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Single and Ready to Mingle: Real Dates

When was the last time you went on a DATE, I mean a REAL DATE?

He picks you up  and takes to a dinner and movie, and no expectations of what’s to come…

Is this something that is so rare that we don’t really experience it anymore. The last date I went on was in June. It is clearly now the middle of October. Oh yeah this thing just got serious. I like going on dates and having grown folk conversation with someone. Especially if he has a brain to match his looks. Yes I am a sucker for a man who has sex appeal and a brain that is so amazing. I took to my Facebook as always and asked the same question. Some of the answers had me laughing, while other disturbed me. Here is what they had to say:

Gabrielle Bright: November 2012, Dayum I forgot about the date I went on in June…..that KNEE GROW kept saying Big thangs poppn….UGHHHHH!!!!!

Nigary Rma Thompson:The first real date I went on was in January this year I believe.  I planned the whole thing myself.  We went to Harrisons Restaurant a family style place. It was really nice especially since I hadn’t done that in a long while.  Then this year I had a September birthday date with the same guy. I planned that too.  We went to see Earth Wind and Fire at the Chicago Theater.  He had a great time… I then asked her would there be a third date here is what she said “Nigary Rma Thompson Naw, I dont think so. We had been seeing each other for a while but a few weeks ago he told me that he didn’t want to be in a relationship and that it wasn’t me it was him.

Precious Moments: Never

Valorie Rice: Let’s see about 8 years ago and never, never, never again. I chose to just raise my kids after that awful mess. I have huge trust issues.


What disturbed me was that there wasn’t just one NEVER! I don’t know what life would be like not going on dates. As women we need that stimulating conversation that your girlfriends can’t give you.  Then to know these women have kids and are involved with men they are not going on dates. Relationships are not about sex all the time and giving you money. Relationships are mental stimulation, getting to know each other and getting that QUALITY time! I think that is what hurts some marriages that they forget you still need to date your spouse. How many times I have you heard “I cheated he/she wasn’t paying attention to me” . (waits for answer) Yeah that many huh? Dating is essential to this life when trying to get to know someone and stay with someone.


Happy Dating my loves!!!!!



E. Ahdai

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Where is the latest issue of Urban Image Magazine

To Urban Image Family and Friends: So- I hear you guys are wondering; “Where is the latest issue of Urban Image Magazine?” Chill, we have it ready for you. I’m just doing a little quality control. We’ve made some changes in our editing process. My eyes will be the last set (yes, set. I wear glasses) to view the mag before we release it. Just an added step to ensure that we are delivering a top notch publication for your reading enjoyment. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to get “on schedule”. If you noticed, our August issue came out during the first week of August. Unlike the industry standard where an issue such as a “July” issue would be released in “June”. So, we will be releasing our October Issue on Sunday September 15th and hereafter our magazines will be released around the middle of every month.

October just might very well be our best issue thus far. We’ve decided to include more interviews so that you may get to know more people who are out there striving towards success. We have an interview with Chozen D, who won our talent search last month. Don’t sleep on him, homeboy is tight. We did an interview with Drea Avent, she’s a sportscaster who is making waves in the industry. And, we have been truly blessed to dialogue with the #1 woman in small business, Melinda Emerson. Personally, the word small doesn’t deserve to be in the same sentence with her because she has been doing it BIG consistently for the past 14 years. Our magazine is still packed with the same type of content you have grown to love. New issue coming September 15th! Until then, keep an eye on our blog for fresh articles and hit us up on Social Media.

Peace and Love,
Richarh Aswanu
Urban Image Magazine

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The First Three - Where it all started

Urban Image Magazine was first launched back in January 2011. We produced our first 3 magazines during the first half of that year, then ran into some problems. At that time, we did not have author’s (bloggers) who were committed to our vision, and subsequently our magazine suffered. We spent the next 2 years in limbo for a variety of reasons. In early 2013, we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, hired a whole new management team, and went about finding quality writers that were committed to helping take Urban Image Magazine to the next level. You see, to us this is more than just a few magazines and a website. It’s more than just a vision, it has literally become a movement!

Now with our dedicated staff in place, in 2013 we plan on taking Urban Image Magazine to all new heights. To explore new ideas, and bring to you quality publications that we can be proud of. This is a new day, a new year, and we don’t plan on stopping now!



Check out our debut, Urban Image Magazine Vol #1

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Urban Image Magazine Featuring K’wan - Vol 3

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Urban Image Magazine

Urban Image Magazine…         “Where Image Is Everything”


 Dr. Wendy Walsh

What does this lady know about Black America? Vol 9

Wendy Walsh 


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Antonique Smith - Star of Notorious - Vol 7


Dez - The Fly Girl behind FLYKICKZ - Vol 6


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