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The Literary Dish: Really Rashida celebrates Five Years of Success!

Entertainment writer  Rashida williams BKA. Really Rashida (pen name) is going on  tour to celebrate  her success  as an Author, and blogger. 2014, has been a significant  year for Rashida. Her beloved blog  Really Rashida online just turned  five years old,  she signed to Jaded publications, and her latest  novel Club Nirvana 3  has peaked  to […]

The Daily Ish!

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence On Michael Brown, Ferguson Unrest Your browser does not support iframes. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton broke nearly three weeks of silence Thursday on the fatal police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old in Missouri, saying his death and the violent protests that followed resulted from frayed bonds of trust […]

The Daily Ish!

Kill A Black Teen And Make Six Figures Soon After When you shoot and kill an unarmed Black teenager, you can expect the racists of America to crack their piggy banks open and reward you a six-figure sum. Over the weekend, Darren Wilson’s supporters gathered for a rally, and sadly, they had much to celebrate now that it’s […]

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Disappearing Act Didn’t know Tamar Braxton was also a magician but after the series premiere of The Braxtons we all know it. She loves attention, that we also know but I don’t think she planned for this stunt. Tamar’s hairline, or lack thereof one was seriously looking like LeBron James’ hairline that he poorly attempts […]

No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is- Love Burn Out- Afraid To Love Part 2- Friends First 2

  Lately, I have been seeing and hearing from friends and on social media, people are afraid to love.  I discussed this subject a few weeks ago in my blog- Love Burn Out- Afraid to Love         Today I want to delve deeper. Many of you, including myself have been hurt in […]

The Daily Ish!


Daily Ish

Nine Lives Suge Knight has nine lives. That is the only explanation I can come up with as to why this brotha keeps getting shot at repeatedly and then living through it all. The day before the VMAs were to go down Chris Brown threw a pre-VMA party at a club. The party was interrupted […]

The Daily Ish!

Rev. Al Sharpton Rouses Crowd With Fiery Speech at Michael Brown’s Funeral Aug 25, 2014 By The Associated Press ST. LOUIS (AP) — Hundreds of people lined up in sweltering heat Monday to say goodbye to Michael Brown, the 18-year-old shot and killed earlier this month in a confrontation with a police officer that fueled […]

The Daily Ish!

Who Was Michael Brown? FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Michael Brown Jr. was on the verge of starting college, eager to launch himself into the adult world. Instead, on Monday he’ll be mourned at his funeral, more than two weeks after his fatal shooting by a white police officer— an act that ignited days of violent protests and reawakened […]

Suge Knight Shot 6 Times At chris Brown’s pre-VMA Party This Morning!

  According to CNN, things turned violent at a party Chris Brown was throwing when 3 people were shot, 1 of which was the infamous Suge Knight, who was shot 6 times. Former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight was among the wounded, a sheriff’s deputy confirmed. The suspect remains unknown, but the victims include a […]

No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is- New Movie- The Good Lie

                  Many of you may remember hearing the story several years ago about the “Lost Boys” of Sudan who escaped civil war in their country and sought safety in the U.S.  This story of courage and determination has now reached the big screen coming to life in […]

The Literary Dish: Road Dawgz

 The ten year Anniversary edition of Road Dawgz was recently released.  I never read the original  Road Dawgz.  I had  requested the original Road Dawgz from the library.  When I picked it  up. It was   the ten year edition.  I’m not sure if  the original  Road Dawgz  had snippets of  of writing  in it. […]

The Daily Ish!

FINALLY! Tina Knowles Speaks Out On Beyonce, Jay Z Divorce Rumors Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Finally! Someone from the Knowles clan has spoken…it’s just up to you to believe it or not. Tina Knowles was spotted around town and of course TMZ caught up to the uber famous mom and asked her about […]

The Daily Ish!

An Update on the Ferguson Situation: Sharpton to Address Mike Brown’s St. Louis Funeral The funeral for 18-year-old Michael Brown is scheduled for Monday at a church in St. Louis. The Austin A. Layne Mortuary, which is handling arrangements, says the funeral is set for 10 a.m. Monday at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church. Brown’s […]

Nicki Minaj Drops New Vid for “Anaconda”

  Miss Minaj dropped the new video from her new single “Anaconda” yesterday.. Well. 1.  She’s playing off “Baby Got Back” clearly 2.  She isn’t talking about ANYTHING. Just her butt. 3.  Nobody will care what she’s talking about because it’s a borderline porn vid 4.  Drake was NOT ready.  He looked terrified (giggly moment […]

Catching Up: Malcolm Jamal Warner Still Going Strong

We all remember Theo Huxtable from the Cosby Show.  He was the cute, knuckle-headed boy in a sea of opinionated women who managed to grow up unscathed.  Off the camera, Malcolm Jamal Warner is known for his laid back nature, his lack of “Hollywood” attitude, his disdain for the “blinged-out life” that most childhood stars […]

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New Orleans Cop Shoots Man in Head and Doesn’t Report it The shooting and killing of young black men by police officers seems to have now become a sport. According to one report, a black man was shot in the head during a routine traffic stop in Algiers, and the New Orleans Police Department didn’t even […]