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The JAE List: 5 Late Night Spots to Grab a bite…other than White Castle.

Hey People! It’s your girl, Mz. Jae, checking in! We’ve all been there. An epic night of partying with your friends, great drinks, great laughter, light canapés, great entertainment and as you walk to your car, you realize that you are hungry. HONGRY… not hungry. A bowl of Frosted Flakes just will not cut it. […]

The Daily Ish!

LeVar Burton Reaches Kickstarter Goal To Bring Back ‘Reading Rainbow’ LOS ANGELES (AP) — LeVar Burton’s fundraising effort to bring “Reading Rainbow” to the online masses is a by-the-book success. The goal of raising $1 million by July 2 was reached within hours of the campaign’s launch Wednesday on Kickstarter, according to the website. More […]

What Do Men Want??

For many years the question has been “WHAT DO MEN WANT?!” Strangely enough the answers vary from a cold beer, to some “head” and even just a mancave for some peace and quiet to watch a game. Ladies, take note: I’m about to tell you what men truly want. If you disagree, feel free to […]

Daily Ish Maya Angelou Style

Yesterday we lost a literary great - Maya Angelou. I was on my lunch break when I heard the news. I know death is inevitable but it still shocked the hell out of me. I can only wish to be a quarter of her greatness. I didn’t write how I felt yesterday because I was […]

Turn the Page Thursdays- JUST LIKE COMPTON

We see the movies by John Singleton (ie: Boyz in the Hood, Higher Learning, etc) but never have we actually taken a look at the issues from the inside out. Kevon Gulley does just that with a gritty tale that is more than life on the streets of Compton, California and less fantasy. Combining a […]

The Daily Ish!

Kaylen Woodard: 6-Year-Old Chicago Boy Saves Friend From Abduction Six-year-old Kaylen Woodard‘s quick thinking and bravery potentially saved the life of his neighbor, 10-year-old Marcy Jones, when the two children were playing outside in their South Side Chicago neighborhood Thursday evening, said Chicago police officers. They were playing about 20 feet from the front doors […]

Daily Ish

Can’t We All Just Get Along? People need to get off their feelings, seriously. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton felt some kind of way when singer/reality star K. Michelle tweeted, How can you be from another country and rap like you from Memphis, TN? But you don’t hear me though. #offended First off she just needed […]

The JAE List: 5 Tips on Backyard Barbecue Etiquette

Hey People! It’s your girl, Mz. Jae, checking in with something a little unorthodox. Most people go through the summer, attending party after party. However, some of “us” really don’t know how to attend a party and not become the next day’s topic of conversation. Here are a few tips to ensure that you won’t […]

The Daily Ish!

BRAWL UPDATE: Mayweather Gives His Side And Apologizes To Tiny For The Disrespect Good grief! You can’t say T.I. doesn’t love his baby boo Tiny!  T.I. went looking to have an Apollo Nida style chit chat with “Pretty Boy Floyd” when everything went wrong…and quickly! Allegedly T.I. was not a fan of some pics he saw of Tiny and Floyd together. […]

What about your friends??

It is said that when you are in a relationship you don’t tell your friends about the trouble you are having. Most of them aren’t pleased with your new life anyway. They like the accessibility that you have to them and don’t want your time taken up by your new mate. God forbid someone does […]

Daily Ish

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is being safe and enjoying themselves. Thank you to all who have and still are serving as well as the ones that sacrificed their lives. I know it’s been a minute since my last post but I had to take care of a family emergency. Now I’m here to […]

The Daily Ish!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. West! Kim & Kanye Finally Tie The Knot In Florence, Italy It’s official: the Hollywood lovebirds are now man and wife! It’s been a long time coming for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West but the two star-crossed lovers finally got married today at the 16th century Belvedere Fort in Florence, Italy as their daughter North West and star-studded guest list looked on. […]

More Than I Can Bear  book release celebration:

On Saturday, May 17th, Blessed selling author, E.N. Joy  had a book celebration. For  “more Than I Can Bear” , which is the second installment  of the  “Always divas  series” The event was held at unique Christian  Bookstore, in Eastland Mall. It was from 2 – 5 . During that time E.N Joy entertain her […]

Your Choice

I find it absolutely hilarious when I hear females complaining about the father of their child (ren) aka the “baby daddy.” I listen in silence at the tirades they go on, about how he doesn’t do anything for the child, how he spends money on everything else and ignores the child etc. My question for […]

The Daily Ish!

Tennessee Brings Back the Electric Chair NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — As the rest of the nation debates the feasibility and humanity of lethal injections against a backdrop of scarce drugs and botched executions, Tennessee has come up with an alternative: the electric chair. Republican Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law Thursday allowing the state […]

Home is Where the Side Chicks Are

    “Cuffin”, “Bunned Up”, “Fuck Buddy”, “Entanglements”, “Situations”, “JumpOffs”, “Sideline Hoe” Those are the terms used in the new millennium that describes the current state of relationships. I mean its really self explanatory and the men and women that condone this believe that’s it’s a way of life. Its Not! Men aren’t supposed to […]

The Literary Dish

The Dayton Book Expo 2014 : The Dayton Book expo, was on May,3,  from 11 – 4. It was held on the campus of Sinclair Community College. In the David. H. Pointz Conference Center. “The inspiration of writing, “Self – publishing  made easy” , and “Power  marketing for  authors” were just a few  of the […]