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A Tribute To My Mom

A Tribute To My Mom

By: JL McCollum

Damn, where do you start when it comes to talking about Mom? I know I’ve always viewed “my mom” as the absolute, hands down, BEST mother in the world! …as I’m sure, many of you feel the same. She made the best fried chicken on the planet (sound familiar?), the best meatloaf, the best spaghetti, the best whatever! …Ya’ll know what I’m talking about. Nobody, but nobody did it like mom did.

Well I lost mine 5 years ago, after 76 years of her being there (well 46 for me at the time, 76 for her)…and I miss her dearly! …Not just on Mother’s Day but EVERYDAY! …but Mother’s Day is a hard one for me. I think about her calmness, her compassion, her grace, and her will to not allow the streets of Harlem NYC, growing up in the 1960’s/70’s put me on a negative path that was prevalent and abundantly available waiting to pull me in during that time period. Some made it out, some didn’t, but fortunately I did!

If I tried to write down (and for that fact even remember), all the great things my mother did for me “unconditionally” over my lifetime, even as an adult, this post would go on for days! As I said, I miss her dearly! So I guess I’m just writing this post to say out LOUD…DON’T FORGET MOM! SHE NEVER FORGETS YOU!!!

I Love You Mom! …Continue to rest in peace…and tell Dad I said what’s up.

Idelle Elizabeth McCollum / 1932-2008

                    REST IN PEACE

Your experience with your Mom may be the same, or it may be entirely different. Please feel free to share your story…Comments are open. God Bless.


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Hey Mamma???

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