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On the road to Super Bowl XLVIII

What’s up my fellow football fans? It’s week #3 in the NFL…The BEST sport in the whole damn world!

Being a New Yorker by birth and upbringing, but residing in Charlotte NC for the last 10 years always has me torn when my two teams meet head-to-head. This week it’s my NY Football Giants coming down here to NC to take on my newly adopted team the Carolina Panthers. Since both teams are off to shitty starts at 0-2, they both need wins to say the least. However, one of them will be 0-3 by day’s end. Either way I’m _ucked!

What’s up with your team(s) this week? Who you rolling with? What game will you be watching?

Shout out!

Here’s this weeks schedule…


Thursday, September 19

Chiefs    26           Final

Eagles   16


Sunday, September 22

Texans  1:00 PM (ET)



Browns  1:00 PM (ET)



Giants  1:00 PM (ET)



Packers 1:00 PM (ET)



Rams  1:00 PM (ET)



Lions  1:00 PM (ET)



Buccaneers  1:00 PM (ET)



Cardinals  1:00 PM (ET)



Chargers  1:00 PM (ET)



Falcons 4:05 PM (ET)



Bills  4:25 PM (ET)



Colts  4:25 PM (ET)



Jaguars 4:25 PM (ET)



Bears  8:30 PM (ET)



Monday, September 23

Raiders  8:40 PM (ET)





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Kobe Bryant Cuts Ties With Dwight Howard

kobe bryant biting jersey

I knew I liked Kobe for a reason. After his former teammate signed with the Houston rockets Kobe Bryant cut all ties with Dwight Howard. He tweeted on twitter it’s hard to follow anyone who wants to kick my teams ass. That statement is very business like, fuck em. Either your with us or your against  us there’s no in between. so many players wanna be friends like it’s damn family reunion. This is a business , that’s your job to win & entertain your fans. although it’s been awhile since the lakes won a championship, that fires still burns within them & there are focused to recapture that center stage once again. Kobe is in it to win it. With all the upcoming teams thirsty for a championship the Lakers will have to kick them game up a notch.

The Lakers aren’t new to this game.  They have fought to get where they are & they aren’t finished yet. Kobe has a burning desire to be the best & his team is championship material. With his all business attitude he’s definitely focused on the matter at hand no new friends. Kobe also thinks it’s weird that this new generation is all friends. No one wants to talk trash.  Maybe that’s why he was born in a different era. But next season we will see how Kobe wills his team back to the star spotlight. After all either your with us or against us. But like everyone else you can’t do it alone Kobe must make sure his players know it’s teamwork they all must play their part. No excuse & no exception. It’s time for each player to be held accountable.

As fans we know our favorite team won’t win every time. But as long as we get our monies worth & our team give it their best we are okay with it.  But next time we are looking to go further than we did before. everyone wants a championship, fans included it’s bragging rights.  Knowing that your team is the best. seeing the faces of these other losers & throwing your team in their face is a great feeling. bragging about your team until next season. Soon we will see how Kobe motivates his team & moves forward with his career.


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29 NFL players and counting…

Commissioner Roger Goodell’s tough player conduct policy was supposed to stop NFL players from getting into any trouble … right?

Well it’s another day, and another arrest for the NFL. This time it’s Colts safety Joe Lefeged, who the Indianapolis Star said was chased down by police and will be arraigned on multiple gun-related offenses.



This week has included Aaron Hernandez getting charged with murder, Ausar Walcott being charged with attempted murder, and Josh Brent failing a second drug test while out on bond on an intoxicated manslaughter charge. Now here comes the Indianapolis Star news that Lefeged and a friend were driving in Washington, D.C., and when police attempted to pull over their car, a chase ensued. The men were arrested after the chase and there was a handgun was found in the car.

29 NFL players just this off-season alone.

Do you think that NFL players, (or any other major sports athlete for that matter) really truly get it? Many have achieved the highest pinnacles of success in their sports, and are compensated handsomely for simply playing a game. 30 million, 40 million, 50 million dollar contracts for catching, hitting, throwing, or shooting a ball! How come so many simply throw it all away? Is it generational? Do our young athletes today just feel their “privileged”, and now because they have some money they can’t be touched?

I’ll tell you this shit straight up…If someone presented me with a 40 million dollar contract, endorsements, and all the rest of the perks that come along with being a professional athlete…I’D CHANGE MY FUCKING NUMBER IN A MINUTE!!! PACK THE SHIT, AND BE ON SOME TROPICAL ISLAND SOMEWHERE MAKING SURE THAT MONEY WILL LAST A LIFTIME…I damn sure wouldn’t be riding around with “the fellas”…especially if hanging with “the fellas” could possibly fuck my shit up, and all I’ve worked to achieve. There would be no “posse”, no “entourage”, no 6 cars (for what?), no 10 bedroom house (again, for what?)

It just depresses the hell out of me that so many are given the world, and blow it!

Allen Iverson — who earned $154 million in salary is now BROKE! Need I say more.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/examples-of-athletes-going-broke-2013-3?op=1#ixzz2XdBxgNNx

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Its Now or Maybe Never for the King

It’s game 6 of the NBA and once again the most inconsistent “greatest player of all time” and company is on the brink of a tremendous flop. Keep it real the guy will have you scratching your head to be compared with greats. That’s right ladies and germs it’s Lebron James and his Miami Heat fighting for survival against the 4-time world champion San Antonio Spurs making for some great theater tonight in Miami.


The seemingly invincible basketball powers mixed with the occasional sub-par game, which in the amazing world of make believe super hero sports stars isn’t tolerated. He has become a lighting rod across the country. Either you love’em or you love hatin’em. There’s definitely a story behind the not so good feelings about “The King”.

America loves hype. Ask Don King,ask Diddy better yet ask Kanye. On second though forget Kanye because ain’t nobody git time for that right now. As a high school athletic phenomena Lebron James from St. Vincent - St. Mary high school burst on to the national scene prompting several of his games to be televised primetime on ESPN. Highly unusual for that intense scrutiny to be placed on such a young athlete. Winning national player on the year his junior and senior seasons only added spice to the salad. Lebron was also just stepping into the era of the “twenty four hour news cycle”. After watching there was no doubt the dude could ball and ball well. Some athletes make themselves men among boys as the term is put even in professional sports. Lebron made that kind of impact as you watched his games as a youngster in high school. As the hype grows it becomes a life of its own spreading faster than rumors of Wendy Williams being born a girl. The question will Lebron James eclipse Michael Jordan as the greatest ever. That’s not his fault he doesn’t ask the media for the hype all the time. Geez did that question really start popping up before he even played a game in college ?

Americas microwave audience didn’t have to wait long in finding out if he could ball with the pros. The Akron Ohio native Lebron came fresh outta high school into the 2003 NBA draft taken as the first pick overall in the draft by his home state team Cleveland Cavaliers a match made in heaven. Three years into his NBA career leading the 2006-07 Cavs to their first NBA finals appearance only to be swept by the Spurs. Things began to deteriorate for Lebron and the Cavs because if what seemed to James as being the Cavs general manager and owner not putting the pieces (players) around him to contend regularly for a title. He left and after making a secret pact with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh some years earlier signed with the Miami Heat as did Bosh in the 2010 season in what Miami now calls the “Big Three” and what KNICKS fans call heart attack and hate hearing about until the Knicks win their next championship. Hoping to pair Lebron and the number 3 pick in the same 2003 draft as James, Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks were led to believe the inside track to Lebron ran through New York City. They still haven’t won a title since 1973. In James’s first year with the Heat they made it to the 2011 NBA championship losing to Jason “Get Lebron outta his game” Terry and the Dallas Mavericks in six games.  His career success is undoubtedly great. The sometimes unsuperman like games in the absolutely worst times and lack of rings especially upon his declaration of titles Heat fans should have expected to come since his arrival create great fodder for questioning his “greatness” when actually his ticket to The Hall of Fame in Springfield Massachusetts is already punched. Tonight will be a night to remember one way or the other. The Heat are fighting for one last dream chance this season of going on to a game seven to win a title the glaring spotlight and eyes of the nation however will be on Lebron James. It should be great in the the theater called the human drama of athletic sport. If Lebron were Tupac Shakur he would be yelling out “All eyez on me”.

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30 days For Spanking Attorney

chadFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Former NFL star Chad Johnson was so close to resolving his legal trouble in court Monday. Johnson was in court for violating probation in a domestic violence case involving his ex-wife. They were about to reach a plea deal when Johnson gave his attorney a playful, “good game” slap on the butt.

That behavior might be OK in the locker room but Broward County judge Kathleen McHugh was not pleased about it in the courtroom. The former NFL star’s attorney apologized for his client’s inappropriate behavior, but it was too little too late for the judge. Now you might think Chad’s attorney was a woman…but in fact he’s a man!

She sentenced Johnson to 30 days in jail and tacked on an extra three months of probation.

Want to be playful, Chad Johnson? Be playful with your kids. Be playful with the mother of your kids. Don’t be playful with a judge who oversees cases of domestic violence…Ya think! This is not a reality show!

Do you think Mr, Ocho Cinco got a fair shake from this judge?

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