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Erotic Fantasies

Tonight I want to be in the mood

Pussy wet; dripping wet

Horny as fuck

Baby you know what to do

Enter into my fantasies where this will be our little secret

My lips screams for your tongue

Dip it into my sacred place

No other place you rather be…in

Then between my thighs as I watch your black snake rise

Rise so I can get a quick peak

You have made your grand entrance

Enter if you may

Kiss me slowly with all of your tongue flowing inside

Now come below where I want you to work and glide

On me and inside me





Can you hear her purr as you stroke faster than a tornado

I’ll be your cheerleader

Cheering for your dick

To work this clit

My head game

I like to swallow and spit

Make it juicy and nasty

In the bedroom I rather not bee too classy

You like this right here?

Slowly grind as my ass it will slowly wine

Upon her arisen snake

I’m on it

Want you inside it

Bouncing to the beat my insides

Taking control of this dick ride

Cum all over

And the kiss me again as we rock each other

And hold each other tight

Until we begin to fuck again

All day and all night


Lady P’s Erotic Moments

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Single and Ready to Mingle: I’m NOT Interested!

Hi My Singles!!!! Hope that your weekend was super awesome. Mine was ok, nothing to write home about. Today’s topic is about not interested in someone and they keep on trying. YIKES! I know I am not that only person who has been in that space. I know this because one of my girlfriends and I  were just talking to me about this over drinks the weekend.  There is a guy in her world right now who just doesn’t get it right now. IT has gone as so far as her telling him that they are on different pages. Still the calls, the advances, and the creepy text messages are still coming. I even told her to stop responding to the text messages and calls.  There are ways to tell a person you are not interested. I know you are saying the hints don’t work. With those you actually have to say you are not interested and you are not feeling them like that. Especially if you can’t see it going past friendship. You have to be honest with the person. I don’t suggest leading people on and making them think it is something else and it is clearly not.

You are probably saying you are single how dare you be picky? Ummmm I have a preference and me laying down with just any old person is not apart of it. Most people know from the gate if they are sexually attracted to someone. It takes a lot for myself to be interested in you sexually. I am going to have to have a conversation with you to see if the brain matches the outside.  Oh yes I have come across some “Cute Dummies”, “Mr. Don’t have ish” (This guy lives at  home with his mama and drives her car and has no plans of changing it), “Mr. Arrogant” and etc. So imagine that life?

Here is what my Facebook Friends had to say about it: How do you tell someone you are not interested in them sexually?

Robert James U don’t. You just don’t make that move. And lock em in the friend zone
Janae Marie Yea better not to make them think there is a chance
SaKoyra Bullock I’m going to go out on a limb and say “don’t have sex with them”. But I could be wrong here
Lb Isthename By not having sex with them… EVER… Avoid all sexual convo, jokes, innuendos, ignore any sexual advances or compliments and try your best not to ever be sexy around that mofo
Noahiamreal Jackson Stop talking to them
Lb Isthename ^that was what I missed
Sean Johnson I don’t wanna do you…..
Robert James Or i just say I love you like a sister yeah that’s a obvious sign nothings going down
So you see you can break it down easily.
Happy Dating XOXOXOXOX
E. Ahdai

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If you are in a relationship is it ok to have friends of the opposite Sex?

Lovers & Friends by LIL JON, USHER, LUDACRIS

    So to me this is a no brainer if you are currently in a relationship or you plan on getting seriously involved with someone, and your partner has a problem with you having or being friends with the opposite sex it is very obvious you are committing to the wrong person or that someone just simply is not for you. When we are younger and began to date it is only natural to feel that instant jealous, insecure and being overly territorial of are crush or boyfriend/ Girlfriend talking to the opposite sex only because we feel as though there could be possible competition or the possibility of are crush liking someone else. In other words when you are young you are unable to see the bigger picture of life and looking beyond what the eye see’s.  I know that I have defiantly been guilty of this act numerous of times I used to feel like “I am all my man needs so why does he need the companionship of other women”. I did not realize or even care at the moment that these women he called friends had been in his life years before I had even met him and they had been the ones holding him down long before I came along. At the time I just knew that I was extremely jealous that the man I was dating had multiple female friends even though they were never romantically involved, and they were just friends he grew up with  I couldn’t help but get the images in my mind of them doing something else ,or boo loving on the phone when I wasn’t around, The games our minds play on us, I know I was going crazy just thinking of the what ifs, and should of, could of, and would of’s.I know that in a relationship trust is a very important factor, and you should be able to trust your spouse when they are out of your site. Freindships are one of the most powerful influences in our lifes and to some extent they can shape and mold your character because of the influence they have on you. Some would say that having friends of the opposite sex is a disater waiting to happen, but I say it depends on your partner and the type of relationship the two of you share. All I can say is communication is key and if you dont trust your partner you shouldnt be with them.


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Single and Ready to Mingle: Not trying to be “Mary Jane”

Hello my Singles! I hope that you are having a super awesome day. This topic my rub someone the wrong way. ***Please do not be offended this is just a matter of opinion. *** So last night I was watching “Being Mary Jane” and wondered what are my other singles thinking about this show. Now Mary Jane is a successful single woman, but having issues finding the right man.

Every time I turn on this show I get a little more disturbed. Every week she is fighting herself over this married man. Stop.. Hold Up.. Flag on the play.. BIG RED FLAG. Heffa!  He is married what s it there to fight yourself about. Last weeks episode he proposed. I was like how in the hell do you really ask someone to marry you and you are still clearly sleeping with your wife. Oh you all didn’t see that at the end of last weeks episode.  (I DID). Then what gets me is all the affirmations and quotes she has on the sticky notes. Why is she not following them? They are some really good ones at that.  See  I believe this is why I only watched one episode of Scandal. (So not interested).

I want to date the right way. Meet a single man. Get to know single man. Date single man and see if it has potential to be more. No where in there does it say Meet a man. Find out that he is married. Keep dating married man. (ARE YOU SERIOUS). Me personally I am not fit to be the other woman. I am not fit to be confined to the four walls of my home or to be kept a secret.

Then I keep seeing status updates on Facebook like this : “Being Mary Jane….think most of us girls can relate!”

Ummm Excuse me I cannot relate to being in love with a married man. I can’t even relate to having sex with a married man. So how are other women relating to this. Is dating so bad these days that we have to stoop to a level of deceit to get what we want. I was always told “If he will cheat to be with you, he will cheat on you. You will lose him the same way you got him.”

I asked others their opinions of the show. Some have watched while others have not.

Dawn Blanchard-Deep Rivers: I personally have not watched it….the commercials were enough to spoil my thoughts….they had a commercial where she made the comment “Gay is the New Black”, and I ended up writing about it…after that nope can’t watch it….and tired of it being okay for a woman to cheat in a tv show and the audience or most love it….I also don’t watch Scandal because of this

Avtomat Kalashnikov: Haven’t seen the show but heard rave reviews.  Didn’t know what it was about but Dawn Blanchard-Deep Rivers synopsis killed it for me.  I, too, have no desire to watch Scandal.

Dwight Sloan:I love it. It’s entertaining and heck it shows something that although it may not be the greatest teaching of morals, it shows some reality.  And hell it’s funny to me.


Please keep in mind this is my opinion. If this is our favorite show enjoy it.


Happy Dating to all


E. Ahdai

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In the Mood

I’m in the mood for some chocolate fantasies

Sunken by the wetness of my thighs that’s hidden with surprises

I want to taste the chocolate frost of your lips that savors mine and creaming between wet thighs

Oh my!…

Thighs that awaits for a treat that can fill my pleasure of sweetness mixed with a head tip that tastes like a cherry tootsie pop

I’m in the mood for laying on my back while you take complete control of your fantasy-lit ride whispering ur dirty little secrets while you elevate your speed

Faster and faster until both our adrenaline levels perplex and matches the heart rate of our extasy as it climbs higher

Find me in between your moans as my voice blends in with the sounds of wetness when kitty purs and speaks that…PURRRRIFIC language 

Yes tell me again what you are in the mood for because what I’m in the mood for may change the atsmophere of sexual desires that lies across an acute angle 

Diagonal to your sexual simplicities

The mood for luscious sex between you and I until words become unknown

Lady P The Sensual Diva


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