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Daily Ish

Shade… So the BET Awards went down last night. Did you watch it? I didn’t but something that was in the media caught my attention. One, as Tiny was walking the red carpet about to do an interview Floyd Mayweather was around. Assuming he wanted to apologize for stepping out of line and calling her […]

Supreme Court’s Ruling About Birth Control: The Breakdown

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of three family-owned businesses Monday, saying they can refuse to pay for certain forms of contraception that they find morally repugnant. But the decision anticipates some of the arguments against letting employers make these decisions. No, it doesn’t mean that employers can suddenly declare that they have religious objections to vaccines, blood transfusions […]

Obama Speaks On Immigration Reform: “I’ll act without congress”

WASHINGTON (AP) — In the face of an unyielding Congress, President Barack Obama said Monday he will no longer wait for Republicans to act on immigration and will move on his own to make policy changes in what has been a top second-term priority of his presidency. Obama said he will refocus immigration enforcement onto […]

The Skinny On Credit Scores And Getting A Copy Of Your Credit Report

  Okay, so I know you’ve seen all those ads/commercials/car litter plastered everywhere about fixing your credit, right? Well, African Americans are the target of a lot of those companies.  We are still suffering terribly as we struggle to get our credit scores together to improve our quality of life. Owing less than five years […]

The Literary Dish

Tyree’s Love Triangle Book Launch Celebration On June 21, Charmaine Calloway celebrated her birthday and the release of her fourth novel, “Tyree’s love Triangle”. Which is  the last installment  of the Secrets  Series.  The remarkable event was held  in the meeting room  of Motts  Library, in Toledo Ohio I arrived a hour  before  the event.  […]

Top 5 Best And Worst Travel Destination Spots For African Americans

It’s summer time!!! (insert Fresh Prince video here) It’s time to take a MUCH needed vacay and chillax (leave me alone, I know that’s old. But anyway.) But where is a girl/guy/group to go with a lovely large dose of melanin? Let’s check out some suggested places to chill, and some to seriously avoid: THE […]

No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is- 2014 BET Awards- My Review!

I woke up this morning with the song “Good Kisser” in my head!  I wonder where that came from? Probably because I was glued to the television last night watching the BET Awards and saw Usher in that Davy Crockett hat! So where do I begin?  Why not start from the top!  Pharrell opened the […]

The Daily Ish!

One Dead, Others Injured at BET Awards Pre-Parties Unfortunately, this news will probably come as no surprise to most. We can only shake our collective heads and be thankful it wasn’t worse. We have reports on two incidents stemming from BET Awards “pre-parties.” The first bit of negative news associated with the BET Experience/Awards weekend […]


  Oooo I KNEW there was more to this case!!! It’s getting messier and messier and I’m getting madder and madder!!! DETROIT — Charlie Bothuell V, missing for days before being found Wednesday, told authorities he was placed in the basement behind boxes and totes by his stepmother and told “not to come out, no […]

See something, Say something or Mind your business?

When is it appropriate to see something & say something? When is it permissible? When is it ok to not mind your business? That’s the question at the forefront of my mind today… We’ve all heard about how it’s advisable to mind your business; to not cross certain boundaries when it comes to infringing on […]

BET Awards: In Case You Missed It-Winners and Performances

  Whew!!!! What a show! From Chris rock going INNNN, to giving out Roscoe’s chicken and waffles, last night was anything but boring. Aside from AWESOME performances (see Chris Brown), there were not only some surprising winners, but dare I say some shade thrown??? Oh yes, honey! Miss Minaj Def wasn’t feeling the crowd chanting […]

30 Minute Meals: D’s Ultimate Rib Rub

In honor of the Fourth of July. I decided to bring our 30 Minute Meal blog back to give you guys some new ideas for the holiday. Though I wouldn’t follow them to a T they may give you some ideas of how to zest up your current recipes or create new and improved ones. […]

Zendaya backs out of “Aaliyah” Biopic

Zendaya has backed out of her starring role in the Lifetime movie about late R&B singer Aaliyah. The 17-year-old Disney Channel star is “no longer involved” in the project, a rep for the actress confirmed to the Daily News Sunday. The news of her departure comes less than two weeks after it was first announced […]

No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is- I HATE Cancer- In Sweet Memory of Catherine L. Birdsall Quinn

                      Today is not going to be my typical blog with fact finding information, advice or entertainment news.  Brace yourselves!  It is about an ugly six letter word.  CANCER and I HATE it! This morning I learned of the passing of a high school classmate, […]

Pecan Peach Cobbler

There’s nothing I love in the summer more than a good old piece of pie with a huge scoop of nice, cool ice ice cream on the side as i sit outside on the deck and watch the lightning bugs fly lazily around the yard.  Here’s a yummy recipe for a delicious cobbler…   Ingredients […]

Alysia Montaño Runs USATF Championships Pregnant!!!

Can you say “Super Mom???” via Alysia Montaño is no stranger at the USATF Outdoor Championships. In fact, she’s won the 800-meter race at the event five times. However last night, the Olympian took to the track carrying a little extra someone. The 28-year-old is 34 weeks pregnant. Though she was 31 seconds off […]

Daily Ish

Pass That Dutch Seriously is there a man shortage I don’t know about? Why are all these musicians/athletes getting passed like a fat blunt? It can’t really be that hard for a pimp! Teyana Taylor posted a pic of her kissing on a mystery man on the beach and now we know who he is. […]

Chicago’s “FAB FIVE”: Boutique Shopping in the City! (FOR THE LADIES)

Hey People! It’s ya girl, Mz. Jae, checking in and updating you on what’s going on in Chicago. Well, here’s the skinny. Fashion has become such a part of our culture that no one wants to look cookie-cutter anymore. We all want the couture look that will send any Fashionista into a frenzy & make […]

The Daily Ish!

Solange Knowles Engaged To 51-Year-Old Alan Ferguson? Beyoncé’s spitfire little sis, songstress Solange Knowles’s, and longtime beau 51-year-old video director Alan Ferguson (pictured) are reportedly getting married, according to Hollywood Life. Solange, who has also garnered a rep for being fashion forward, met Ferguson five years ago, and she admits she approached him. As far as the wide gap in their ages, […]