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No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is- 2014 Grammy’s In Review!

Well looks like the rumors were true, Bey & Jay got the party started last night at the 2014 Grammy Awards!  Some thought the performance was a little too naughty!  I guess they missed seeing her new videos.  That should have given a clue to what kind of performance we could have expected!

There were a lot of unexpected moments including performances and award winners!  But thank God for DVR and LL Cool J’s lips!  I am sorry but half way through the show I somehow became so disenchanted that I had to take a nap. But after my little nap I was able to rewind and catch right back up.  During my little doze I did miss the return of the Geriatric Country Reunion with Willie Nelson and The Good Ole’ Boys!  Glad I slept through that!

Some other disturbing moments for me were as much as I love Pink, I am afraid she needs to learn some new tricks and I thought Lorde was having some type of psychotic episode during her performance.  I woke up with “Royal” in my head.  Not good!  And you know I cannot leave Pharrell out, Mr. Park Ranger in capris himself!  All I can say is, artists are truly free spirits but in need of better stylists!  But he has all the Grammy’s so who am I to judge!

And one of the best performances during the night was Daft Punk, including Stevie Wonder, Pharrell and Mr. Le Freak himself, Nile Rodgers!  Made you want to  go and “get lucky”  last night!  Love the song, but can someone please explain to me the concept of these French men with Darth Vader masks on!  All I know is they must have been hot as heck!



I did enjoy the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “going to the chapel” performance.  I wasn’t sure what was going on with Madonna looking like a cowgirl on crack acting as if she had stage fright! Thank God Queen Latifah was the hype girl!  Guess she knew Madonna needed some help!

Speaking of hype- so was the Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons performance!  I do hope after the Grammy’s someone pulled Taylor Swift aside and told her not to ever dance like that again!



But all in all the Grammy Awards were once again unforgettable and still political.  No award for Blurred Lines and Kendrick Lamar or anyone else for that matter!  But that is why we have the Soul Train Awards and the BET Hip Hop Awards!  You can’t get robbed there at least not too badly!  




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Beyonce’s New Album Makes ALL Other Female R&B Singers Literally Bow Down

I was really impressed the other day when watching BET’s 106& Park that the Queen Bey had three video’s on their playlist. It made me more curious about her album. I can say that she has definitely made a major come back after taking her time off “to live her life” as she admittedly said in her song Bow Down which cause quite the roar when it was released earlier in 2013. That was just the tip of the iceberg believe me! I really dig alot of the songs on this new album. I even went to her site  and previewed all the videos and alot of them are pretty tight!


I definitely have some of my very own favorites.I’m feeling her message in the song Pretty Hurts. It is definitely a word to the young ladies of America. Y’all should definitely listen to “the Queen” on that one. Forreal! Another one I really like is Drunk In Love, in  which she collaborated with her hubby (JayZ) on. I also love Jealous.  But that song makes me wonder just what was goin on in the Carter household when she wrote that. And the track Rocket is just dripping sexy all over the speakers. Although I really felt uncomfortable listening to it with my teenage daughters. It’s a lil too sexy for them in my opinion. I have also taken a liking to the jazzy old skool feel of Blow. And think we all can relate to No Angel.I enjoy the attitude of upbeat rap/ lyrics of Partician and Yonce . Damn she can rap and sing. And she can dance and not to mention beautiful. What can’t she do…right?

My next favorite is Mine featuring none other than the multi- talented pretty boy of Hip Hop Drake! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that song. I actually HAD to make that my ring tone for my special someone. I have grown to like  Bow Down which she ingeniously  teamed up with Flawless which is my SHIZZZZNIT! I love walking around singin “I look so GOOD TONITE” (In my best Beyonce voice.) I also enjoy the melody that she has on her album with Frank Ocean called SuperPower.

The song Heaven almost had me convinced that the rumors about Queen Bey being in the Illuminati are false. However the pyramid earrings that she sports in the Ghost video  just went ahead and put me back onto my primary beliefs. However I don’t understand why if she is in “the secret society” she is singing about “Heaven couldn’t wait.” Wouldn’t she be singing about Hell? Well I don’t know but it is a very deep song that touches on loss and I definitely can feel her on that!

The finale with baby Blue is absolutely adorable and damn can that baby talk good just to be turning 2. What kind of specialist do the Carters got working with her? Well with all the money up in that household I know they can afford the best. And just for the record while we’re on the topic of Lil Miss Blue Ivy Carter…yes I’m goin there…Thank God that Baby Blue looks like her gorgeous Momma instead of her Daddy. I’m Just Sayin!

Well my summary of the album as a whole is that the Queen has definitely still got it! I feeling damn near every song on the album. Some are now even on my daily play list.

1)      Pretty Hurts

2)      Ghost

3)      Haunted

4)      Drunk In Love (feat. Jay Z)

5)      No Angel

6)      Yonce

7)      Blow

8)      Partition

9)      Jealous

10)  Rocket

11)  Mine (feat. Drake)

12)  XO

13)  Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)

14)  Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)

15)  Heaven

16)  Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

And although I can’t find this right now on my playlist. I believe that me favorite of her new videos is Grown Woman. I just want to know how they took all of those old home videos and made her mouth  and dance moves match up with the song! However it was done I find that video cute as hell! I can’t find the video they are showing on 106& Park so you guys will have to tune in to see it. Here’s one I found online but it’s not near as cute. This one leaves out all the shots of her as a lil girl.

Leave a comment and let your girl know what your opinion of the album is! Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolla!

D Queen

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Daily Ish

Rihanna an Icon?

They may be stretching it with this one. This Sunday at the American Music Awards they will give away their first Icon Award and of all the celebrities they chose Rihanna. Don’t get it twisted I do love some Rihanna but to label her an icon is doing too much. I’m surprised they didn’t choose Lady Gaga ir Madonna, hell even Beyonce. What do you think? Will you even be watching? Me? I can’t forfeit my football.

3 Sides to Every Story

That TLC Biopic is still on peoples’ minds. We all got this notion that Pebbles is a low down dirty money hungry heifa and her daughter is just like her. But what if we are wrong? Like in the subtitle there are always three sides to every story. The third version is about to be unleashed! Publisher of Sister 2 Sister Dr. Jamie Foster Brown claims a lot about the group TLC and their relationship with Pebbles are not what everyone thinks. Dr. Jaime says Chilli and T-Boz treated Left Eye like crap. Well we will all find out about it in their next issue or is this just to get publicity? Everyone has a motive.

They Are Together!

I know some couples don’t do all the lovey dovey stuff in public but we still know they are together right? Fab (yes he is somewhat relevant) was seen on his way to his Great Gatsby themed birthday party with none other than Emily B. They looked cute together. Ok Em I now believe you are his boo and not Andrienne B!

Peter Gunz a Scarredy Cat

Big bad one hit wonder rapper Peter Gunz did not attend the Love & Hip Hop premiere party because he can’t stand Erica Mena. Why, you ask? Because she is mean. No real reason just mean. After all the grimy ish he be putting Amina and Tara through he fixes his big fat lips to say someone else is mean? I think a healthy dose of grow some balls are in order. Does anyone like him besides Tara and Amina?

Second Chances

The L. A. Clippers are almost willing to sign crackhead Lamar Odom. They haven’t solidified anything but word on the street is he will have a year contract and be subject to random drug tests. If one comes back dirty it’s a wrap for Mr. Odom. They have to be pretty desperate to want that no skillz havin brotha.

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Terrence Howard Bragging About Bey’s Box

I know somewhere Jay is yelling high yellow nigga shut your ass up! Everyone is coming out the woodwork claiming to have or almost have smashed Bey. Thirsty ass Terrence Howard admitted while obviously in a drunken stupor that he almost smashed Beyonce when she was with Destiny’s Child. He said once her friend came along he went with her instead. Really? Now remember back in 2005 he got a lapdance from Beyonce on stage. That was a payback for him dissing her for ger friend. In her head she was saying yeah fool look at the shit you walked away from! When asked did he try to get with her again that night he immediately said, no Jay would have killed me. Jay might do it anyway just for opening his mouth. I can see his lukewarm career ending as we speak.

Onto The Next Deal

Speaking of Jay z he reallt is not letting go of this Barney’s clothing line deal is he? He has decided to donate 100% proceeds to his The Shawn Carter Foundation instead of the 25% he originally had. Is he wrong? It doesn’t matter what I think because at the end of the day neither gives a damn about my ass. However something is telling me he shook hands with the devil with this deal.

Yeah I’m Mad Now

This is just depressing ladies. My sexy ass future husband Idris Alba is expecting a baby with this girl named Naiyana Garth. Congrats I suppose (yeah I’m hating). I guess I’ll let this slide since I can’t have anymore kids but Naiyana I’m gone need my boo back asap.

A Lovey Dovey Breezy

Chris Breezy is making his rounds since leaving rehab earlier this week. He wants everyone to know him and Rih are through. But who is he trying to convince? Last night in L.A. Chris and Karrueche went to support singer Jhene Aiko’s at her Sailing Out release party. He looked all calm, cool and collected in all the pictures. That don’t fool me though. I know I’m going to get flack for downing this fool and contributing to letting a brotha down but it won’t be long before this fool spaz out again. Watch.

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Emotion Makes You Cry Sometimes

Drake has always been an emotional dude. Have to be if he walking around with Bill Cosby sweaters on. Every chick he has messed with has been put in blast on one of cry for you ballads so how does one think he is not an overly sensitive ball of mess? We only call it how we see it. Well he is getting tired of all the assumptions that he is whiney, emotional and lonely. Well what are you? If you would stop putting out these soft ass love ballads we might not think you’re emotional. Wait..that’s a lie we still will.

You’re Not a Bad Bish After All

When you talk a lot of shit be prepared to have it thrown back at you. I thought Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada was about that life. Guess she’s not as hard as she protrays to everyone on the show.

Ms Ev has vehemently declined to attend the BW reunion show even though it is in her contract to do so. She is too damn scared of what co-star Tasha Marbury and ex ace boon coon Tami Roman might spill about her past relationship with Chad OchoCinco and new boo LA Dodgers Carl Crawford. Damn it gotta be some good ass shit if Ev is backing down on a show. She should have thought of that before she put Tasha on blast in her new book. Karma is a true blue bitch!

Leave Blue Ivy Alone Damn

A few days ago a picture surfaced of Beyonce carrying Blue Ivy. All social media outlets went crazy because Blue Ivy’s hair was in some Coolio braids. I thought it was adorable but everyone else did not share the same opinion. What is it with black people and hair?! Especially black kids hair? Bey is damned if she does the baby’s hair and damned if she doens’t. Have we become that narcissistic about this? I let my baby girl rock an afro for the longest before I started throwing ponytails in it. Blue Ivy is not your baby so why get so mad. I bet the ones who are complaining are the ones whose house is filthy as hell. Just sayin. Let that baby breathe. Kids are supposed to be off limits.

Chris Breezy Needs Baby Jesus

Here we go again. Chris Brown did his thug thizzle again this morning at a nightclub in Washington D. C. Why the fight started or who was involved has not been released but what I do know is one Breezy is in jail until Monday and two he needs to get his life together before he run up on the wrong true thug and get his head knocked. Obviously the people around him doesn’t give a damn enough to try and help the chile, they’re too busy digging holes in his pockets. Sooner or later something will happen to his ass and then you will hear me say, I told yall!

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia

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