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Your Fantasy


Chocolate covered fantasies

Seduced minds that whispers dirty little secrets

Climbing between your exotic moments just to get a taste

To feel you go down on me licking kitty like it is your last meal

Blossoming nectars that fills your nostrils with my smell

Eating your dessert

Chocolate covered illusions that savors your mouth

Can you feel my touch and kisses after each suck?

Tell me daddy how bad you want it?

The fantasies you always wrote on each breast with your lustful mind

I’m waiting on you

For you

To come and get a taste

A feel

A glance at what can be yours

Taste my chocolate covered fantasies


~Sexy Lil Diva




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In the Mood

I’m in the mood for some chocolate fantasies

Sunken by the wetness of my thighs that’s hidden with surprises

I want to taste the chocolate frost of your lips that savors mine and creaming between wet thighs

Oh my!…

Thighs that awaits for a treat that can fill my pleasure of sweetness mixed with a head tip that tastes like a cherry tootsie pop

I’m in the mood for laying on my back while you take complete control of your fantasy-lit ride whispering ur dirty little secrets while you elevate your speed

Faster and faster until both our adrenaline levels perplex and matches the heart rate of our extasy as it climbs higher

Find me in between your moans as my voice blends in with the sounds of wetness when kitty purs and speaks that…PURRRRIFIC language 

Yes tell me again what you are in the mood for because what I’m in the mood for may change the atsmophere of sexual desires that lies across an acute angle 

Diagonal to your sexual simplicities

The mood for luscious sex between you and I until words become unknown

Lady P The Sensual Diva


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Lay on your back for this Halloween act

Licking your spine as my tongue traces your sweet sensual of my 

interactions from your soul

I want to suck you dry and bite you like a vampire

Tying you up making your dick warm like hot sex fire

Don’t try to get away because I’m about to kill you with my deadly fangs

But I know what you want, 

A sweet gentle kiss below your navel

Marking it with sweet blood

Tattooing with with my name on it

Bowed down as you stare at this fantasy label

Remember I want to give you this special Halloween treat

Just you and I

Laying together making sweet love

Allow the werewolves to moan in resistance 

Until we both cum in blood droplets 

This is your Halloween act



Lady P The Sensual Diva

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27-year old Mariah just got off the boat that stopped in the Bahamas.  Her and three of her friends were vacationing for two weeks and Mariah was planning this trip all summer along.  Prior to that, she learned that her father was murdered at home by three guys and that her daughter’s father wanted full custody.  She already was stressed and need a long-overdue vacation with the girls. 

“Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay” A dark island man said who was helping them get situated in their rooms on the boat.  ”Girrrlll, the men and servers here are fine.  You need to get one of their numbers and take them back with you!” JoAnna said taking a another long sip of her bahama mama.  Mariah left at the words her crazy friend said.  It has been 2 long years since she Mariah has been in a relationship, at least a committed one.  Her last relationship ended after giving birth to their daughter Syria which is now 4.  She would date off and on, but not long enough to fall in love again.  Her hopes of finding a decent man that she could marry one day are very low.  Even though she was in the Bahamas to enjoy herself, she noticed a lot of good-looking men all around.  One in particular stood out as he kept gazing at her and smiling.  He was tall and athletic with a bald-head and wearing nothing but some shorts on.  His teeth seemed to be nice and straight and his shiny earring stood out as it sparkled in the hot sun.  Mariah licked her lips and turned her attention again back to JoAnna.  ”Nah chick!  I don’t know about all of that.  I mean the brothas here are fine, but I don’t want to get my hopes up” Mariah said pinning up her long cornrows which she just got done weeks before the trip.  She couldn’t stand the fact to do her hair every morning while she was on vacation and the pool was definitely calling her name.

“Okay so when was the last time you got some good dick and received some bomb head?” JoAnna asked giggling.  The drink must have got to her head, because she was giggling and playing with her breasts trying to stir attention again.  Mariah looked at the guy again and sure enough he was staring back at her.  She looked at his body up and down and noticed that his dick was hard as a rock.  She bit her bottom lip and fantasized her mouth gently on it giving him the time of his life.  She caught herself drooling and quickly turned away.  ”Ummm…yeah, I don’t know, its’ been awhile.  And why are you so concerned Miss Nosy! and where are Leah and Stephanie?” Mariah asked picking up her duffle bag and headed to the room.  ”I think they went to the bar area, but I’m staying out here enjoying the drinks and fine ass men” JoAnna screamed out.  

As Mariah was heading towards her room, she spotted the same guy again.  This time, he wasn’t looking at her, so she decided to go over to him and introduce herself.  When she was almost close enough, a woman that looked like she was in her early 30′s and slim figure came up to him and kissed him heavily on the lips.  Mariah’s heart sank as she went back to her room in surprise.  She didn’t know what it was about the guy, but it was getting her in the mood and her panties were extremely wet.  She then started to fantasize about JoAnna’s question about the last time she had sex.  It was long overdue and she wanted to fuck badly.  She wanted to fuck him.



“Mariah! Hurry up! We don’t wanna be late for the party!” Stephanie called out.  They had learned that there was a party in one of the room on board, so they decided to attend and have a great time.  JoAnna wanted to splurge out and meet men while Leah and Stephanie wanted all the drinks they could get, but Mariah’s focus was on the guy she saw earlier.  She stood in front of the tall mirror looking at the red short tight dress she was wearing with black suede pumps.  She carried her cornrows into a low ball to give it a more sexier look.  She grabbed her black clutch bag, sprayed between her legs and raced outside to meet the girls.  ”Dang girl, you taking all day!” JoAnna said playfully shoving her to the side.  ”My bad, I had to make sure I was looking good.  I hope and pray to see that guy at the party” Mariah said nervously.  ”Well if you do, you need to fuck him ASAP!” Leah said laughing,  They entered the loud room which was nicely decorated with black and blue ballons on the ceiling and a huge table filled with food.  The music was bumping and the dance floor was semi-packed.  They finally found a table near the back and sat down to get comfortable.  Leah and Stephanie quickly went to the bar while Mariah searched the room looking for the guy.  After about 20 minutes, JoAnna and Mariah went on the dance floor to sweat out their hair.  They were both enjoying themselves when Mariah spotted him across the room. Her heart fluttered and she still continued to dance while watching his every move.  He was wearing a red and gold button-down shirt with dark sunglasses and dark sean paul jeans.  She noticed that the girl wasn’t with him, so that gave her easy access to talking to him.  Mariah slowly made her way over to him and just in time, grabbed his arm.  He turned quickly to her smile and he to smiled as well.  ”Well hello my dear.  We finally meet.  I’m Bryson” He said leaning over towards Mariah.  ”I’m Mariah, I’m on vacation here with my friends.  Are you here alone?” Mariah asked wanting to know about the other woman.  ”Well technically, no, I’m here with my girlfriend in which we just got back together a week ago and decided to celebrate my birthday which is today” Bryson said licking his lips.  Mariah felt her heart race again fast and in between her legs became moist again.  ”Well Happy Birthday then!” Mariah said hugging him tightly.  She could smell his sweet cologne that crept up her nostrils as she grabbed his arm.  The two of them stared at each other for about a minute before they started dancing.  Afterwards, they decided to go outside and talk.

“Miss Mariah you are very sexy and attractive.  Do you have a man?” Bryson asked staring at her as if he wanted to fuck her on the spot.  Mariah wouldn’t mind as she glanced at this pants again which he was hard again.  ”No, I’m single. Haven’t been in a relationship in awhile” Mariah said softly.  ”When was the last time you had some good dick then?” he asked pulling her closely to him as they almost kissed.  Mariah couldn’t think and all she could think about was his hard dick pounding her insides to death.  ”It’s been awhile…” Mariah said  moaning a little as Bryson grabbed her ass and slid his hands between her legs and start feeling on her wetness.  She grabbed his neck and started kissing slowly.  The more she kissed, the more he rubbed her pussy.  After about 30 minutes of teasing, he took her to his room where Bryson ripped her clothes off and placed her on top of him so she could ride him insanely.  Mariah slowly slid his hard dick inside of her letting out a long moan and began riding him slowly then faster bouncing her ass on his dick while he grabbed her titties and started sucking on them.  She took his dick out and sucked her cum off and Bryson positioned her in doggy style and he started pounding her.  All Mariah could do was scream his name and moan real loud.  It was feeling too good and Mariah was pleased by his every thrust.  She felt like she was in heaven again, getting fucked and lust was all in her soul.  

After their experience, the two of them cuddled and got dressed and headed back to the party.  Mariah couldn’t help but smile in sinful bliss that she had gotten some by the most sexiest guy on the ship.  Bryson kissed her slowly before disappearing into the crowd and leaving Mariah with her wet panties. 



Stay tuned for Part 3 of “Wet Panties” Next Week!!!!


Lady P the Sensual Diva

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“Wet Panties” Part One

Enjoy different erotic stories every Thursdays with Lady P The Sensual Diva!

Justice was in the middle of sewing her daughter a scarf when the doorbell rang.  She was only half way done, but still was excited about her 8-year old daughter spending the holidays with her.  Her dad was living in Africa studying different languages while Justice remained in her home state Virginia as a hair stylist and author.  She flipped her braids to her back and answered the door.  A tall sexy young man with a red tank top and denim shorts stood before her.  His muscles was screaming “Damn” in every high pitch note she could think of.  Justice noticed that he had several tattoos on his arms including two in the side of his neck.  ”Hi! I’m Anthony, your new neighbor.  I meant to come by yesterday, but I got so busy with unpacking.  And you are?” Anthony asked extending his had towards Justice grinning away.  She thought Anthony winked at her, but it was probably her imagination.  She wanted to say your fuck buddy because my pussy is all wet and ready for you to stick your big dick inside.  But instead, she kindly said “I’m Justice.  Nice meeting you Anthony.  Would you like to come in?” Justice asked shaking his hand praying to God he would say yes and fuck the shit out of her.  It has been at least two years since she had some good dick and as soon as she saw Anthony’s sexy face, she wanted to take immediate action.  ”That would be fine.  You can probably show me a good time as well” he said licking his lips. “Oh my, this man is really flirting with me and my panties keep on getting more wetter.” she thought and escorted him inside.  ”Would you like something to drink?” Justice asked pointing him to her burgundy love seat where she was sitting at earlier.  She could feel Anthony’s eyes staring at her tight-fitted ass and as her pussy tightened, she licked her lips letting out a soft moan.  ”Nah, I’m’ good but I really would like to see your bedroom if you don’t mind”Anthony said rubbing the corners of his lips as he got closer to Justice.  By now her breasts were moist and her palms were sweaty from the horniness.  ”Sure..that would be great”she said walking slowly to her bedroom which hasn’t been slept in in weeks because she was too tired to even make it to her bed at night after falling asleep on the couch watching late-night movies.  ”You have the sexiest ass ever.  Has anyone told you that?” Anthony asked taking a seat on her waterbed.  Justice laughed and ran her fingers through her braids and walked over to Anthony.  ”Yes, I get that all the time….” Justice said shyly smiling hoping he would try and make a move.  ”MMMM baby why don’t you suck me real good while I bounce on your face” Justice thought out loud biting her bottom lip.  ”I want to make love to you” Anthony whispered grabbing Justice’s right breast and squeezed it.  She let out a  loud moan and face Anthony and started kissing him slowly then faster tasting his tongue on her.  He grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard then smacked it hard.  They both began stripping each other’s clothes off and Anthony opened Justice’s legs to taste her sweet juices.  She began to moan and pushed Anthony’s head back and forth.  ”Shit baby! Eat this pussy real good!” she screeched out loud.  The oral sex was good and it was time to really get nasty with it.  Anthony pushed both of her legs back and entered her nice and slow then pounded her til she came all over his dick.  This went on for hours and Justice was very pleased for the pleasure she was receiving.  Before riding him, she sucked off her cum on his dick then reversed it while he played with her ass pushing her up and down on his dick.  After the night was over, Anthony kissed Justice softly and began getting dressed to head back to his place.  ”I had a great time tonight” he whispered Justice smiled and whispered back”I did to. I’m glad you got my panties all wet.”she said laughing. 


Stay tuned for Part 2 of Wet Panties next Thursday!


Written by Lady P The Sensual Diva

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