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Beyonce’s New Album Makes ALL Other Female R&B Singers Literally Bow Down

I was really impressed the other day when watching BET’s 106& Park that the Queen Bey had three video’s on their playlist. It made me more curious about her album. I can say that she has definitely made a major come back after taking her time off “to live her life” as she admittedly said in her song Bow Down which cause quite the roar when it was released earlier in 2013. That was just the tip of the iceberg believe me! I really dig alot of the songs on this new album. I even went to her site  and previewed all the videos and alot of them are pretty tight!


I definitely have some of my very own favorites.I’m feeling her message in the song Pretty Hurts. It is definitely a word to the young ladies of America. Y’all should definitely listen to “the Queen” on that one. Forreal! Another one I really like is Drunk In Love, in  which she collaborated with her hubby (JayZ) on. I also love Jealous.  But that song makes me wonder just what was goin on in the Carter household when she wrote that. And the track Rocket is just dripping sexy all over the speakers. Although I really felt uncomfortable listening to it with my teenage daughters. It’s a lil too sexy for them in my opinion. I have also taken a liking to the jazzy old skool feel of Blow. And think we all can relate to No Angel.I enjoy the attitude of upbeat rap/ lyrics of Partician and Yonce . Damn she can rap and sing. And she can dance and not to mention beautiful. What can’t she do…right?

My next favorite is Mine featuring none other than the multi- talented pretty boy of Hip Hop Drake! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that song. I actually HAD to make that my ring tone for my special someone. I have grown to like  Bow Down which she ingeniously  teamed up with Flawless which is my SHIZZZZNIT! I love walking around singin “I look so GOOD TONITE” (In my best Beyonce voice.) I also enjoy the melody that she has on her album with Frank Ocean called SuperPower.

The song Heaven almost had me convinced that the rumors about Queen Bey being in the Illuminati are false. However the pyramid earrings that she sports in the Ghost video  just went ahead and put me back onto my primary beliefs. However I don’t understand why if she is in “the secret society” she is singing about “Heaven couldn’t wait.” Wouldn’t she be singing about Hell? Well I don’t know but it is a very deep song that touches on loss and I definitely can feel her on that!

The finale with baby Blue is absolutely adorable and damn can that baby talk good just to be turning 2. What kind of specialist do the Carters got working with her? Well with all the money up in that household I know they can afford the best. And just for the record while we’re on the topic of Lil Miss Blue Ivy Carter…yes I’m goin there…Thank God that Baby Blue looks like her gorgeous Momma instead of her Daddy. I’m Just Sayin!

Well my summary of the album as a whole is that the Queen has definitely still got it! I feeling damn near every song on the album. Some are now even on my daily play list.

1)      Pretty Hurts

2)      Ghost

3)      Haunted

4)      Drunk In Love (feat. Jay Z)

5)      No Angel

6)      Yonce

7)      Blow

8)      Partition

9)      Jealous

10)  Rocket

11)  Mine (feat. Drake)

12)  XO

13)  Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)

14)  Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)

15)  Heaven

16)  Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

And although I can’t find this right now on my playlist. I believe that me favorite of her new videos is Grown Woman. I just want to know how they took all of those old home videos and made her mouth  and dance moves match up with the song! However it was done I find that video cute as hell! I can’t find the video they are showing on 106& Park so you guys will have to tune in to see it. Here’s one I found online but it’s not near as cute. This one leaves out all the shots of her as a lil girl.

Leave a comment and let your girl know what your opinion of the album is! Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolla!

D Queen

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Single and Ready to Mingle: Dear Mr. Radio

Dear Mr. Radio,

Every time I turn you on you bring me joy. Why is it that you seem to bring “HIM” back to my mind. I remember when we first met. He was everything that I wanted and needed. It made me realize that I miss him more than anything. I know we are far apart right now but this song brings him back to me. He may not be here in the physical but he has taken over my mental completely. I can pinpoint the exact moment when I fell in love with him. When we broke up I felt a little lost. I felt as if I just lost my best friend. I am thankful for the friendship we have now. It is so amazing. But still when that song comes on I lose all control. Thank you Mr. Radio, for you tunes.


You Biggest Fan,

E. Ahdai


I know I am not the only one who feels this way when that song comes on the radio. It may not be the same song for every person. I fell like the DJ has personally stopped in my head and decided to play my playlist.  For me it would be “I love you more everyday” by Ginuwine. When I sit and listen to the words of the song it reminds of loving him for all the right reasons, loving him for his ambition, loving him for his support. The fact of the matter that he is not in my life I want him to be, is saddens my heart just a little. Being single now is like why didn’t we fight for our love; why did we let it go so easily? I know I am guilty of comparing the last that to the one who is trying now. I know I am not the only one either. It is a really bad habit that is slowly breaking.

One the other side of that you have that song that is like “I am so glad you are gone”… Those are always oh so funny to me. I love you and  hate you  all at the same damn time. Songs like; “Bust your window out your car” by Jazmine Sullivan or “The Right One” by K. Michelle. Those women were doing damage in those songs, but there is a woman in the world feeling that right now.

I decided to ask my Facebook as always they sent me over. I asked  “What song reminds you of him/her?”

Nigary Rma Thompson: A couple of Forevers by Chrisette Michelle

Lb Isthename:”You and I” by Avant and Keke Wyatt

Billy G Tyson: Latest Greatest Inspiration-Teddy P

Gibran Whitted”Stay with you” -John Legend

Wax Lauren: “Anytime”-Brian McKnight

Charles Kelly: Anthony Hamilton’s “Amazing”

All of those songs are amazing and provoke some good thoughts. Amazing how the words of a song can do that to you. Music surely does speak to the soul. I kow when I am writing I always have my head phones on. It is the only I can get lost in my work.

SO again Mr. Radio thank you for your tunes…

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WEDNESDAY MUSIC for your humpday

Happy Middle of the week……

Remember that song Kelly Rowland put out called “Dirty Laundry”? Well now she has the visuals to it. The song is deep and it makes you feel bad that she had to endure any type of abuse like that. Hit play and check it for yourself.

Faith Evans has a new single called, “Tears of Joy”, so glad she is back on the scene. No one can touch her vocals IMO…she has always been in a single lane of her own. This is one of my new favorites by her.

Ashanti is fighting for her comeback with her new single, “Never Should Have”. I wish she and Nelly would get back together they were such a cute couple. I wonder if this song could be about him. HMMMMM!

Now here is a name you probably haven’t seen on the music scene in quite some time E V E….I was in Footlocker and I heard this female rapping on the TV and I was like is that…no….is that Eve? And it sure was. I had no idea she even had a new album or song out. SMH…oh and did you know she used to date Stevie J from Love and Hip Hop? So glad she moved on from him. Well anyway…here is her new song…”She bad, bad”.

Here is another female MC, Iggy Azalea, I’m not too familiar with her but she was suggested to me by someone else. Her single “Work”, is okay. Check it out and see if you are feelin’ it.!

Last but not least Ms. Azealia Banks.

Again I have only heard one song by her and I wasn’t into it much, but you can press play and see if you feel differently. Her single is called, “Yung Rapunxel”.

I hope these few videos get your through your week. Stay positive Friday is almost here! SMOOCHES!

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UIM’s Old Skool Ride Home Mix 7/23/2013

Old Skool Ride Home Mix 7/23/2013

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I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I know I did. I so love being off work! Now that it’s over, time to get on the grind and get that money. Now you know you can’t start your week right without some music. So I dug around and tried to come up with some new stuff I been hearing on the radio airwaves and guess who I found.

YES HONEY…JAHEIM…I love this man’s voice….I been a fan since his first album and I am so ready for something new by him. He has a new single called, “Age ain’t a factor” and I love, love, love, did I already say I love it…lol. It’s grown and sexy. Hit play and see if you are feelin’ it like I am.

Staying with the grown and sexy vibe

Joe has a new single from his new album that is out now. It’s called, “I’d rather have a love”. You know what to do….CHECK IT OUT!!!

Since we are focused in on my chocolate bruthas….*wink*…I’m going to keep going with this soulful singer, Anthony Hamilton.

His single, “Best of Me”, is a feel good song that always makes me sing along whenever I hear it. Got me over here *Chair dancing*..lol.

Looks like today I’m focusing on the RnB side of things..(sorry rap heads..I’ll cover that next time)…

John Legend  has a new single, “Who do we think we are”. His music is always so positive and enlightening and his style is unique only to him. I like it!

Here’s hoping you get your week started off right!..SMOOCHES


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