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Daily Ish

I know you miss your daily ish this past weekend so let me go ahead and give you some ish I just saw this morning. I seriously can’t make this ish up even if I tried and I think I am a decent fiction writer.

Twitter Goes HAM on Khia for Tryin’ to Diss Bey!

Last week I said Khia went in on Queen Bey for whatever reason saying this on Twitter, “Because b*tches like @Beyonce aint checking for her Beyhive until she charges $2000 a ticket to watch her Tootsie roll the same routines.”

Well Twitter has responded. Hell I don’t even have to say any words I’ll let the pics proof how they feel to you – GO!

Pregnant Rasheeda Not Feelin Baby Daddy!

Over the weekend rapper Rasheeda got somewhat testy and with complete understanding at her husband! Apparently he was not answering his phone I guess thinking it was Rasheeda however it was really their child trying to get a hold of him because Captain Kirk was suppose to be picking Ky up. (I wonder did he show?) It is said that she had to go on Instagram to put his ass on blast check this:

And the award for the asshole of a father goes to….drumroll please! Kirk! Speech! Speech! Speech! Oh and to Rasheeda, should have thought about all of this before you got yourself pregnant again! Please let the baby look like you.

All Black Everythang!

You know Kim K. loves black everything – black men, well that’s everything to her and now she has another black thang to add to her likes. No not that you nasties, get your mind out of the gutter! Kanye after the birth of their child North West (still rolling on the ground about that!!!) has proposed to Kim with a black diamond engagement ring! And I guess they are planning on getting married in September in of all places – Paris. I wonder is his boo thang going to be his best man. Now wouldn’t that be the wedding of the year!

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish!

Publicity stunt?

This girl cannot go away, she’s like a damn roach! Lil Wayne’s and every other rapper in the game boo thang has slithered on over to another rapper (well if you want to call him that). Mr. How You Do Dat There Yung Berg has become Karrine Steffans’ next person to use although I don’t quite understand what she could be using him for he only had two hits a century ago. Is it because she wants to make Lil Wayne jealous or is this a publicity stunt for something that is coming out like another book or sex tape? We don’t know and at the end of the day do we really care? She has been posting cutesy pics of her and the rapper kissing, another with them flaunting their matching Cartier bracelets (how the hell either of them afford them I have no clue) and then there is one with her rockin’ his chain with the caption, Got the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain. Boo and bye, Karrine sit down! He’s your son’s age and what are you hottest in besides spreading your legs to anything with a record deal?

Confirmed Fight

It’s official. Floyd Mayweather has announced his next victim…ooops I mean next competitor in a lightmiddleweight unification world title fight (say that ish three times fast).

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez will attempt to take down Floyd and his flawless boxing record. All of it will go down later this year. Even tho Floyd’s a cocky s.o.b. he is an outstanding fighter.

Money ain’t his thang!

Everyone falling short to the tax people or money problems period. Now Jermaine Dupri has fallen short. He is close to losing So So Def due to borrowing close to five mill back in 2010 from SunTrust and paid half of it but then out of nowhere stopped paying. Now the bank is suing him for 2 million. Just this past February he had to shell out $3 million for a tax lien. Now the reason So So Def has a part in this is because he used the copyrights and royalties of his past artists’ songs as collateral for the 4.8 million he borrowed. Smart, real smart! Shouldn’t have dumped Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty she is worth billions; could have borrowed the rest.

Change of heart!

It’s rumored Kanye will attend the over the top baby shower at the end tho but still Kim has to be ecstatic. Watch on Sunday to see if he didn’t change his mind due to the change in the wind or a hang nail!

Peace and luv!

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Daily ish!

Good morning my hustlas and hustl-hers. Need a dose of daily ish, well here you go luvs! Have a beautiful day!

Thou shall not touch the jelly

I always wondered about those moments when artists bond with their fans. Do they get a little touchy and if so what in the hell happens. Beyonce answered that for me. In a recent concert a fan got a little bit touchy and got a response he probably didn’t expect. Overzealous, a fan smacks dat bootylicious ass (could you blame him) and he is lucky he didn’t get pimped smacked. Classy but hood wit it Bey responded with,

“I will have you escorted out right now!”

She said you wasn’t ready, damn learn how to listen!

Speaking of Bey, her and her hubby was in Berlin doing a little shopping in a mall closed down just for them and what was she spotted doing? Sipping on a little champagne. So for people like me who live vicariously thru Bey I am once again proven wrong that my twin (in my head) is pregnant. Booo!

That latina flava is spicy!

Who runs Justin’s world - Selena Gomez. Once again she has taken him back but she got something for that ass this time. With all the seriousness in her spicy little self Selena told Justin,

“If you f— with my emotions too much I will drop you!”

Bammmm! Could he have been running from that threat when he decided to roll around in his neighborhood at over 100 miles per hour on Memorial Day?


And on the runaway note, Pimpstress and her minion Kim traveled to Paris and when wind of it got out to Kanyeezy he dipped out and went to Milan until the godzillas went back home! Could you be more obvious boo? It’s like he is allergic to pregnant women? Or women all together! Something tells me she will be raising this baby alone.

Slow down

No we are not talking about Bobby V. Is Rihanna doing too much? Even though she claims to be happy for the reuniting of Chris and Karreuche behind closed doors she is hurting badly which is understandable. But her friends are thinking she needs an intervention because she is partying all night everyday (no wonder she is late or cancelling altogether!). If this is true please get help mami! A man is not worth it!

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Can’t please everybody

Last night the Billboard Music Awards was on and lets just say there were a quite a few…hmmm, interesting moments - J. Lo’s cookie shot (thank god she waxed), Kid Rock dropping the mic, Prince’s bomb ass performance (that man still got it), Chris Brown’s nicotined singing and dancing like he was Michael Jackson but could someone tell him that no matter how much he copies the King of Pop he will not be able to channel that man back to life and then there was Justin Bieber.

Poor boy. Look I don’t care too much for the boy however I would never boo the kid while he is accepting an award that was given to him by the fans. They were loud too, the rest of the audience tried to out cheer them but they could not. Justin just stood there until they were thru.

It felt like a Kanye/Taylor moment. If that was me I would have spazed the hell out on em, that’s why it is not advisable to make me a celebrity.

A nut samdwich anyone?

Celebrities are always finding ways to connect with their fans. Miguel took the ish to a whole different level. While doing his performance he got carried away and jumped into the crowd. Thank god he is a skinney dude but still….a poor girl got a big whiff of his sacks! It was obvious he drunk some Redbull and thought his ass had wings! My gut was hurting by the time I got done laughing. Chile he should have consulted Prince before attempting that stunt. Backstage he was holding an ice pack to her head. Probably making sure she don’t press charges.

Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass!

It’s been a minute since I dug anything Nicki Minaj did. High School was decent but I want to talk about dat ass (no homo). Am I the only one who thinks that fake ish is disgusting? It looms inhumane, like it is going to pop off and start doing the Wobble or Kid N Play! I want to stick a pin to it and watch her fly around the room from the air deflating. The lap dance? It didn’t even move. It stood still like breast implants. But all these fellas love that. Poor brainwashed.

Should she get $

I know I’m about to have some evil comments on this but it is what it is.

RHOA reality star Porsha is flipping out because her soon to be exhusband Kordell changed all the locks to the house. She attempted to put on her southern belle charm on the judge to make Kordell let her back in or he has to pay her to live in a more suitable aka lavish environment cause as of now she is living with her mommy. Now if I was her mama I would have had to kick her high siddity ass out. I guess her own mama is not good enough even though she raised her.
Porsha you are nothing but a trophy wife who got a taste of some of the high life and got addicted. You didn’t earn that money he has (if he has any) so keep it moving. That is what you get for trying to be apart of that life!


Amber Rose had to sign a contract to not say a damn thang about their relationship so why didn’t Kanye West make his down lo boo thang sign a gag order? I bet you he wish he did now. So last month designer Riccardo Tisci did an interview with Vogue and they asked him what was his most memorable weekend (that’s random as hell). His answer?

“I have several but the one I think immediately is an experience I had with a man who is known. I never imagined that something could happen between us and it’s still the hottest weekend of my life. Nobody really knows if he is gay, it’s a mystery. However I was attracted to him, his way of speaking, thinking, walking, dress. I love what he does as an artist. This weekend both this imtimate moment has only reinforced my attraction to him.”

Damn Kim your cookies turning men gay now?

Uncle Jay

I don’t even remember what I got when I graduated from college, I do know it wasn’t this.

This past weekend WNBA star Skylar Diggins graduated from Univ. Of Notre Dame and had a nice little surprise when she got out. Her agent Jay-Z (yeah you read right) bought his client a snow white fresh ta def Mercedes Benz equipped with a bow. Must be nice. Can he be my agent? Or just adopt my ass!

Peace and luv!

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Your Daily Ish

Missed your dose of daily ish? Well I missed writing it so lets get it in shall we?

Can you blame her?

A week ago Ray J released a new single I Hit It First with the cover art of a blurred Kim Kardashian. Kanyeezy is not the only one who is feeling some kind of way about that song. Big sis isn’t feeling it either.

Brandy made it crystal clear that Ray was wrong for making the song. We don’t know exactly what she said but we do know what Ray J had to say about her being mad, “Brandy is a whole different type of person. She lives in a different kind of world. I’m way more turned up, my lifestyle is way more on the edge.”

Ray J? What Brandy and everyone else is doing is being grown ups. When are you going to do that? I will agree that he does live in a different world. And what lifestyle is he living? What was your last hit? Movie? T.V. show? Moesha? Come on boo go back to serenading Floyd Mayweather with One Wish.

Lil Wayne screaming No Money Baby!

Mr. Wayne and his daddy Birdman love screaming Young Money and making it rain everywhere they go. Now we know why, because they never pay anyone their money! Last November Young Money got five finger slapped with a $2.2 million judgment over a contract they didn’t honor. On top of a great payday for the lawyer who toom them to court he gets an extra $2 million for legal fees. And as usual Lil Wayne has given him nada so David Goldstein is going below the rapper’s sparkly belt and yeast causing jeggings by getting his assets. A $11.6 million crib in La Gorce island type of asset. Oh and a pretty little Bugatti Veyron worth $2 million. That is just to start! Bet he wishes he was still in the hospital.

Messing with the G-code!

Why is it that we lovely sistahs are always competing against each other? I seriously thought we left the childishness in elementary but I guess that is what I get for wishful thinking. Apparently some of us are still attending Simpleton University.

I have Googled this beef and I am just as confused as I was when I started. Maybe one of my readers can enlighten me. Rihanna has been throwing slick shots at Ciara thru any social media outlet she can. Pics mocking Ciara on Instagram or smart ass comments on Twitter asking why no one ever asks about her on the interviews (meaning Ciara).

Where and how did this beef start? Some claim that Rihanna was given a track by a producer who is coincidentally dating Ciara now. But if that is the case why would Rihanna care? Isn’t she on top of the world with her boo thang Chris Breezy? Is she trying to break up another happy home, if that is what it is. Please someone tell cause inquiring minds like me wants to know. All Ciara can say is “She is nuts right now.” Ciara might have a point since nuts is what started this beef.

See yall lovely people hustlas and hustl-hers tomorrow with another helping!

Peace and luv! 

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