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Are you BeingMaryJane this Valentine’s? (Message for the Ladies)

Everyone knows about the sexy and love-wrecking show “Being Mary Jane” that airs on BET on Tuesdays at 10pm. So people may say this isn’t the Gabrielle Union that we have seen on movies! True, but this diva who wants love in a whole another way can be love-wrecking….only when it deals with a married man!  She has her ways with the sexy lingerie, long flowing hair, chocolate body skin tone and the ass that makes guys say “WOWWWW” So what married man wouldn’t wanna tap that? LOL


But in reality, messing with a married man ladies can be pretty dangerous.  Only if you are playing your cards right and don’t get caught, but this brave Mary Jane confesses to his wife in the pet store that she was having sex with her husband on the movie last year when it was first aired.  Wow! How many women would actually be brave enough to do that?  Ladies, I know sometimes we get caught up with the scent of a man and the way he looks, the car he drives and how good he is with foreplay, but if he’s married, then its showing red stoplights everywhere.  In this case, Mary Jane didn’t find out he was married right away until after they made love and his wedding ring just happened to fall out of his jean pocket and she stepped on it! When that happens, you have two choices, to either continue seeing him or stop seeing him.

You never know what type of wife she is until you see her up in person.  Although Mary Jane can be slick in getting what she wants, he is still in between two women who both loves him dearly.  One thing you don’t want to do ladies is to break up a marriage between a man and his wife….especially if he has kids.  Even though this is a reality show, it teaches us about how much we can be blinded by love without even considering the real consequences behind our temptations!  On Valentine’s ladies, enjoy yourself and make the most of it! If you are single, please be smart about it.  There are plenty things to do on Valentine’s Day as singles; hang out with other singles at an event or if you have other single friends, go hang out with them.  But never be so desperate to give a temporary man a fling and your goodies for one night when you are only going to regret the decision later on in life.  Be smart about your decision and have fun.

As far as Mary Jane, the show is a great show that teaches us a lot!  Just Being MaryJane!


Peace and Blessings!


Lil Woman on A Mission

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Single and Ready to Mingle: “The Introduction”

Hello my Singles! I think you all know where I am going with this blog. Who are you most likely to introduce to the guy/girl you are currently dating? Everyone is not going to be privileged enough to meet who are dating. For me you have to get my friends. My friends are wild and zany. On top of that they know how to read people very well. After you meet them you will move on to meeting my parents; my mother in particular . She has no problem sharing what she thinks with me.  Once you get pass those people you are home free.

I asked my Facebook friends the same question. Here are their answers

Shannon Nicole:  My best friend(s) and my mother… My best friends because they know my like a book.. My mother because she reads ppl very well, too well. Lol

Bella Tiffany:  My best friend… She know me. I’ve never introduced a man to my parents. Haven’t met one that special.

Author Shakeim Edmonds: My cousin “Mo”, because he analyze people just as much as I do.

My singles I am going to be super honest with you. Some of my family I wish not to introduce my “boyfriend” to. Oh I know you are thinking “Why not”. Here is why, they are so judgmental and I don’t have time nor energy for them. They always seem to see the bad in every situation and want to attack characters. How can you attack someones character when you don’t even know the person. Sometimes your mate is not the same with everyone else as he/she may be with you. You may get to see the real side of them while others only see how arrogant he/she may be. You get to see their heart and how genuine they can be. It is about the process of getting to know someone that they miss out on.  You know the reason why you fell in love with that person, no one else has to know. I know I am going to piss off some of my family members. Hey but you know why you only hear about the person I may be dating and never lay eyes on him.

What others think really shouldn’t matter if you are happy!

Happy Dating!!!!!


E. Ahdai

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No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is- Should You Hold Your Man Down If He Has Committed A Crime?

If you are a RHOA fan I am sure you have heard the news, Apollo Nida, husband of Phaedra Parks was arrested several days ago and charged with embezzlement, aggravated identity theft, bank fraud and conspiracy.  He was released on $25,000 bail, had to surrender his passport and was ordered to abstain from alcohol.  Apollo allegedly created false companies and bank accounts in the names of real individuals.

Only a fly on the wall knows what conversations and actions have transpired between Apollo and Phaedra.  But I have a good idea it was not a pretty scene!  Apollo was previously convicted and imprisoned on auto title fraud.  Looks like these new allegations could be strike two for Apollo!  He could face up to 30 years in prison.


When I was in my twenties still trying to prove I was an adult to myself and my parents but naive and not knowing a thing about real life, I dated a man that from time to time tried to get his hustle on.  Did I think it was wrong?  Yes.  But I stayed with him anyway.  He was cute afterall and when our relationship was good, it was good!  My naivity said the illegal activity did not define him as a person.  But somehow I woke up and realized it did!  One day a light bulb switch came on and I thought if we stay together, get married, he will not have a 401K or Social Security.  He can’t even file taxes.  At the time his associates were getting raided, getting caught and going to jail.  I thought this is not the life I want to live.  I did not want to be caught up in a raid or be made an accomplice.  Something was wrong with this picture so I told him end his life of crime or I was out!  He ended up quitting the life and got a real job but we broke up anyway.  

Several years later I encountered the same situation dating someone but I had no idea he was hustling because he had a real job!  When I found out, once again came the ultimatum.  He quit the street life but we still broke up in the end anyway.  He had a criminal mentality that just manifested itself in other ways in our relationship, you know the lying, etc., etc.    I am not saying once a criminal always a criminal but it is hard to break away from that criminal mindset. It takes time, does not happen over night and I was not willing to wait around for the rehabilitation!  I knew I was not the type of woman built for visiting her man in jail, writing letters or contributing to a commissary.  I do not have the patience! 

Should Phaedra stand by her man, the father of her two children, her husband?  Should it be as she said in her vows, “til death do us part?” Is she obligated to stay because she is married? What if she were single and just dating, would it be okay for her to end the relationship then? These are some difficult questions some couples have faced!  When is enough, enough?   How many chances should a criminal get?


Is it Bonnie and Clyde for life?  Should you be that ride or die chic?  To me, in the end crime is crime, whether it is white collar or street!  I wanted more out of life! Can you really be happy if your man gets caught and gets locked up?  Is it worth it? Maybe you need to worry about holding your own self down instead of him!




Written By

Cynthia Rogers





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What are the odds that you are reuniting with your ex in which it has been yearrssss since yall last held each other, kissed each other and made love to each other? Well, it can happen! A lot of people are stuck on the saying “Ex means the past so move on,” but in reality an ex can mean a new beginning and another shot at the relationship if it’s meant to be!  

For example, I’m getting back with my ex which I’ve have known since 2005 and while dating him for four years straight during my college years, I feel a greater connection now than before.  Even though the relationship fell off and he dated other (strange) women, his heart found it’s way back to me!  On the other hand, I was looking for trouble and I wanted a quick fix to ease the lonliness I was feeling within myself.  

An Ex-factor does has it’s consequences, so therefore if you re-considering getting back with your “boo-thang” that you still have feelings for, I say go for it! Ain’t nothing wrong with reuniting the old flames.  When things didn’t go right the first time, a second chance won’t hurt.  So this is the tricky part lady and gents.  Think about this closely and read this very closely. If and IF your ex has cheated on you and that was the main cause of the break-up, maybe you should give it some thought some before saying yes too soon.  I do believe that people can change in relationships and I won’t give up on that person, but a good idea for that matter is couseling to see where yall heads are at before sealing the deal.

Don’t settle for less either! Another saying that says “Wait on God for your mate” is really true, but what if you already have that one person in mind without God’s consent? Would it then be considered a sin?  Loving your ex still is perfectly normall and sometimes when we try to forge the painful things they have done to us, we still have a piece of them in our hearts. It hurts when we are hurt emotionally, physically and yes mentally, but with the proper healing, we can begin to move on.

But when time shows itself again and we run into our ex, it can sometimes be for the best or sometimes it may be for the worst. Why not experiment on a shot of love again and spark up those old love flames? Just be careful the second time around. Maybe it will work and maybe it won’t work!  

But if you gonna reunite with the ex-booskie, make the most out of it!


Peace and Blessings!

Lil Woman on a Mission

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O Thee Valentine’s Day: Preparation for Cupid Love

It’s that wonderful time again and lovers are diving in early at Wal-Mart, the mall and jewelry stores finding that right gift for February 14th.  I mean from ballons to teddy bears to cards to candy, men and women spend lots of money and go all out just to please and make the one they love happy.

But one of the questions I have is, why only show this type of appreciation once a year only on Valentine’s Day? Everyday should be a good day to show the one you love appreciation or how much you care about them.  It’s the thought that counts the most, so even if you don’t get your lover something special for Valentine’s Day, they shouldn’t feel bad.  So ladies if your man doesn’t get you that diamond ring you wanted for six months or that dress you saw last week, would you get mad or would you brush it off?

Just prepare yourself for the evening crowd whether it’s at restaurants or the movie theaters (Just one Night Comes out on Valentine’s Day.  Make sure all my couples check it out!)

Peace and Blessings!


Lil Woman On A Mission

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