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How to deal with Gossiping Folks!

Missy Elliott - Gossip Folks [Video] Ok so you and I both know someone or you yourself have been a victim numerous maybe even several times of this action.  Something long as we know humans to exist will be something to never die out and long live as long as we as humans rule planet earth and that is something we like to call “Gossip”  The true definition of Gossip is- Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

We all have been there done that we laughed, mocked, and made fun of the victim of the week the persons who’s business is being registered to the world like Lottery tickets and you engaged in a period of time you will never get back talking about  someone to escape your own reality for the moment. I myself have found myself being the gossiping queen or the person being gossiped about in life it works both ways. So here are a couple ways that I choose to deal with Gossiping Folks of the world and the beings we have to interact with everyday.

First a big part of dealing with people who gossip about you is understanding gossip and the thoughts that run through the mind of those who are gossiping about you. It has been said that the person who gossips is someone who carriers some resentment towards you and doesn’t have the courage to face you directly. Maintaining your inner piece and prestige is a very good way to dealing with gossipers, also try giving it a couple days before you react on the situation this could be a key factor so you are not acting off of emotion to the situation. People will gossip because its a new day, the sky is blue or because their sister just had a baby those people try to make themselves more worthy by saying or thinking they are better than someone else. Try to understand you cannot prevent, treat, or cure Gossip this is a side effect that will be around for many generations or until the human race realizes that this particular action really serves no purpose to the world except chaos and beef.



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E-Reader Chronicles: Wearing My Crown

The other day I was called old-fashioned. I ask the young lady why did she think that. Her answer really didn’t surprise me. She said I was old-fashioned in the way I carried myself, how I interacted with others and my style of dress. She emphasized that I was cool, just old-fashioned. All I could do was laugh. I asked what was the difference in how I carried myself and how she carried herself. She said she carried herself like a queen, she demanded respect and didn’t take shit from anyone. She said I carried myself like an old-fashioned lady, I was quiet and I seemed like a pushover. At this point my body was rocked with laughter. It was time for me to teach her a little something.

Before I could begin the lesson a young man approached and said “You cool Miss A? Everything okay? Let me know if you need anything.” I smiled and thanked him. She asked him “Yo man why do you call her Miss A?” His answer was simple “Respect.” She looked baffled. I then pointed out that she called me Miss A too. She still looked baffled, but she was beginning to realize you don’t demand respect. I simply told her that a Queen never has to announce she’s a Queen because those around her know it. A Queen never envies other Queens, she embraces them. A Queen believes in uplifting present and future Queens.

I went on to tell her what she considered old-fashioned was just me honoring my role and my reign as a Queen. I carry myself with dignity and grace because that’s how I was taught. My strength isn’t loud,obnoxious, foul-mouthed or brash, but I am a warrior and I still my ground and fight for what I believe in without disrespecting the person that I am. My dress isn’t old-fashioned, I just believe that the world has to know what I’ve been blessed with….I leave something for the imagination. My interaction with others isn’t old-fashioned, I just treat others with respect and appreciation.

True I don’t twerk in public because that is saved for the one I have chosen to be in a relationship with. I don’t curse because it’s not a part of who I am. I’m not a pushover because when I need to go into battle I don’t back down and I don’t take prisoners. Yes, I’m a Queen and I’m proud of it. I don’t demand respect because it is given freely to me. I’m also proud of my sister Queens who strive everyday to wear their crowns with honor, dignity and truth to who they are. Each Queen reigns her way. It is up to you to determine how you will reign in your Queendom.

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Single and Ready to Mingle: A guys Approach

singlereadytomingleI was sitting and thinking about the last time a man approached me. I mean really approached me and wanted to get to know me. I was so not enthused. This is how it went:

Him: “Hey Ma!”

ME: (looks around) I know this cat is not talking to me.

Him: Hey Ma! You in the pink dress.

ME: (that is me). Sir?

Him: You are so fine… What is your name?

Me:( Looks at him as if he could have been a 3 headed monster.) I am sorry sir I am not interested. *walks off*

OK I am not interested in anyone who says “Hey Ma!” or another mess that is not “Excuse me, hello how are you?” What is so wrong with walking up to a woman and just being the gentleman that you were raised to be.  I am not the street slang type of girl. I hold myself with respect so why shouldn’t that man approach me with some respect. Now what will say is that some women are falling for the corny ass lines and settling for the bull shit men have to offer. I am sorry I can’t, I won’t, and I shall not. Now  I will say if a man can make me laugh and not annoy me then we can see what it is all about.

So I asked the question on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/emiaj.ahdai Fellas: How do you approach a woman? Can you believe only one man answered. Now I have hundreds of friends on my Facebook and only one man was brave enough to come up with an answer. REALLY!?!?! My other single ladies on the my Facebook wanted to know as well. Below is the steps he came up with

This is from the mouth of a man….. Step by Step on how to approach a woman

1.) Walks with confidence.
2.) Excuse me, Introduces myself. Extends my hand(with a smile) and ask her name
3.) Ask if I can talk to you, if you are not too busy.
4.) Be straight forward,  ask another question, do you have a man?…..
5.) 10 times out of 10 she does……… I don’t mean to waste your time. Please forgive me. Walks off.  Now if she doesn’t. Ask her for her number
6.) Try again.


This was very realistic. FELLAS we do not need the antics and buffoonery. I can’t say this too much we really just need you to be respectful with us. Now I know there are ratchet women in the world who only respond to ignorance. Let them men who like that deal with them.




E. Ahdai

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Snipes On Demand



Video Blogs


You Ain’t No Dime…..check yoself!
Don’t Get In The Trunk……don’t get caught!
Big Girls….every man’s secret weapon!

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Sugary sweet

Something big and fat in my mouth

Just blowing and blowing

Waiting for the big pop

To splatter over my mouth and chin


The sweetest taste I ever tasted

Making my head spin

So sweet and succulent, I’d love to swallow it


(yelling quickly) But I’d rather spit it out, Watch it fly across the room, like a dagger, Hit him in the back of his neck, Stinging him hard, reeeeeeeel hard!


And when it sticks, ooooh

He’ll touch it

Then his hand pink and sticky

Will be wet, with my sugary saliva

stuck between his fingers


And he’ll think twice before touching

My butt again, when the teacher isn’t looking

Because now I’m Bazooka



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