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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: SHOE TUESDAY!!!!!!


Someone get on the phone right now and call Spring and Summer! Tell them I said they need to get back over here so we can be together. This winter has be stupid crazy and has me wishing for a house in a warmer climate. Hell I like in a warm climate and they are talking about snow on Wednesday. Enough about the weather. Theses shoes are EVERYTHING! You all know open toes and I are soul mates. We belong together in more than one way.

I can see these with some acid washed jeans and a off the shoulder top. Oh yes! Then rock my big natural hair. Oh yes I would be ready for a cool out day on the town.  These can also be worn out on the town with a fly ass black dress. I love little black dresses.(repeat) I love little black dresses

This one is short and sweet but I would love to hear how you would rock these shoes.


E. Ahdai

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30 Minute Meals: Perfect Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas

Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Ready In: 15 Minutes
Servings: 18
“Strawberries stuffed with lightly-sweetened cream cheese and walnuts are perfect for that romantic evening. They go great with champagne!”
20 fresh strawberries
1 (3 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
2 tablespoons chopped walnuts or pecans
1 1/2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar
Chocolate sauce or melted chocolate chips any (variety)
1 Dice two strawberries and set aside. Cut the stems off of each of the remaining strawberries, forming a base for strawberries to stand on. Starting at the pointed ends and cutting most of the way, but not completely through the stem end, slice each strawberry into four wedges.



Beat the cream cheese until fluffy; stir in the diced strawberries, walnuts, and powdered sugar. Spoon or pipe about a teaspoon of mix into each strawberry.

Drizzle with chocolate

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: SHOE TUESDAY!!!!!!

Happy Shoe Tuesday!!!I know I am a little late with today’s blog. My apologies my CurvyLites.  I have been browsing  JustFab.com and ShoeDazzle.com. I have subscriptions to both websites but have yet to purchase anything. I needed to know had anyone else used these websites. Someone may even say I am crazy and behind the times. Forgive me for wanting to go into the store and try on my shoes. There is something about the store that makes my heart happy. I could spend hours in a shoe store if I am really in the mood to be in there all day. *Don’t act like I am the only one, I see you shaking your heads*

So I asked for my friends to give me a little help and asked about their experiences

Ladies: Have you shopped with Justfab.com or ShoeDazzle .com? Tell me about you experience:


Kore: I shop with shoe dazzle all the time…other than every now and and again the shoe is a little smaller than true to size been having great experiences. Read the comments, they’ll tell you if they are true to fit and if you need the next size up. I have about 5 pair from them in the last 2 1/2 years

Casey: My mom has and didn’t like the fact justfab.com takes money out your account every month without asking

KoreYeah you got to pay a fee. It’s like $40 just to have the justfab “service”. You can have a VIP service for 9.99 on dazzle but it’s your choice. I think you have to pay the fee for justfab

JeanneI love both I shop at both sites that’s where most of shoes r from. Haven’t had a bad experience except with justfab.com u have to make sure u either buy or skip the month every month or they will automatically charge your card $39.95 an u will just have a credit,  But u do have the option to skip as many months as I want and you don’t get charge this is with justfab.com. They send u reminders each month that your boutique is ready.

Kore: Fab has some hideous shoes though (and lately so does dazzle…idk where the hell they are going with their designers) but I still prefer dazzle to fab

Then followed the question up “Do you prefer to shop online or go to the store?”:

KoreEither or. When it’s for something I need quickly a store is best but I am lazy I don’t want to leave the house.

Casey:  I would rather shop in the store so I can try the shoe on… You order a shoe and it doesn’t fit or doesn’t look like it did on the computer and then you have to do all this shipping return..Simple walk in the store sit try on pay and walk out

Jeanne:I like online shopping u can get sum great deals. Also sum shoes u cnt find in stores locally or they only available online an will b release in stores on a later date


I thank you ladies for participating. It is greatly appreciated.

Happy Shoe Shopping!!!!

E. Ahdai

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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: SHOE TUESDAY!!!!!!

HAPPY SHOE TUESDAY!!!!!!!  It was so super hard trying to pick this weeks shoe that my head went into overload. So I began to think about how do we keep our shoes in order. If you look in my closet mine are sectioned off by style and season. Some may have by color, by style, or even by season. If you still have the origanl box then great. I know some who have theirs in Tupperware containers with the pictures on the front of them. I came across this picture on the internet.


Can you say I WANT AND NEED this in my life. To be able to swivel the shoes around would bring joy to my life. I wonder if my future husband would let me design my own closet. I love shoes that much that he would have to give me my own room just for shoes. He would understand that way before we get married though.. (got off topic)

How do you keep your shoes organized? I would love to know. Email me at [email protected] or leave me a comment letting me know that you stopped by.


Enjoy your day


E. Ahdai

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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: SHOE TUESDAY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!



Oh my love how I have missed you. What have you been doing? What did get into? What did you buy? I have been busy but I never forgot about my loves… I MISSED YOU MY “Cuvry-lites”. My shoes addiction is  still alive and well.  I am starting you all out with some cheetah in the new year. Which one would you pick? I would have to greedy and pick two. My picks would be 1 and 4

My first pick #1 really sets my heart on fire. This shoe has so much purpose and reason. I could rock these with a little black dress  or even skinny jeans. I love the platform bootie because for one I am short and I LOVE HEELS!  Outfit #1: Little black dress, gold accessories, gold clutch and  shoe # 1. Outfit #2: Light Denim jeans, black blazer, white tee shirt and black cheetah clutch.

My second pick #4, I have soft spot for.  I love the funkiness of this shoe. I have a pair like and they are super comfortable, you don’t even feel like you are wearing a pair of heels. I can see this with a off the shoulder sweat shirt and some leggings. Oh YES!!!!!! I think I just… Well oh never mind that, but I believe these just gave me some more life as I thought about it.



Comment and tell me

Happy shoe shopping!!!!!


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