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Money, fame and fortune, can’t buy you love, can’t buy you happiness, and it certainly can’t buy you peace and sanity.

The troubled Chris Brown has been having the battle with the  anger demons in his head since his troubled childhood, and it seems as if he is losing the battle.

Just when you thought Chris Brown was out…a judge is sending him back in.

Agreeing with the recommendation of the probation department, L.A. Superior Court Judge James Brandlin ordered the singer to spend another three months in a residential treatment facility, submit to drug testing and take medication as prescribed by his doctor.

Brown is also required to complete 24 hours of community service a week during the course of his time in rehab.

His latest round of penance still stems from his 2009 assault conviction for beating up Rihanna. He was sentenced to five years’ probation at the time and has been in and out of court over the past year while authorities investigated various possible violations.

According to the probation department’s latest report, on Nov. 10 Brown was kicked out of the Malibu treatment facility he checked into last month after he angrily threw a rock through his mother’s car window when she came to visit.  This, in my opinion, is a clear case of mental instability and while anger management is a start, other roads must not be ruled out.

Many times when stars start to show mental signs of wear and tear, or, in CB’s case, already present problems are put on the back burner in the interest of profit and sales, the result is the breakdown a a truly talented person who is used, abused, drained and tossed in the vast pit of stars of Hollywood yesteryear.

On Nov. 13, Brown told authorities that he suffered a “setback, mentally and emotionally, when he was not credited for all the community service hours he initially completed. He had issues with his attention deficit disorder and underwent a period of depression.” <~~~clearly a sign that his only issue was NOT anger!!!

Brown, who was told to check back into rehab today, did not object to Brandlin’s conditions.

He is not allowed to leave the state of California except to appear before a judge in Washington, D.C, this Monday on a misdemeanor assault charge—the incident that seemed to prompt his decision to voluntarily check into rehab for anger management last month.

“His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point,” said Brown’s rep after the Grammy winner was accused of breaking a guy’s nose in the U.S. capital after the man tried to photobomb Brown and some female fans.

Brown’s rep told E! News last Thursday that the F.A.M.E. artist would be continuing outpatient treatment and performing the additional 1,000 hours of community service that was recently tacked onto his sentence in L.A. That night, Brown was spotted at Jhene Aiko‘s album release party with on-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

L.A. Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray said that she does not know yet whether she will ask for Brown’s probation to be revoked due to his D.C. bust. She has asked the probation department to prepare a supplemental report about the alleged incident, which she will review and discuss Dec. 16 at Brown’s next hearing, at which he is required to appear.

Today, Brown was seen walking into court hand-in-hand with Tran, who had posted an Instagram pic of the two kissing on the day he checked into rehab in October.


Will CB truly be helped or will his inner demons and Hollywood vampires suck him dry, only to toss him into the coffin of other mentally unstable stars “too famous” to help?

Mental illness isn’t something that can be cured, nor something that can be brushed under the rug forever.  CB will have to take responsibility for his own actions, but he will have to have a lot of help and support from people who are truly there to back him, not people who depend on his skills. As for now, that help and support remains unclear.

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Daily Ish

The Truth will Set One Free

Well, well, well the truth comes out. I can’t do nothing but shake my head at this fool. Everyone has been wondering why Chris Brown left anger management rehab after two weeks. Well the rehab center told his ass he had to go. His mama had come to visit and suggest he stay longer than than planned. That suggestion blew him up. He threw everything moveable even throwing a rock through his mama’s car window. Now that’s just foolishness. That woman brought him into this world and if that was me I would have taken him out this world! For his actions the judge ordered him to do 90 days in anger management. How many people he have to beat before he goes to prison? His hand keeps getting slapped. That’s a damn shame.

But I luv you!

While Breezy is having issues his ex Rihanna is having men profess their love for her. This time it is trackstar gold medalist Usain Bolt. He is claiming to be in love with the singer and will do anything to win her love. Stalker much? He haven’t even went on a date with her. I guess it might work just like Kim K everybody has smashed but Kanye wifed her still; Usain is the only one who haven’t smashed…just sayin.

Who You Calling A Hypocrite?

After seeing the Monday night episode of Love & Hip Hop is Yandy a hypocrite for not wanting to work with Amina because she is a homewrecker even though she is one? Her baby daddy’s baby mama seem to think she is going on Twitter to say, pots luv calling kettles black.

Boom! I mean homegirl had her baby in September in 2011 and Yandy had their son in the summer of 2012, you do the math. But should the old boo get over it and just move on? It has been over a year. And to Yandy, make that money!

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Terrence Howard Bragging About Bey’s Box

I know somewhere Jay is yelling high yellow nigga shut your ass up! Everyone is coming out the woodwork claiming to have or almost have smashed Bey. Thirsty ass Terrence Howard admitted while obviously in a drunken stupor that he almost smashed Beyonce when she was with Destiny’s Child. He said once her friend came along he went with her instead. Really? Now remember back in 2005 he got a lapdance from Beyonce on stage. That was a payback for him dissing her for ger friend. In her head she was saying yeah fool look at the shit you walked away from! When asked did he try to get with her again that night he immediately said, no Jay would have killed me. Jay might do it anyway just for opening his mouth. I can see his lukewarm career ending as we speak.

Onto The Next Deal

Speaking of Jay z he reallt is not letting go of this Barney’s clothing line deal is he? He has decided to donate 100% proceeds to his The Shawn Carter Foundation instead of the 25% he originally had. Is he wrong? It doesn’t matter what I think because at the end of the day neither gives a damn about my ass. However something is telling me he shook hands with the devil with this deal.

Yeah I’m Mad Now

This is just depressing ladies. My sexy ass future husband Idris Alba is expecting a baby with this girl named Naiyana Garth. Congrats I suppose (yeah I’m hating). I guess I’ll let this slide since I can’t have anymore kids but Naiyana I’m gone need my boo back asap.

A Lovey Dovey Breezy

Chris Breezy is making his rounds since leaving rehab earlier this week. He wants everyone to know him and Rih are through. But who is he trying to convince? Last night in L.A. Chris and Karrueche went to support singer Jhene Aiko’s at her Sailing Out release party. He looked all calm, cool and collected in all the pictures. That don’t fool me though. I know I’m going to get flack for downing this fool and contributing to letting a brotha down but it won’t be long before this fool spaz out again. Watch.

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Chris Brown Out of Rehab

Damn that was quick as hell. I knew he was just doing this to look good for the judge. Anything to get out of doing time. There is no way in hell all that anger that’s been built up in that brotha has been released in three weeks. He needs about a good year of indepth therapy to get rid of that ish. But I guess everybody has a price. Of course the people at the rehab was bought for the right price, that’s why he was released so soon. Now we see him chillin with his main boo thang Karrueche at a restaurant since his first boo thang Rihanna is too busy going home with Drake. Once Chris sees the pics of them kicking it at his concert I guarantee you he will be back into rehab. Karrueche, duck!

Nicki Minaj as Lucifer

Last season of American Idol was a damn tragedy. Even my ass had to stop watching and you know I love drama and celebrity foolery but the ish was down right ugly. Mariah Carey spoke to Angie Martinez about it and said working at American Idol with Nicki was like working with Satan. If that isn’t the worst comparison I’ve ever heard-damn! The little I saw, I can agree with Mariah even tho I don’t care for Mariah either. Nicki let all that ish that’s been shot in her butt cheeks go to her head.

Watch Out Girl He Crazy

Somebody should have told Lil Kim that same thing before she dealt with this clown. How she came out of this one is beyond me. Her ex Damien ‘World’ Hardy has been ordered to take anti-psychotic drugs in order to stand trial for the murders of six people. Lil Kim really loves them thugs. Now I see why she went and got all of that plastic surgery done, so he wouldn’t find her and make her victim number seven.

Before I go I want to give a quick congrats to Necole Bitchie for receiving the Blogger of the Year Award from The Black Weblog Awards. I’ve read her story and thinks she is aspiring. I love what she said, “99% is the same as 0. If you are going to do 90 you might as well stay home!” Nuff said.

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Anger Management

I strongly believed his mama had a tiny bit in getting her son Chris Brown into anger management rehab and the other 98% had something to do with the chance that he might be serving a four year stint. Either way it was about damn time he got his ass up in there. Oh what is poor Koochie Tran and Rihanna going to do while their boo is getting help?

Is An Apology Enough

Barney’s is trying their hardest to keep Jay Z from bowing out on the clothing deal they have together. They even issued a heartfelt apology to Mr. Carter for allowing the claims overshadow the foundation that will benefit from the November launch of the clothing line. There have been petitions started in the hopes of getting the rapper’s attention and making him stop the launch. However Jay made it clear he wasn’t backing down without getting the whole story because doing so would put him in the same category as the racists. He also said the kids who will get their education paid for would suffer if he cut out on the deal.

Really? Is that your defense Mr. Knowles? Your pockets are bottomless, just give the money to your foundation. Jay had no problem dissing Crystal and Tommy Kill-a-Nigger, what makes Barneys so different? Didn’t think I’d remember that huh? We don’t believe you, we need more people!

First Comes Luv, Then Comes Marriage

Then comes a baby in Kerry Washington’s carriage. Congrats are definitely in order for the Scandelous star Kerry. Her and her husband just announced they are expecting their first child together. Go ‘head girl!

Ms Tina Got Her Groove Back

Tina Knowles got rid of that extra baggage called an ex-husband and got her damn groove back. And for the first time I have seen Tina smile. Her and her actor boo Richard Lawson stepped out for the first time at a recent red carpet event. Although he could pass for Al Sharpton’s brother they make a cute couple. Look at her now Mathew she getting over you!

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