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No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is- Nicki Minaj New Single Cover- Malcolm X Controversy

Never shying away from controversy, Nicki Minaj is true to self!  The latest controversy surrounds her new single cover “LOOKIN ASS  N*GGA” with the infamous picture of Malcolm X holding a rifle, a M1 Carbine.  Since we are all adults here, yes, I am not paraphrasing the single title! So we are about to have a “grown folks” conversation.  Put the kids to bed! 







One of my faithful Facebook blog readers, Amado K. Figueroa, suggested I blog about this topic.  My first impression of Nicki’s single cover, was I am not surprised, this is Nicki Minaj after all.  Sad to say I was not the least bit shocked!  My instinct was to surmise what her motivation would be for using this historic photo with the foul terminology.  That’s how my mind works.  I always want to know why and I am always searching for a deeper meaning.  I guess that is the Virgo and writer in me!  So why did Nicki do this?  The obvious reason being would be to start a controversy and boost the sale of her single.  But there is always a hidden meaning behind the superficiality and I am wondering what was going through Nicki’s mind.

I had a chance to watch the video of her new single and that left me more perplexed.  I was at first thinking in some sort of twisted way Nicki was using the N word in terms of giving Malcolm X props in her own warped way.  As if to say, Malcolm was an OG Nigga!  He was “bout it bout it.” He was cool.   He was fly.  But after watching the video of Nicki berating no good men…or as we women like to say no good niggas, I am even more perplexed!  And the content of her video is another blog in itself!

However, in either scenario referring to Malcom X as a Nigga is disrespectful to his family and his legacy.  I also would like to know did she have to get permission to use the photo?  If so, who gave permission?  And if not, does she have the right to use it or any other photo for that matter?  We all use pictures in social media everyday that we do not have the rights or license to use.  We post pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and add  our own wording and some derogatory connotations.  So is Nicki wrong for doing what society has allowed?  But where do you draw the line between artistic creativity and freedom of speech?  Are we more offended at her use of the N word with a picture of Malcolm or would we be o.k. with her using just the picture of Malcolm?  Or neither?

At present there is a petition circulating to have the single cover removed through Change.org Do I think Nicki Minaj is a creative branding genius that definitely has more money in the bank than me, Yes!  Do I agree with all of her methods, No!  But that is the beauty of conversation and artistic freedom.  Nothing is in black and white and we all have the right to express ourselves.  And if you want change to occur, you can let your voice be heard and do something about it!




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Cynthia Rogers




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No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is- Nicki Minaj Makes Acting Debut in The Other Woman

For all the “Barbs” Nicki Minaj has decided to try her hand at acting.  She will appear in the movie The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz.  Nicki plays Cameron’s assistant and tries to help Cameron through a love triangle.




The cast also includes:  Leslie Mann, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kate Upton and Taylor Kinney.  


This comedy appears to be something both women and men can relate to…cheating and being cheated on!  We will see if Nicki’s acting ability matches her musical talent.  Or will this be another musical artist trying to be a wannabe actor and not succeeding!



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Cynthia Rogers



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Daily Ish

Chris Brown Out of Rehab

Damn that was quick as hell. I knew he was just doing this to look good for the judge. Anything to get out of doing time. There is no way in hell all that anger that’s been built up in that brotha has been released in three weeks. He needs about a good year of indepth therapy to get rid of that ish. But I guess everybody has a price. Of course the people at the rehab was bought for the right price, that’s why he was released so soon. Now we see him chillin with his main boo thang Karrueche at a restaurant since his first boo thang Rihanna is too busy going home with Drake. Once Chris sees the pics of them kicking it at his concert I guarantee you he will be back into rehab. Karrueche, duck!

Nicki Minaj as Lucifer

Last season of American Idol was a damn tragedy. Even my ass had to stop watching and you know I love drama and celebrity foolery but the ish was down right ugly. Mariah Carey spoke to Angie Martinez about it and said working at American Idol with Nicki was like working with Satan. If that isn’t the worst comparison I’ve ever heard-damn! The little I saw, I can agree with Mariah even tho I don’t care for Mariah either. Nicki let all that ish that’s been shot in her butt cheeks go to her head.

Watch Out Girl He Crazy

Somebody should have told Lil Kim that same thing before she dealt with this clown. How she came out of this one is beyond me. Her ex Damien ‘World’ Hardy has been ordered to take anti-psychotic drugs in order to stand trial for the murders of six people. Lil Kim really loves them thugs. Now I see why she went and got all of that plastic surgery done, so he wouldn’t find her and make her victim number seven.

Before I go I want to give a quick congrats to Necole Bitchie for receiving the Blogger of the Year Award from The Black Weblog Awards. I’ve read her story and thinks she is aspiring. I love what she said, “99% is the same as 0. If you are going to do 90 you might as well stay home!” Nuff said.

Peace and luv!

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Monday Music

Hey guys…..now that the weekend is over and done and everyone is back to work,or school how about some music to get you through the rest of your day.

Over the weekend John Legend married his beautiful girlfriend, Chrissy Teigen, and he dedicated a song from his new album to her called, All of Me. I can see this being played for alot of weddings. Check it out.

For you rap fans Rick Ross is releasing a new album tomorrow and here is a video from that new album called, Oil Money Gang.

Here is the video for the song that had folx thinking DJ Khaled wanted Nicki Minaj for himself as a wife. It”s called, I Wanna Be With U, Ft Future, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross.

Keeping along the lines of rap, 2Chainz just released his new album last week B.O.A.T.S, here is a song from the album called, Where u Been ft Cap.1 (whoever that is..lol) Check it out

If anyone cares Eddie Murphy…yes I said Eddie Murphy has a new video with Snoop Dogg Lion called, Red light. Press play and see if you can feel it. I personally say Eddie should make another dang movie and stay out the studio, but that’s just my opinion..lol.

That’s all for today stay tuned tomorrow for new album releases!!!!


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Welcome to Monday Music

The weekend has come and gone just like that and now its back to work Monday…

Lets get your week started off right with a few videos.

Big Sean has released the new video for his song BEWARD ft Lil Wayne and Jhene Aiko,

Chris Brown has released a new video as well. Last week I posted the audio of the song, Love more, ft Nicki Minaj..the video features actor Nick Swardson playing the funny white guy.

Remember this song I posted a while back by K-Ci and JoJo? Well if not here is the visual for their song, Knock It Off. I think they are trying to make a comeback what do you think?

If anyone like Luke James he has a new video for his single, Oh God ft Hit-Boy, it’s dramatic to say the least press play and see what I mean.

That’s just a smidge of music to get your week jumping off..have a good day PEACE AND BLESSINGS!

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