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My name is Richarh Aswanu AKA Daddy Rich. I am the CEO and founder here at Urban Image Magazine and GangstatLit. I am the originator of the new brand of Urban Fiction called GangstatLit. I have my own style that separates me from other authors. I’m not limited by industry standards. I make my own rules; I write how I wanna write. Gangsta Lit is mine…

Writing is not a phase in my life, it defines who I am. I write straight from life experiences. I’m a man on a mission. I want my freedom! This is why I write! I have been locked down for 7 years but have published 3 books thus far.

I created Urban Image to serve as a publication you can be proud of. It is our aim to dissolve the negative stereotypes associated with the “Urban Community”. We will inform, educate, entertain and inspire our readers.

In addition to providing you with thought provoking content, Urban Image Magazine will showcase talents who haven’t had the opportunity to reach mainstream media outlets. Urban Image Magazine was founded as a life changing movement for all that are involved in our mission. We are a stage for those without a platform to have a spotlight. Published to be accessible online, this magazine is designed to serve as a catalyst to success, a place where you can network with like-minded people who are in pursuit of their dreams.

I’m trying to connect with all my friends, family and fans. Write me and I’ll write you back. All that I ask is that you enclose a self-addressed ink stamped envelope. You can’t send stamps they have to be the envelopes with the printed stamp on it. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Richarh Tyson 105754


5124 W. Reformatory Rd.

Pendleton, IN 46064

Funding to keep a Self Publish Author who’s writing to save his life’s dream alive! Please visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/435258 and donate today!

To read more about me, or to purchase any of my books, please visit: www.gangstalit.com


Hello, my name is Denetra Queen GangstaLit Key or better known as D Queen. As I’m sure you all can tell I am not a blogger. I am actually a nurse of 15 years and a mother of three and the Vice President here at Urban Image Magazine. I also am our magazine layout designer… so I hope you enjoy my art.

There are some topics that arise in life that strike a cord with me and I will comment on those issues.  My blog is to shed light on issues that are dear to my heart! I apologize in advance if I offend. But my blogs are based on my opinion. Our opinions reflect that we are individual children of God. One promise I can make is that I will report on the topics of my choice in as accurate fashion as I can. I welcome you to leave your comments good or bad in regards to blogs. I actually appreciate it! Your views give me insight.

Thank you for visiting our page. While you’re here, please take the time to browse around and look at our mag. It’s gorgeous. I did the layout myself and am quite proud of it! Thanks again and God Bless!

Peace and Love,

Denetra Key


NYC born and raised JL is an author contributor, web designer, husband and father of 4, and web master for Urban Image Magazine. Now residing in Charlotte NC, it was through the vision of Urban Image Magazine’s CEO Richarh Aswanu, the dedication and cooperation of our team over the past 2 years, and my design background, that made this website possible. We fully appreciate our staff, and all of you who have taken to time to visit our site. We hope you continue coming back. God Bless.

To take a look of some of my work, please http://www.webdezign99.com




E. Ahdai is from Greensboro, North Carolina. She is our Fashion and Arts Blogger, as well our Managing Editor. She is currently working on her first novel, and is a contributor to LAID: Young People’s Experiences with sex in an easy access culture. [subscribe2]




Hello my name is Abman Glaster Founder/Author of Urban Legend Presents and I enjoy keeping  all of you avid readers out there entertained through fictional stories that truly captures the essence of life from a street perspective. This passion stemmed from the circumstances I’ve been faced with since the age of 8 up until my current 37 years of wisdom and I will be here to provide you with quality material for many years to come. Much love and respect goes out to all who appreciate and support my work. I do it all for you! I write for you! [subscribe2]



Taylor Danes is from Orange, NJ, she is one of our bloggers as well as Managing assistant. She is currently working on a advice page on Facebook and managing her own blog as well. [subscribe2]





Hello my name is Azaveran J Whitsett or more commonly known as AJ I graduated from James Dudley High School in Greensboro, NC in 1999 and immediately joined the Army. While in the military I was stationed in LA, GA, and Korea. I was also stationed in Kuwait and I am a 2 time Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. I served a total of 12 years in the US Army between active duty and National Guard. I am currently in school for I.T. and Networking Technology and also working on starting my own business in the restaurant industry. I have 5 kids ranging from 11 to 5 and yes there are some twins in there. In my spare time I like to spend time with the kids, anything that has to do with music especially live music, and I love to bowl. [subscribe2]



Talia has a personal blog, diamondpublicationz.wordpress.com where she talks about everything involving writing and sprinkles in her own work too. She freelances for Fashion At Large and is a contributing blogger for Urban Image Magazine. Without Consent is the psychological thriller she has finished and editing. Currently she is writing a novel involving human trafficking called Dear Daddy. Future works include a sex anthology, a women’s guide for getting back to the basics of their true self and a how-to on reigniting your passion for writing with a twist. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, or read her works on Scribd.com. [subscribe2]



Nikki G is an entrepreneur, journalist, blogger and the author of A Little Bit of Sin available locally and also online at http://www.alittlebitofsin.com. [subscribe2]





Deszion Amani Nasir was born in raised in Hampton, VA, where she penned her first novel in the 6th grade when her simple ideas were read by others and she was told “Wow… this is good. You should be a writer.” The light bulb clicked on and never turned off.

Fast forward to 2012. Nasir debuted her first novel, “Untrust,” the strange tale of an unusual set of twins with no family, yet more family drama than one’s ever deem possible. Death, chaos and destruction would be their inheritance. Then a short was released, “Dragonflies & Demons,” part one of a short series about a couple stuck in a vicious cycle of domestic violence that blurs the lines between victim and abuser. After that, the follow-up of “Untrust” entitled “Wicked Blues,” dropped in November. Return to the past to see how the curse that hung over the twins’ heads began.

She is currently writing her first paranormal/sci-fi novel, “Sariah,” which is due to be released in the Spring. This is a tale of a unique girl with telekinesis and in inability to fully control it or the consequences that come with it. This excitingly eerie novel will come out in the Spring. Nasir is currently in the works to drop an Anthology with two other authors that will be released in June. The next installment to her series, Uncommon Devil, will be released in the Fall.

Her writing is edgy, dark and twisted, and she enjoys taking her readers to a place that evokes emotions, be they rage, shock, sadness or happiness, because this tells her that she’s attained her goal in reaching into her reader’s world and pulling them into her eccentric one. [subscribe2]



Brooklyn, New York born Melody S is the author of “Love’s Wrong Turns” and “Soul Speech”… but her most important jobs are that of mother and wife. You can become a Melody S. fan by following her on twitter @MelodytheAuthor and liking her fan page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/melodytheauthor2 and her book can be found for purchase on Amazon and on her personal website at www.melodytheauthor.com





Stephen Rodriques was born in Brooklyn to two Jamaican parents. Raised in Queens New York during the dawn of Hip Hop culture was the key factor that molded Stephen’s future ideas and outlook on life.

His motto is, “Dogs, cats, women, children, the elderly, men, pregnant ladies, handicapped people, the deaf, dumb and blind can all get it.






My Name is Norris L. Cooper, Jr., the San Francisco Bay Area is where I call home and I’ve been writing actively for the last 15 years. My writing centers around love and understanding all aspects of life and the human condition. I seek to empower others and help them to reach higher levels of consciousness through self evaluation and critical thinking. I am a high school drop out, child of someone who died from complications of cancer, a product of a dead beat father, a self supporting minor, a GED holder, an ex knuckle head, a survivor of an abusive relationship, a father of UC Berkeley attendee, the father of a military child, the father of a Cal Poly attendee, a college graduate, and a statistic in so many areas…I am also a statistical outlyer…I am a multifaceted person who has compassion and understanding beyond my years…I call myself a wounded healer and I hope to spread love, joy and thought provoking dialogue… I believe the world is your gift, not your hindrance…[subscribe2]



Devin D. Coleman is an author, poet, and public speaker whose work embodies the art of turning tragedy into triumph. Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, Devin’s life took an unexpected turn while he was a student at Florida A&M University. An act of poor judgment landed him in prison his senior year causing him to squander what he worked so hard to accomplish. It was during this time that Devin chose to redirect his life through harnessing his talent for writing. He subsequently published his first volume of poetry titled Prisoner to Poet: Thoughts of an Incarcerated Soul. Upon his release, Devin went on to complete his education at Edward Waters College in 2008 graduating with a 3.7 GPA in Organizational Management. He has served his community in various ways by utilizing his skills and passion for civic engagement. Most recently Devin served as a Community Organizer for Florida New Majority; a Social Justice Organization that focuses on organizing and equipping communities across the state to exercise their collective power for fairness and equality among Floridians. He also served as contributing poet for Promoting Purpose Magazine.

Devin’s mission is to encourage and enlighten youth in an effort to prevent them from making similar mistakes he once did. He is currently working on his sophomore publication in order to continue to share his story.

To receive your copy of Prisoner to Poet, please take a moment and visit Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com or Booksamillion.com. Prisoner to Poet can also be found by using Google Search.  Also, feel free to connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/prisonertopoet, Instagram: devindcoleman, Twitter: @devindcoleman, and devindcoleman.blogspot.com.




Licia L Johnson lives in Chicago and is the youngest of three children. She has a bachelor’s
degree in print journalism. She has been working in the bank industry for over seven years.
Currently she works for a transportation company. She is the author of her first book:
Strength to Speak: One Woman’s Struggle to Make Peace with Her Past. She enjoys
expressing herself through writing and blogging. She loves to smile, enjoy life to the
fullest and have fun!

Her book can be found on Amazon.com,
and ebook download on tate publishing.
Barnesandnoble.com, NOOK


Kimberly R. Jasper
 was raised in Jamaica Queens, New York and still describes herself as a true New Yorker through and through
despite currently residing in Humble, Texas with her family.  After self-publishing her first novel, she is now fulfilling her purpose and
passion as a writer.  From horror fiction with a mystical twist to erotic thrillers, this author can do it all with well-seasoned finesse.




We are extremely fortunate here at UIM to have many dedicated and hard working people as part of our blogging staff. Together, we will attempt to bring you a full and complete image of who we are, because “Image Is Everything”.


We will reflect on ALL ASPECTS of urban life, both the negatives and the positives. We will have articles discussing what’s going on in the entertainment world, the hip-hop community, and your community. But we will also provide articles of upliftment, empowerment, financial investment & planning, and more. Articles and stories about people who have come through on the other side, and are still here to share their stories.


                 “Where Image Is Everything” 



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