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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: SHOE TUESDAY!!!!!!

Happy Shoe Tuesday!!!I know I am a little late with today’s blog. My apologies my CurvyLites.  I have been browsing  JustFab.com and ShoeDazzle.com. I have subscriptions to both websites but have yet to purchase anything. I needed to know had anyone else used these websites. Someone may even say I am crazy and behind the times. Forgive me for wanting to go into the store and try on my shoes. There is something about the store that makes my heart happy. I could spend hours in a shoe store if I am really in the mood to be in there all day. *Don’t act like I am the only one, I see you shaking your heads*

So I asked for my friends to give me a little help and asked about their experiences

Ladies: Have you shopped with Justfab.com or ShoeDazzle .com? Tell me about you experience:


Kore: I shop with shoe dazzle all the time…other than every now and and again the shoe is a little smaller than true to size been having great experiences. Read the comments, they’ll tell you if they are true to fit and if you need the next size up. I have about 5 pair from them in the last 2 1/2 years

Casey: My mom has and didn’t like the fact justfab.com takes money out your account every month without asking

KoreYeah you got to pay a fee. It’s like $40 just to have the justfab “service”. You can have a VIP service for 9.99 on dazzle but it’s your choice. I think you have to pay the fee for justfab

JeanneI love both I shop at both sites that’s where most of shoes r from. Haven’t had a bad experience except with justfab.com u have to make sure u either buy or skip the month every month or they will automatically charge your card $39.95 an u will just have a credit,  But u do have the option to skip as many months as I want and you don’t get charge this is with justfab.com. They send u reminders each month that your boutique is ready.

Kore: Fab has some hideous shoes though (and lately so does dazzle…idk where the hell they are going with their designers) but I still prefer dazzle to fab

Then followed the question up “Do you prefer to shop online or go to the store?”:

KoreEither or. When it’s for something I need quickly a store is best but I am lazy I don’t want to leave the house.

Casey:  I would rather shop in the store so I can try the shoe on… You order a shoe and it doesn’t fit or doesn’t look like it did on the computer and then you have to do all this shipping return..Simple walk in the store sit try on pay and walk out

Jeanne:I like online shopping u can get sum great deals. Also sum shoes u cnt find in stores locally or they only available online an will b release in stores on a later date


I thank you ladies for participating. It is greatly appreciated.

Happy Shoe Shopping!!!!

E. Ahdai

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Single and Ready to Mingle: Pretty Face Ugly Attitude…

Hey my singles!!!! I am coming off of a long week. Clearly I have been all over the place dealing with this crazy weather in the south . That is neither here or there. Today’s blog has to deal with the whole pretty face and ugly attitude. I was chatting with my friend Jay whom you all have heard me talk about before. HE and I were discussing women’s attitudes. He says to me “Now you know you are not included in  this because you don’t get upset about nothing and when you do you say it with a smile. You have to be the coolest chick I know.”  Well aww shucks… I am kind of cool. However not every woman is me and I am not them. Lately he has been coming across women with nasty ass attitudes. It is a no go for him. Could it be that that they are holding on to some old feelings from the last man? Or could it be that he hurt her so bad that she is now bitter? Or does she feel like the world owes her something.

LADIES! No man wants to deal with a nasty ass attitude all the time. I am going to be real honest as woman I don’t want to hear it either. Every day is not a jacked up day. No one pissed in your corn flakes. To wake up in the morning in a blessing why not enjoy it. Please reevaluate yourself. That attitude you are wearing is not cute and your pretty face is only going to get you so far. I have had females like this in my life. I am a real mild mannered person. I love to have a good time. I am a joker. Once you kill my vibe I am done for. I remember going out to club one night, her mouth almost got us in a fight; all because a chick was looking at her. Looking in someone’s direction doesn’t classify you acting like a plum monkey fool. The girl wasn’t  even looking at this nutcase. Then outside the club her boyfriend is trying to calm her and she bucks at him. Lets just say this after that is stopped rocking with her. NO one wants to deal with that, nor do that have time.

As I always I ask my Facebook followers the same question that I ask myself. “What causes some women to have nasty attitudes?”

Abdul: They are ignorant as hell thus making many aspects of life deplorable.

Bella Tiffany: Some women were raised that way. To always be in the defense- “I gotta hurt you before you hurt me.” 
Trust is huge! And holding on to the past hurts in their life. I do believe some people are just plain nasty but their are underlying issues that cause all that pain. 
*readers digest version of my lengthy thoughts

Ace:Sometimes its pasts hurts that haven’t been addressed or haven’t healed….

Kimberly: I would say that negative experiences make some bitter and angry. They put a defensive wall up and it’s hard to crack.

Seems as if people believe that because these women have been hurt they can act as if the worlds owes them something. I was once told that the world owes me nothing, but you off into the universe what you want to receive back. Yes I have be hurt before. You wouldn’t believe the stories I could tell you. That hurt created  the strong person that I am today. After the hurt I had to get back to myself.  These women are not just young; there are some old ones to. LET GO OF THE HURT. It takes more energy to be upset about nothing. Being happy takes less energy. The thing about happiness it is created with in you and no one can take it from you .


Have a great rest of your week!!!!!


E. Ahdai

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Single and Ready to Mingle: Not trying to be “Mary Jane”

Hello my Singles! I hope that you are having a super awesome day. This topic my rub someone the wrong way. ***Please do not be offended this is just a matter of opinion. *** So last night I was watching “Being Mary Jane” and wondered what are my other singles thinking about this show. Now Mary Jane is a successful single woman, but having issues finding the right man.

Every time I turn on this show I get a little more disturbed. Every week she is fighting herself over this married man. Stop.. Hold Up.. Flag on the play.. BIG RED FLAG. Heffa!  He is married what s it there to fight yourself about. Last weeks episode he proposed. I was like how in the hell do you really ask someone to marry you and you are still clearly sleeping with your wife. Oh you all didn’t see that at the end of last weeks episode.  (I DID). Then what gets me is all the affirmations and quotes she has on the sticky notes. Why is she not following them? They are some really good ones at that.  See  I believe this is why I only watched one episode of Scandal. (So not interested).

I want to date the right way. Meet a single man. Get to know single man. Date single man and see if it has potential to be more. No where in there does it say Meet a man. Find out that he is married. Keep dating married man. (ARE YOU SERIOUS). Me personally I am not fit to be the other woman. I am not fit to be confined to the four walls of my home or to be kept a secret.

Then I keep seeing status updates on Facebook like this : “Being Mary Jane….think most of us girls can relate!”

Ummm Excuse me I cannot relate to being in love with a married man. I can’t even relate to having sex with a married man. So how are other women relating to this. Is dating so bad these days that we have to stoop to a level of deceit to get what we want. I was always told “If he will cheat to be with you, he will cheat on you. You will lose him the same way you got him.”

I asked others their opinions of the show. Some have watched while others have not.

Dawn Blanchard-Deep Rivers: I personally have not watched it….the commercials were enough to spoil my thoughts….they had a commercial where she made the comment “Gay is the New Black”, and I ended up writing about it…after that nope can’t watch it….and tired of it being okay for a woman to cheat in a tv show and the audience or most love it….I also don’t watch Scandal because of this

Avtomat Kalashnikov: Haven’t seen the show but heard rave reviews.  Didn’t know what it was about but Dawn Blanchard-Deep Rivers synopsis killed it for me.  I, too, have no desire to watch Scandal.

Dwight Sloan:I love it. It’s entertaining and heck it shows something that although it may not be the greatest teaching of morals, it shows some reality.  And hell it’s funny to me.


Please keep in mind this is my opinion. If this is our favorite show enjoy it.


Happy Dating to all


E. Ahdai

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Single and Ready to Mingle: Chivalry is not DEAD!

�HI MY SINGLES!!!!!!! I hope that you all had a wonderful Monday. I didn’t have the day off like some but I had a good day. Tonight’s blog comes from a conversation I was having with a co-worker today.  The conversation went something like this.

Her: E, I am not sure how I am feeling right now?”

Me: Ok, why do you say that?

Her: I had a good time with “Mr. Man” this weekend, but he did a few things I am not use to?

Me: What do mean? What did he do? ( I am thinking something sexual went really wrong or really right) #dontjudgeme

Her: I am not use to men opening doors and taking my bags for me. I guess I need to stop being so self efficient.

Me: (side eye)What the hell are you use to? and that has nothing to do with being self efficient.

Her: Not that…It has been a long time since I have had someone do things like that.

Me: Clearly you have been dealing with the wrong type of men.

Again clearly she has been dealing with the wrong type of men if she is not use to someone opening the door for her. I am sorry for me that is required. I need a mans man but he also has to have those gentleman qualities.  Chivalry is defined as  the qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women.  Does he open the door for me?(Yes) Does he grab my bags when I come out the door of the airport and carries them to the car? (Yes) If someone speaks to me in manner that I am not liking, does he stick up for me in the proper way? (Yes violence is never the answer but he protects my best interest). I can respect a man who treats me like a lady and not a child.

I feel like some women have traded the gentlemen in for this so called bad boy. You know the one who is so disrespectful. No one can raise a man if he is already grown. He just wasn’t  raised right.  That is like trying to teach an old dog new tricks. (WAY TOO MUCH WORK). Who wants to deal with rudeness  on a constant basis.

What I find funny is this. I posted a question on my Facebook page “ Ladies are some of us so  conditioned to the wrong man who does not have any gentleman qualities that we think that chivalry is dead?” Do you know not one woman answered it… HMMMMMMMMMM it makes me wonder what are women dealing with these days. Wait one minute, one of favorites Miss Perri had this to say:

“No. I think that some women are so thirsty, and on a sac chase, that they don’t require a man to show he has gentleman qualities. When you have little to no expectations, and too eager to please, but not to be pleased, you get what you get. ”

To some they may say that my standards are set high. UMMMM NO my standards are set at being treated like a woman, a lady, and a person. I think everyone deserves to be treated right…

Well that was my 2cent for the day… Join me on Wednesday… I have something for you…

Happy Dating


E. Ahdai

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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: SHOE TUESDAY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!



Oh my love how I have missed you. What have you been doing? What did get into? What did you buy? I have been busy but I never forgot about my loves… I MISSED YOU MY “Cuvry-lites”. My shoes addiction is  still alive and well.  I am starting you all out with some cheetah in the new year. Which one would you pick? I would have to greedy and pick two. My picks would be 1 and 4

My first pick #1 really sets my heart on fire. This shoe has so much purpose and reason. I could rock these with a little black dress  or even skinny jeans. I love the platform bootie because for one I am short and I LOVE HEELS!  Outfit #1: Little black dress, gold accessories, gold clutch and  shoe # 1. Outfit #2: Light Denim jeans, black blazer, white tee shirt and black cheetah clutch.

My second pick #4, I have soft spot for.  I love the funkiness of this shoe. I have a pair like and they are super comfortable, you don’t even feel like you are wearing a pair of heels. I can see this with a off the shoulder sweat shirt and some leggings. Oh YES!!!!!! I think I just… Well oh never mind that, but I believe these just gave me some more life as I thought about it.



Comment and tell me

Happy shoe shopping!!!!!


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