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Daily Ish

Second Chances?

How would you feel if you continuously watched your father verbally abuse your mama as a child? Well it stung Kelly Rowland enough that she hasn’t talked to her father for over 20 years. For a minute Kelly admitted to wanting to reunite with him but she never took the first steps now her father has reached out speaking with Radar Online (how his old ass know about that website or the internet for thar matter) publicly begging for his daughter to get in contact with him. In case you’re clueless Kelly Rowland was raised by Beyonce’s family while her mama worked multiple jobs. Should Kelly work it out? Could you forgive your father after all these years?

Karma is a Bitch.com

I have officially heard it all. Tamar Bleach-Braxton’s recent single hasn’t been doing so well, surprise, surprise. Instead of blaming her lack of singing skills among other things she blames Rihanna’s photographers for the bombing of her video.

In the middle of doing the video to Hot Sugar the photographers bounced to take pics of Rihanna in Greece for her new collection leaving Tamar to figure out a treatment by herself. Aww poor ugly thang.

Tamar posted on Rihanna’s Instagram her distaste for what happened like the childish girl that she is. Girl get a life! Anybody with sense would have done that, Rihanna’s money vs Tamar money? Shit, that is a no brainer! Stay being a backup singer.

Strike One

Hasn’t anyone learned not to fuck with Kanye West? Kris H.’s father must not havr gotten that memo. When asked about the recent engagement of Kim and Kanye he went in saying they will end up just like the in-laws Bruce and Kris. Now I would expect Kris to say something like that but the old ass father? He sounds like a bitter ex. He also said that he is positive that the engagement was NOT Kanye’s idea, just like his son and Kim’s proposal it was staged.

As much as I can’t stand Yeezy I don’t believe anyone made him do anything, Kanye is too damn stubborn, arrogant, stuck on himself (shall I go on..) to allow anyone to make decisions for him, it’s just not happening but hey I don’t know the brotha personally. Do you believed it was staged and orchestrated by someone other than Kanye?

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

I Didn’t Know, Honestly I Didn’t!”

Last week Oprah’s Next Life Class aired and this time she interviewed Robin Thicke. I didn’t see the show but I did catch a snippet of it on GMA. He claims that he had no idea what Miley Cyrus was doing down there, he was too busy looking up singing.

What the what?!

Who is he trying to convince, Oprah, us or his damn self? What kind of excuse is that? Now I officially have proof he is on that shit. Now ironically an article was released this morning on Yahoo of an interview with one of the little people dancers and she said all of it, including the tongue and twerking were all choreographed and Robin even made a few suggestions. What moves, she didn’t say but that shuts down his ‘Gee I didn’t know’ theory. Come on man, fire your PR asap!

Does Kim K Deserve a Walk of Fame Star

According to her baby daddy she does and obviously he is the only one who thinks so. Last week Kanye appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to squash the beef between them (yes there was an actual beef. Kanye thru a hissy fit over a lil skit Jimmy did) and the whole interview was an ass backwards train wreck to begin with. Amongst the colorful ish Kanye said in his ramblings he said Kim K. can’t get a ‘Walk of Fame’ star because she’s not considered a celebrity. Newsflash your girl got on by doing a sex tape last time I checked you have to do more than spread your legs in order to get a star. But that’s just me if that was the case I should get one just for looking so damn good. Just sayin’. What do you think? Should Kim K get a star?

Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile

This story is getting crazier and crazier by the week. A week ago Sherlita Patton filed for a divorce from her long time husband rapper Big Boi. Sources says it was her finally getting tired of all the cheating that led her to the decision however let me get a bit more specific for my readers. Supposedly he got another skripper pregnant (her name is Jamie by the way) and once he found out he bought her a home in the same subdivision him and his wife live in. Oh wait it gets better. Allegedly he had a crew of women (try over 11) that he was switching up with and they all were friends and knew about them sharing him. Well that’s just nasty. So we all know he doesn’t know how to use a condom. Sherlita you was good to stay in that shit for over 20 years. You should’ve ran a long time ago.

You’re Fired!

Poor Iggy, first Miley Cyrus stole her twerking moves and now she has been fired from the Queen Bee herself. White rapper Iggy Azalea had it going on for a minute. She was on the XXL Freshmen Class cover, she had the backing of T.I. so what the hell happened? Iggy was set to open up a few shows on the Mrs. Carter tour in New Zealand however suddenly Queen Bee was no longer feeling Ms. Iggy. She tweeted that she was not a part of it and coincidentally some blond haired, blue eyed boy who won the Australian Idol tweeted that he would be opening up for Beyonce. Damn that’s a slap in the face. Guess you are in the murda bizness Iggy, murdering potential money cause you know that would have been a nice paycheck!

H.QB.I.C. (Head Quarterback In Charge)

Give a man the spotlight and extra money and watch his head swell the hell up! At the end of the last NFL season the main QB for the S.F. 49ers got hurt. In comes this tall, scrawny, kinda cute little boy by the name of Colin Kaepernick. He managed to take his team all the way to the Super Bowl. They didn’t win but still you can just imagine the deals that started to pour in. Colin was bumped to head QB and through all of this his long time boo thang Corban Fennell (who is gorgeous by the way) stuck by his side.


But just like yesterday’s draws Colin threw her in the dirty clothes and have been linked to so many females since becoming H.QB.I.C. Guess it was a part of his contract. Hell I even had a dream last night that I was his girl! Ain’t that some ish. Enjoy it while you can playboy because once you stop being the ‘it’ factor who you gone have? By then Ms. Corban would have chucked up them deuces. You can’t replace a good ride or die chick.

‘I Should’ve Cheated’

Recently Keyshia Cole posted a pic on her Instagram account of her covering up the tattoo that represented her husband and baby daddy. I guess things didn’t go well after she crashed Young Jeezy’s birthday bash awhile ago. Maybe more happened than we know about. But why broadcast your shit all over social media? Is that the new thing now? I swear celebrities are attention slores.

‘The Game Out of Retirement’

Well, well, well guess who has changed his mind about quitting the rap game? Out of nowhere The Game has signed with Cash Money Records. How the hell did that happen? I would love to have been the fly on the wall at that meeting. Guess the funds were running a little low huh? Good luck with that one.

Ok ladies let me speak to you on a touchy subject. Never put a man over your children – ever! Over the weekend the news of NFLer Adrien Petersen’s two year old son dying at the hands of the mother’s boyfriend. This was the same boyfriend who was charged with domestic abuse a year ago and she continued to expose her child to this man. It has to stop. Don’t be desperate just to say you have a man. These kids never ask to be in this world. I don’t feel sorry for the mama but for that little angel and I hope she feels like crap every day she wakes up and not see that boy next to her.

Whew! I’m out of breath! Until next time…

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Liam and Miley Officially Call It Quits

It’s official Molly…I mean Miley and Liam Hemsworth has called it quits. Not surprised, I saw this shit coming as soon as Miley bent it over on stage at the VMAs. I could imagine Miley busting it open at home with Liam, chile he probably ran. Well of course he did…right into an exotic looking Mexican actress by the name of Eiza Gonzalez Reyna. They were seen partying it up in Las Vegas not once leaving each other’s side. Liam wanted a sensible woman not a pill poppin’ animal. What now Ms. Miley? It’s just you and your BFF Molly.

Kim K Fires Everybody

Rumor has it Kim Kardashian is not feeling the Kardashian clan and wants to step away from it all. We all know how Kanye feels about that family and now he has pressured the poor thing to pick between him and her family so she chose Yeesus. She reminds me of the chick from Coming to America barking and hopping around. Kim has fired her PR team and rehired someone different a slight suggestion from Kanye. I want to know what Kane is giving up in this? His gay lover that lives in Paris? And I know Kris is having multiple hernias over this. She has plenty of other kids to pimp out although we all knew Kim was her favorite.

No, no, no, no, no!

Let me tell you this, Beyonce got some balls and class all the way down to her pinky toe. At a concert in a Brazil festival a fan caught the holy ghost. Beyonce bent over to interact with her fans and one took it too far. He thought he would give the diva a hug but ended up pulling her into the crowd. In the video you see her one second and the next you don’t. now the funny thing was this diva gets back up and continues singing as if she didn’t just fall her ass over. Girl you got heart cause I would have punched the hell out of the fan! Where was Jay? What would you have done?

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Billy Ray Responds

What was Miley Cyrus on is pretty much what’s on everyone’s minds after her VMA’s performance. I wasn’t surprised and black people this is what you co-signed! You saw her twerk it once and thought she was instantly down. You really were gone off that molly right along with this girl. Personally I would have washed myself with bleach if I had been Robin Thicke, I know I felt like it after I saw it through my tv! And the Smith’s reaction was priceless. My Facebook and Instagram were bombarded with pics of her ill built ass. I laughed off of that but how did her daddy feel? Miley’s camp was proud of her but was her daddy? Billy Ray who always has a lot to say 9The devil is a lie) said only this, “She still my little girl.” M’kay. Only thing little about that girl is that ass of hers.

Where’s Waldo?

Lamar Odom has been m.i.a. for several days and now people (mainly Khloe) are wondering where he is at. Khloe kicked him out after he declined vehemently to get help with his crack cocaine addiction during an intervention. Knowing him he probably in a hotel somewhere on that crack cocaine. Flavor Flav go get your son and get him some help!

Move Bitch

Alec Baldwin is at it again. Photographers intentionally go in on Alec because they know he goes HAM. He and Kanye should be best friends. I could only imagine what would happen if those two were walking down the street together. Alec was harassed (or so he felt) by a photographer on the streets and instead of walking away and ignoring the photographer he decided to push him onto the hood of a car. I can’t even blame Alec because if I was a celebrity I would be hitting and running over photographers all of the time. Damn can I say anger management?


I guess we can send a congrats out to Kirk and Rasheeda even tho they were wrong for trying to stir up ish in their marriage which nothing is worth all that, just to get their own spinoff, for bringing home a healthy baby boy. This is her second son, so congrats!

Bye, Bye, Bye

It’s official. Actress Katherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas are getting a divorce. They’ve been together for some time especially in Hollywood standards, been through his cancer and her bi-polar situation but I guess enough is enough. I wonder did it have to do with his comment he made about getting throat cancer from giving head. Hmmmm…..

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Hello luvs! It’s been a few days since I’ve done a Daily Ish for you. I’ve been feeling under the weather but I had to open my big mouth on some thangs – one, have you seen North West? That name seriously kills me. Who would name their child a damn direction? Hopefully this child will direct them to some common sense but I won’t hold my breath. Anyway she is not as cute as I thought she would be or look like I expected. She looks like her father, damn! At least Blue Ivy looks like a cuter version of her father. Do you think she’s worth a 3 mill picture? Nah.

While one Kardashian is happy being a mama Khloe just trying to keep it together period.

Homegirl has not only found out Lammy Lam has had 2 affairs but he actually have messed around with over 50 women. How she know. Well a women’s intuition is a mutha and a little help from an investigator helps. Lamar even cheated on his ex with Khloe. The same day they were married he was flirting with someone hard! Of all people brotha compares himself to Tiger Woods, his idol. What the what?! I’m surprised his magic stick hasn’t fallen off.

1st Degree

Can’t take the streets out of a person no matter how good that person living. Sexy ass ex Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has been indicted on first degree murder of Odin Lloyd. Damn! What a waste. Don’t drop the soap pretty boy.

See yall the next go round….peace and luv!

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