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This daily ish right here…

I’m a little early with the daily ish today but you will understand in a sec.

All this self hating has to stop, it is getting a tad bit ridiculous. Guess who put their body into the bleaching pool? Are you sitting? Ok…Miss Black Queen, fist all the way up in the air, I am not my hair India Arie! I know….gasp.

Hollywood is an addictive drug I want no part of.

Supposedly the singer has a new album coming out and the first single to it will be called Cocoa Brown. She took this picture as the cover art to the new single but has taken some serious heat for it ever since. India told TMZ that the reason it looks that way is because the camera angle makes her appear lighter. I’ll give you a moment to laugh it out.

Ok, you good? Alright. These bleaching buddy sistahs need to fire their PR person because that is too much. She did not just pop up on the scene yesterday and nor were we born yesterday. All the videos that she has done in the past how come none of them caught her in bad lighting? On Twitter she responded with ‘The glow you see IS magnificent.


Chile please!

She also went on to say the song is a representation of black women. Now that I will agree with her with only because if you look at a lot of black women they have hopped up on that bleaching train so technically she is representing us. (Now you know I don’t believe that right?) Who is next? Lauryn Hill? Michelle Obama? Kelly Rowland, I hear she is about to have an album drop. I’m surprised Bey haven’t put her on to it yet?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again - it is one thing to enhance your beauty and another to enhance your self hatred.

And the beef goes on!

First he denounces the beef with Drake, then he denies Rihanna, now Chris Breezy restarts the beef he had with Drake?

‘Dearly departed, I bought a plane I departed/And if you started from the bottom/go on and come out the closet.’

Is Chris suppose to be hood now? Smoking Newports and causing fights on top of beating bishes down is this the new Chris? This is the same cat that came out on the R&B scene at 16 sounding like he haven’t went through puberty yet. Why is he still mad at Drake anyway? Is it because of Rihanna? The same Rihanna he denied yesterday on a radio interview? Maybe it’s the the tight pants these dudes are wearing now that are making them act like girls but whatever it is get it together!

How do you feel about the continued beef? Or how the hell do you feel about India Arie’s uh…transformation? New look? New light skin or whatever that is?

Peace and luv from your girl Talia!

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Why You Mad Plastic?

English: Lil' Kim, Actor, Grammy Award winning, American multi-platinum rapper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Where is this girl’s plastic surgeon? He needs to sew her mouth up, stuff it with more plastic or something! This is my Kanye moment where I snatch the mic out of Lil Kim’s hand and call the shit out for what it is.

Supposedly this brainless child found out that Foxxy Brown is about to collaborate with Nicki Minaj and took to Twitter with this:

‘Hot damn ho here we go again. Monkey see monkey do. I heard the haters are joining forces against the Queen LMAO!’

Lil Kim. SMDH! Please don’t flatter yourself, everybody does not make moves based on you! I’m pretty sure (and I will have my people call their people to confirm my hypothesis…pause) they don’t sit in a dark corner plotting to get your plastic nose and lips all worked up! Now I know you haven’t really been in the game for a minute, at least not on a serious level so you might not realize how collabs go now. Hip hop has become a business. People don’t work with people anymore that they admire, it’s all about getting whoever is commercially hot at the moment and guess what Nicki is hot according to sales and radio play. Just stop!

I’m disappointed in her. As I’ve said before Lil Kim has (or had) put a stamp on hip hop. No little girl should be on her mind to the point that all she is speaking or rapping about is this little girl! Nicki M is making nice money while Lil Kim is fuming with dumb PR people whispering in her ear telling her to keep this annoying beef going so she can stay relevant. She will never get that apology she is holding her breath for so the quicker Lil Kim realizes that the sooner she can get back into the studio. Where is that hungry Lil Kim at? That ‘havin niggas OD cause it’s never enough’ Kim? All this Twitter ish is getting ridiculous!

Peace and luv!

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Azealia Who? Go Sit Down Somewhere!

Azealia Banks (Photo credit: pamhule)


What happened to talent? Did it die when the legendary Whitney Houston died? Is it posted up in a jail cell that Lil Kim resided in? Maybe it is hiding under a rock somewhere too embarrassed to show itself since no one knows what to do with it anymore. If anybody knows where it is at I’d appreciate it if you can return it back to its rightful owner. Please.

I never understood how newbies in the rap game could start a beef with other artists when they themselves have not established a strong platform or an album for that matter. For a good minute up and coming wanna-be rap artist Azealia Banks have been spewing out empty cracks and talking out both sides of her neck about why she should be on top and all of the female artists should bow down to her. In my best Janet Jackson voice, what have you done for hip hop lately?

This unknown got pretty upset when white female emcee Iggy Azalea got on the cover of XXL for the freshman class issue; by the way she is the first female to do that. She also got into it with the King of the South T.I. for signing Iggy to his label. Now Azealia is attempting to remain relevant by starting a beef with Lil. Kim.

Allegedly Azealia requested Lil Kim to drop a verse on a song for her upcoming album; she even wrote the lyrics so Lil Kim wouldn’t have to strain her brain and plus a little birdie told her Lil Kim doesn’t write her own ish (uuuuhhhhh, shocking!) Lil Kim got offended supposedly and declined the offer. Azealia took to Twitter about the situation blasting the legend then stupidly admitting to her lack of authenticity by saying she will continue to copy Lil Kim’s style and deny her credit where it is due.

First of all why would anyone admit to copying another artist whole persona? How do she expect to make a name for herself? Or how do she even expect to be taken seriously in the rap game? About a week ago I finally checked her out on YouTube and I was highly disappointed. My stomach and head began to hurt after listening to a few of her tracks. This girl needs to do some serious soul searching because her lyrics are garbage. I’m slowly understanding why she was not on that cover, she is no where near any of their level. Hyping up an imaginary beef with another female emcee is her only hope of being somewhat relevant. Lil Kim only responded with a little chuckle on Twitter. If this little girl spend as much time as she does starting ish on an album she might have a chance at a lucrative career. But why beef with Lil Kim? She’s been pulling bad music since she got out of prison proving that talent was left in the cell and needs to have a release date soon. I would think she would go hard against Nicki Minaj since that is who is commercially hot right now. Wait…hearing her lyrics made me realize she is not that smart.

So going back to my original question, what happened to talent? Does it exist anymore? Why do female rappers feel compelled to compete with each other anyway? By now I would think people would realize that it’s enough room for all of you. Little girl (Azealia) please go sit down and allow real female hustlas to do damage to the rap game. You really need to go back to the drawing board and rethink those bubble gum rhymes and bad imitations of personalities you attempt to pull off. Thankfully Iggy is not with entertaining this gnat; she trying to make that money and live her dream. Take notes Azealia and quit your day job of hatin and throwing tantrums.

Peace and luv!

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