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Kenya Speaks to Wendy Williams

Kenya Moore at the Forever Relevant Event with...

Kenya Moore at the Forever Relevant Event with African Pride (Photo credit: The Garner Circle)

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams (Photo credit: pamhule)

So I’m watching Wendy Williams as I usually do, during her hot topics segment Kenya Moore calls in to set the record straight on the eviction issue. Ready to hear what she had to say? Alright….

Kenya claims that she did not show up for the court date because she was not informed so her lawyer is trying to get another date set. She also stated that she had paid for her rent AND that her lease was coming up in three days anyway so she did not understand why in the hell (she didn’t say hell but I had to sprinkle that in) the land lady would trip all of a sudden. She did end up digging deeper into her land lady and found out that she is also sending her ex husband to court to try and get money out of him!

What tripped me out is that the landlady had a key to her crib and would come in and out whenever she pleased. What????!!! Chile… I like to walk around naked. I can imagine if that heifa would come in and see me in my natural form, she would be scarred for life I’m telling you!


Lastly Kenya said she never received a 60 day notice but also said the land lady didn’t like that Kenya was not moving out quick enough. So which is it Kenya?! Did you know you had to move out or not?

Thoughts? Weigh in - GO!

Peace and luv!

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Sony takes aim at Microsoft with it’s PlayStation 4

FILE - In a Feb. 20, 2013, file photo, Andrew House speaks at an event to announce the Sony Playstation 4 in New York. Sony Corp. plans to go into deeper detail at Electronic Entertainment Expo in June in Los Angeles about the system. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, file)


Monday Sony took aim directly at Microsoft by introducing their PlayStation 4. But that’s not all Sony announced that the PlayStation will sell for a mire $399.00 dollars.  $ 100.00 dollars less than the upcoming X-Box one. Sony also announced that it won’t need to be able to play the system. Sony has 170 games in the making for the new upcoming system which is scheduled to be released in the upcoming months. “The gaming landscape is changing with new business models and new ways to play,” said Andrew House, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.


There are no restriction on used games as well as there’s no need to be online to use this system or play one player games. As you know Microsoft was criticized for making users connect online as well as be signed in within 24 hours for the system to fully function. With Sony changing the way the do business & create games, Sony is moving forward in this new era of gaming and creative thinking. Only time will tell if their system will outsell Microsoft  or will Microsoft prove than if you want the best it will cost more. No matter who you choose to support some issues must be addressed.



Is $399.00 dollars to much to pay for a system or is it reasonable. I think it’s too much to pay for a game that doesn’t pay bills, do chores or help out around the house. Money of that nature is a investment. I brought the x-box 360 and liked it but waited till the price dropped. Now days things are too expensive and our children aren’t working for what they want. They don’t deserve a expensive system like this. Most kids don’t do what they are suppose to do. So why treat them with a $400.00 dollars system that will be outdated in roughly a three years. The games are high as hell $40,50,60 dollars for a game is crazy. Who gives a fuck about the special effects it’s not worth paying a arm & leg for it.


The violence in some of these games is uncalled for. These systems are aim at children so they should be appropriate for children. Although they have the restrictions these games show kids how to shoot, smoke, kill, steal & etc. Isn’t anything sacred anymore. These people are making millions if not billions of dollars of these games & machines. Why not make something that’s challenging & stimulates someone’s mind. Everytime you look there’s a shooting game. If we don’t make them accountable then they will continue to make game with no remorse about the after effects it will leave on our community. Also these companies making billions of dollars should be required to invest in education & community development. We have so many starving kids in America, as well as so many kids that can’t afford college . But we as people can afford 400 & 500 dollar game systems but can’t & won’t push our kids to go to college. These big name business come in our community & take our money without giving back. And we sit back and let it happen, shame on you. How many game users ever thought about creating their own game, developing there own system. It’s time to make a difference.

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Who’s the provider, Does it matter?

I heard a very interesting, yet civil discussion today on the radio that I wanted to share…and it got a lot of great feedback from both genders on the issue.


This was the subject topic: Does it matter in your current relationship who’s the provider, from a monetary standpoint?

Men, does it bother you if your wife brings home more change than you do?

Ladies, do you feel that your man needs to be the primary financial provider and bring home more, or does that even matter to you?

The call in responses that came back were way more different then even I would have thought, and far too vast to discuss in this posting… But to continue on with this topic, “What say you?”…What’s your take on whether or not it matters who’s brings home the most? Maybe things are cool now, but you see problems over the horizon because of your income differential or earning potential verses your spouses. What say you?

Is it “your money”, and “his money”, or is it “our money”?

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And The Truth Comes Out…

Before I start I just want to say I am not a journalist! If you want to read a professional journalist’s article then yeah I’m gone need you to go somewhere else. I give the facts AND my 2, 4, and 6 cents, all in that order.

Ok last Monday the premier of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta debut on VH-1. One of the cast members named K. Michelle admitted that she was in a relationship with a hot producer who got her this great record deal but eventually ended up beating her up, mind you while his boys was around leaving her broke and with no representation. If you watched you realized that she did not give any names. I had no clue who it was, of course I was curious but I didn’t really think about it too much until today. Have you heard of Memphitz? He is Toya’s (Lil Wayne’s ex-wife and baby mama) lil’ boo thang. Anywho, he tweets this after watching it:

‘As I was installing the teeth, titties & ass you’re flaunting. I forget to tell you about the growing nose I threw in Pinocchio. Lol @kmichelle I made you – Mr. Gepetto’

Guilty much Mr. Memphitz? She didn’t mention your name at all so why were you responding again? And all the way in Paris? With your wife?

Also you claim you made her you cocky s.o.b.? No you didn’t, God made her. All of those procedures you claimed to have paid for were probably the money she claims you took from her so technically that would mean she paid for those teeth, titties and ass she is now flaunting! Your guilt was all over that tweet. Besides rape, physical abuse is serious accusations so instead of claiming you made her wouldn’t you deny the situation?

I am really wondering how Toya feels about his little response. Did she even know about the alleged incident? Did Lil Wayne, hell the man is around his little girl. As a woman I would hope she would not marry a woman beater; dick shall NEVER be that good and a woman should NEVER be that desperate. I don’t know her personally but going off of her character on that reality show I think she might be a tad bit compliant. It seems as though she is fine with having a man control her and not in the way God intended it to be. I sincerely hope that Toya really is not that way. Think about it, her reality show ended after her marriage to Memphitz. We rarely saw her promote her book. How is her mama doing with that restaurant? Why would you walk away from a show that actually was not negative and hood-rattish? We really knew nothing of her accept that she was Lil Wayne’s ex-wife? Even in an episode when she visited Tiny finally she admitted that they don’t talk anymore. I don’t know, I might be reaching a bit but still….

I would feel some type of way if my husband said something like that and on Twitter no less. What a winner.

Lastly (I promise this is my last point) I read some comments on this story and was thrown for a loop.

‘Do we have proof she did get beat?’

‘He is still hot with those sexy lips!’

‘She probably is lying just to get ratings for that ghetto ass show!’

Coming from someone who has been hit and choked and knowing there were people who thought it was my fault it sucks when people do not take you seriously. It hurts worse when the disbelief comes from your own sistahs. I will believe a woman until proven otherwise. You can’t always tell all of the good things that happen in one’s life. God wants you to tell your truth, to go thru some ish to 1) be an inspiration to others and to 2) deepen your faith in Him. Being abused unfortunately was her truth along with mine and Rihanna and many other women. I hope this sistah gets all the blessings God has awaiting for her. I also hope that any other tribulations she goes thru He will give her strength and wisdom to get thru to the other side. Oh…almost forgot, K. Michelle responded with this:

‘A person’s true colors will always show. Never fight a battle that God already won for you. I’m still standing.’

I’m standing right along with you!

Peace and luv!


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Why You Mad Plastic?

English: Lil' Kim, Actor, Grammy Award winning, American multi-platinum rapper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Where is this girl’s plastic surgeon? He needs to sew her mouth up, stuff it with more plastic or something! This is my Kanye moment where I snatch the mic out of Lil Kim’s hand and call the shit out for what it is.

Supposedly this brainless child found out that Foxxy Brown is about to collaborate with Nicki Minaj and took to Twitter with this:

‘Hot damn ho here we go again. Monkey see monkey do. I heard the haters are joining forces against the Queen LMAO!’

Lil Kim. SMDH! Please don’t flatter yourself, everybody does not make moves based on you! I’m pretty sure (and I will have my people call their people to confirm my hypothesis…pause) they don’t sit in a dark corner plotting to get your plastic nose and lips all worked up! Now I know you haven’t really been in the game for a minute, at least not on a serious level so you might not realize how collabs go now. Hip hop has become a business. People don’t work with people anymore that they admire, it’s all about getting whoever is commercially hot at the moment and guess what Nicki is hot according to sales and radio play. Just stop!

I’m disappointed in her. As I’ve said before Lil Kim has (or had) put a stamp on hip hop. No little girl should be on her mind to the point that all she is speaking or rapping about is this little girl! Nicki M is making nice money while Lil Kim is fuming with dumb PR people whispering in her ear telling her to keep this annoying beef going so she can stay relevant. She will never get that apology she is holding her breath for so the quicker Lil Kim realizes that the sooner she can get back into the studio. Where is that hungry Lil Kim at? That ‘havin niggas OD cause it’s never enough’ Kim? All this Twitter ish is getting ridiculous!

Peace and luv!

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