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The Daily Ish!

Kill A Black Teen And Make Six Figures Soon After When you shoot and kill an unarmed Black teenager, you can expect the racists of America to crack their piggy banks open and reward you a six-figure sum. Over the weekend, Darren Wilson’s supporters gathered for a rally, and sadly, they had much to celebrate now that it’s […]

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Nine Lives Suge Knight has nine lives. That is the only explanation I can come up with as to why this brotha keeps getting shot at repeatedly and then living through it all. The day before the VMAs were to go down Chris Brown threw a pre-VMA party at a club. The party was interrupted […]

The Daily Ish!

Rev. Al Sharpton Rouses Crowd With Fiery Speech at Michael Brown’s Funeral Aug 25, 2014 By The Associated Press ST. LOUIS (AP) — Hundreds of people lined up in sweltering heat Monday to say goodbye to Michael Brown, the 18-year-old shot and killed earlier this month in a confrontation with a police officer that fueled […]

Daily Ish - Has Been Edition

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures Mona Scott Young is pretty desperate for high numbers for Love & Hip Hop LA. Of all the celebrities out there she decided to add Soulja Boy to the cast. All he is going to do is ruin it more. Only thing he should be a part of is a Proactiv […]

The Daily Ish!

Snatchin’ Weaves – Robbers Make Off With More Hair In Texas Houston, we have a problem. For the second time, brazen thieves have heisted hair from Sense Beauty Supply, a Houston beauty supply store. The robbers used a vehicle to break through a wall in the store, then stole what Houston’s KHO-TV describes as several […]

The Daily Ish!

Fourth Graders Arrested For Poisoning Teacher’s Water It’s the end of the school year so cue the pranks! Two Brooklyn fourth graders were arrested for allegedly slipping rat poison in their teacher’s water. Police are reporting that she noticed a bout of nausea after she drank the water. CBS New York reports: The teacher went to police […]

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Leanne Brown shares the secret to eating well while on the budget! with special features Nikki Parish, Jonah Rocks and Mike O the word assassin!                                                             […]