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We hope that you enjoy our Special Valentine’s Day issue - Vol 12. This will be our last issue that will be posted to this site. Beginning with our March issue release, you will be redirected out to our newly constructed site. Stay Tuned!

Urban Image Magazine would like to say Happy Valentines Day to all our female followers and staff. We Love You


This was our last issue for 2013, Vol 11  - And 2014 is looking brighter than ever with the launch of our new site!

Check out our interview with PUMA - Vol 10

An interview with Dr. Wendy Walsh - Vol 9


“Kitty Licker” is Here! Get Your Copy Today.

  Visit www.gangstalit.com to get yours!

Melinda F. Emerson talks Biz’ ness - Vol 8

Antonique Smith - Star of Notorious - Vol 7


Dez - The Fly Girl behind FLYKICKZ - Vol 6


Did you miss VOL 5? It’s still available for viewing

Check out THE FIRST THREE Urban Image Magazine issues and our Vol4 comeback issue by clicking HERE                                     

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