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Welcome to Monday Music

The weekend has come and gone just like that and now its back to work Monday…

Lets get your week started off right with a few videos.

Big Sean has released the new video for his song BEWARD ft Lil Wayne and Jhene Aiko,

Chris Brown has released a new video as well. Last week I posted the audio of the song, Love more, ft Nicki Minaj..the video features actor Nick Swardson playing the funny white guy.

Remember this song I posted a while back by K-Ci and JoJo? Well if not here is the visual for their song, Knock It Off. I think they are trying to make a comeback what do you think?

If anyone like Luke James he has a new video for his single, Oh God ft Hit-Boy, it’s dramatic to say the least press play and see what I mean.

That’s just a smidge of music to get your week jumping off..have a good day PEACE AND BLESSINGS!

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It’s Friday

The weekend is just about here……is it me or are the weeks flying by? Summer is almost over good grief…

I know I posted the audio version of this before, but here is the visual for, Jaheim’s, Age Ain’t a Factor, he uses Lisa Raye, Vivica Fox and Cynthia Bailey as video models and they fit the song perfectly being that they are all over 40 and still looking fierce.

This next video is by Wale ft Sam Dew..”LoveHate Thing”.

Did you know Diddy’s concubine, girlfriend, Cassie had a new song out? It’s called Numb and it’s featuring Rick Ross..check it out see if you are feeling it.

This new guy, Schoolboy Q has a song called, “Collard Greens”, ft Kendrick Lamar. I am all about the beat behind the music and when I heard this beat I thought wow thats HOT…check it out and see what I mean.

I finally saw the video for Lil Wayne’s God Bless America and it is really a deep song if you listen to the lyrics. Check it out!

Well that’s all I have for now..I hope your weekend is safe and enjoyable….Peace, love and blessings.



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IT”S FRIDAY MUDAFUDDA”S…lol so excited that the weekend is here…..time to breeze thru this workday and enjoy the weekend….here is some music to get you going, or to end your day with. Either way you decide…

Here is a new cutie on the block..Sebastian Mikael

He has a new song called “LAST NIGHT” ft. Wale. If you listen closely you might recognize Al B. Sure’s beat from his song, Night and Day.

Have you heard that new song by Jeremih?

If you haven’t take a listen. It’s called “All the time”, ft Lil Wayne, and Natasha Mosley. There is no official video yet. This is just the song. The beat is sick…IMO. Judge for yourself.


I have not really been on his band wagon at all. I saw him on Love and Hip Hop New York and still I wasn’t feeling him. He has a song out with Tank, Lil Wayne and Fabolous,”She Don’t Put it Down Like You,” I think there should be a limit to the number of people in a video good grief….but anyway check it out.

Speaking of Love and Hip Hop…MISS MISSY K.Michelle

is staying relevant isn’t she? I see she is trying to tone it down on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta with the attitude, but on the music scene she is coming for her spot. Her new video, “I don’t like me”, is really deep. Check it out and see for yourself.

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Music Video Monday

It’s been quite the weekend and while I enjoyed it, time to get back to the grind of things. Here are a few videos to get you through the day.

Travi$ Scott from the G.O.O.D Music (Kanye’s crew) and T.I.’s Grand Hustle label, and Epic Records..(you know you the ish when you signed to three labels at one time) has a new video called, Upper Echelon, feat T.I and 2Chainz. Now I’m not into rap like that but this song had me bobbing my head.

The Rich Gang consisting of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Future, Birdman and Mack Maine bring a bit of sexy in their video TAP OUT…from what I gather they are saying they will put it down on you if you have that million dollar ooo, oooo, ooo..lol (love me some Future) ..OKAY can I just get the cash instead bump all that tapping out..lol!

If you are looking for more RnB,easy listening,…check out Donell Jones new video, Forever, love this man’s unique sound…he has a new album coming out tomorrow by the same title as well.

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Daily Ish

Ok it’s Sunday, what are you doing? Well besides reading this. Lets go ahead and get into the daily ish shall we?

Bow Wow Will Be With Both Exes!

Lil Bow Wow

Cover of Lil Bow Wow

In the middle of her tour of getting back on top musically Ciara has decided to do something that I’m for sure her boo thang Future had nothing to do with or even favored. All next week Ciara will be on 106 & Park hyping up her album, introducing a few videos and I’m for sure doing some personal talking. We will see how that go considering Bow Wow’s other ex-boo thang Angela Simmons will be hosting as well. This time Future will not be on the couch but I bet you he will be behind cameras giving the shit face to Bow Wow enticing him to make one slick move. He shouldn’t have to worry, both ugly as hell but if I had to chose Future seems more like a man to me than Bow Wow. He must have drunk a lot of coffee growing up or haven’t reached puberty yet because he is still short. He has to use steps just to sit on the couch. Anybody who watches next week let me know how that works out. You know I’m balling on a budget so I don’t have cable.

Her Neck, Her Back!


Cover of Khia

I knew it! Singer, rapper or whatever Khia had an agenda when she got on Twitter dissing Beyonce like she had nothing else to do with herself. It never fells when an artist creates beef with someone. At least she could have done it with someone her own size and stank rank. So that is why she decided to hop on Miley Cyrus’s remix to We Can’t Stop. Damn, and I liked that song too. Now she has funked the whole song up. Just nastiness! And don’t tell everybody I’m feeling that song either, I have a reputation to uphold.

Mathew Knowles Officially Married.

Congrats I guess. A week or two ago I announced that Mathew Knowles was engaged with some unknown woman and it was not the woman who had his baby and caused him and his long time wife Beyonce’s mama to divorce. Now we know who it was. So last Sunday he got married to former model Gena Charmaine Avery. Neither of his kids attended the ceremony. I’m for sure their invitations were lost in the mail. I had something smart to say as to why Beyonce did not attend but then I realized that she was too busy performing at the BET music awards but what about daddy’s little girl Solange? She is always about her daddy? Was she in the audience cheering Bey on?

Why You Mad Boo?

English: Kobe Bryant, Lakers shooting guard, stands ready to shoot a free throw during Tuesday nights pre-season game against the Golden State Warriors. Bryant was essential in bringing together a large point gap late in the second quarter, after the Warriors took the early lead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sexy ass Dwight Howard just got switched over to the Houston Rockets but that isn’t the big thing. It pains me to even write this but emotional Kobe Bryant (gotta be the pain pills) decided real quick that he didn’t want to follow him anymore so that’s what he did. Kobe, it’s all business and I really don’t blame him, our Lakers is not doing so well and if he feels he can be better elsewhere than so be it Kobe. You loungin up for most of the year anyway with your injury! I swear these athletes and celebrities need to not have Twitter accounts. So emotional!

Damn Kardashians!

I guess the whole fam like them some dark meat! Even the little ones getting in on it. Lately Kendall has been kicking it with Lil Wayne eldest daughter which is fitting since she supposedly smooshing with his protege Lil Twist. The other one, Kylie has been rumored to be dating Jaden Smith. They were recently seen vacationing together! Does Will know about this?

I want to know why no other race wants them girls but Scott? Never mind I know the answer.

Chad Trying Trannies!

This one has me shaking my head. Chad Ochocinco has really sunk to the bottom and his ass can stay there after this story. He was seen vacationing in New Orleans and I am not sure if they were together intentionally or did he fall in the tranny’s lap but either way he was seen all hugged up with trans Amiyah Scott. He had to know, please tell me he was not that dumb not to know. Well if he did not know before that picture he know now. Did not know you rolled like that brah! Do your thang (pun intended) I guess!

Peace and luv!

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