer. She appeared to be elongated and hungry looking.

Bey not so happy. I wonder will she continue to roc the dress during her shows. Cavalli Group claims it was because they draw all of their sketches of ladies like that. A) Why? Nobody normal is shaped that way and b) if it was for a basic bitch why not post a basic bitch instead of Beyonce? I know one thing, fashion designers need to stop assuming we are anorexic. Maybe pissing off Bey will wake their asses up. Does Bey have that kind of power and influence?

Parent Embarrassment

As a mama I have the right to embarrass my kids, it’s in the mama handbook. Will Smith feels the same way.

On a recent interview Will kisses his son Jayden in the mouth. Jayden’s reaction was priceless! Embarrassment wouldn’t be the word but we’ll roll with that one. Will took some heat for the playful kiss. Now as a mama of a fourteen and nine year old I’ll admit I still kis my babies on their lips. To me it’s nothing but some think it’s about as inappropriate as a mama breastfeeding their six year old. Which side are you on?

Leave Kids Out of It!

Kids are off limits. I don’t care how you flip it kids are off limits however trolls didn’t get that memo. Royce Reed (Basketball Wives) posted pics of her son doing gymnastic flips and splits something I can’t do! A lot of opinions circulated within Twitter with most coming to the boy is gay (not happy gay). Royce goes in and say basically with her being a dancer duh he would be flexible too! Ish like this pisses me off. Why ignant people, why? And what does it matter? Stop drinking Redbull. With a keyboard added it’s a dangerous combo.

Monica a Baby Mama?

Are you comfortable with the label baby mama? I don’t. It has such a negative vibe to it. Similar to the word ghetto, baby mama is more of a mentality. We need to get that out of that, it’s not healthy.

Singer Monica has a problem with it too. When being referred to it she said she is no way a baby mama. Regardless if she married Rocko or not she is no baby mama. She also said she will not take him to court for child support because a man handles his business and she doesn’t believe in the court system.

And she says she’s a southern gal and feels it’s her job to cook and do laundry for her man. I’m not a southern belle and believe in taking care of home. That shows your ove for your man. But we not gone get into that now cause that’s a whole other blog post. Once advice she did give ladies is stop nagging at your man! Chuuuuuch…..preach!

Hip Hop Sisters

What seriously happened to the orignaaaal female emcees? Retired? You’re not allowed to retire in the rap game it’s forever indebted in one’s blood. With that being said BET is trying to help six female emcees get back in this male dominated industry we call hip hop.

MC Lyte has a nonprofit organization called Hip Hop Sisters Network and their goal is to inflict positive images of us. She admitted to taking in rapper Lil Mama because she felt her career was cut short so she mentoring Lil Mama.

The advisory board consists of: Jada Pinkett-Smith, Russell Simmons, Melonie Fiona, Chilli, Faith Evans and Kelly Price.

As far as the show goes it will be a docudrama showing the emcees attempting to win their throne spot back. It debuts this summer on BET. Will you watch?

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Celebrities haven’t been doing a lot of foolishness lately which sucks for me. I feel this is the diet version but I’m gone get it in for you. It’s a little something to chew on.

I got a serious question tho. Why is Kanyeezy adamently shutting down the rumors that he is sleeping with a gorgeous Canadian model/bartender but not mentioning a damm thing about messing with that male designer? I mean he mad as hell over the ordeal. So does that mean he is boinking his Paris lover? As boring and as stiff Kim is I’d turn gay too!

Look whose calling the kettle black

How in the hell does Royce Reed from Basketball Wives call her ec co-star Evelyn Lozada a mentally slow hypocritical groupie? That description fit her to a t too with all the men she hop to. Both thirsty as hell! But I guess she had to say something after hearing a recent interview from Evelyn where she said Royce was never about this life and that she was boring as hell as that she was glad the lil girl is gone from the show and that it took them long enough to kick her off their island. I see that Iyanla interview didn’t do a damn thing! That little girl need to shut her mouth. How do yall honestly feel about Evelyn and the Basketball Wives clan? Getting tired? Should they just shut it down?

Are there any hot topics you would luv for me to put my two cents to? Let me know!

Peace and luv!

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Daily ish!

That damn Instagram again

Who are the people that are with these celebrities taking their pics and putting them on their Instagrams? Do they not have a life where they have to do that? In that case I’m in the wrong profession, I’ll tweet and instagram some ish for celebrities for six figures…just sayin. It kills me when they put thought provoking captions under them too. Boo, bye and sit down.

But the real reason for this is that Chris wants Rihanna to slip farther into oblivion so he posts pics of him and his boo doing normal thangs. Poor Karrueche, she has no clue he is using her or maybe she does and doesn’t mind. How do you feel with the celebrities posting these pics? I know you do it too.

One expensive ass

Chad was the butt of many jokes in the courtroom yesterday as he was getting his plea deal he thought he was in the locker room and smacked his lawyer playfully on the ass. Well the whole courtroom started to laugh and the judge didn’t like the lack of seriousness of Mr. Chad Johnson so she decided to teach twinkle toes a lesson and sentence him to 30 days! Well damn ma, you having a bad day?!

Well look who has decided to play mommy. I can’t even say too much bad stuff about Draya because since being on Basketball Wives she been on her grind and have gotten her son back in her care. I hope she learned her lesson. She even moved her mama into her large home. What I wanna know tho is why the hell mama look like that? I would hate like hell to wake up and see that over my head! Don’t feed her after midnight! But keep grinding Draya!

Peace and luv!

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