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No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is- Toronto Music Artists On The Come Up- First Drake- Now Meet- Jay Evans!

They say music is universal, crossing all boundaries and borders!  And across the border from me, Toronto music artists are making a name for themselves! Platinum recording artist Drake is from Toronto and now a fellow Canadian artist, Jay Evans is making his way on the music scene!

Jay was born in Toronto but at the age of 3 his mother moved their family to Los Angeles, California.  His mother was a singer and songwriter, who worked with the legendary, Quincy Jones.  Jay returned to Toronto to pursue his musical dreams.

Not only is he a talented R&B singer, hip-hop artist, songwriter and producer, Jay Evans also gives back to the Toronto community by speaking to and mentoring the youth.



I had the opportunity to ask this up and coming artist some questions about how he got started in the music biz and what are his views about Canadian and American artists.

No Nonsense:          When did you discover that you had musical talent?

Jay Evans:                I knew I had a talent from the age of 7,  however, being a shy kid, it took my mother hearing me at the age of 9 for me to fully realize it.  Then I started singing with bands in Detroit at the age of 14.

No Nonsense:          After living in California, where many artists go to pursue their careers, why did you return to Toronto?

Jay Evans:                I returned to Toronto to study more on the roots of reggae and different cultures, as well as, to master my skills on sound engineering and producing.

No Nonsense:          Who were your musical inspirations growing up and what artists do you admire now?

Jay Evans:                My mother was my musical inspiration growing up, as well as R. Kelly, Babyface, and Usher.  Today I admire, Drake, The Weeknd and Ne-Yo.


No Nonsense:          Do you think there is a difference between American artists and Canadian artists?

Jay Evans:                No, because there are artists in the same genre of music in both countries only difference is the slang that is used in music.

No Nonsense:           Do you think it’s harder for Canadian artists to get discovered?

Jay Evans:                Yes, for the reason being A&R’s do not look much to Canada for artists or songwriters, however, this is now starting to change.

No Nonsense:          What are your feelings about Drake?  Since he is a Canadian artist also, do you feel any pressure to become the next big star from Canada?

Jay Evans:                Drake is an amazing and talented artist whom marketed himself very well.  I do not feel pressure because I realize my own talent as well.  I do music for the love of it, and not to compete with other artists.  In plain words “I do me.”

No Nonsense:          What artists have you worked with and who would you like to work with?

Jay Evans:                I have worked with the late Stacks Bundles featuring Money Marlo.  I have opened up for Ginuwine, Bobby Valentino, reggae artist Shaggy and Beenie Man, just to name a few.  I would like to collab with Drake and The Weeknd, 2 Chainz and Future.

No Nonsense:          Do you think artists should be considered role models and do you give back to the community?  If so, how?

Jay Evans:                Yes, being an artist you are viewed as a role model, many young kids and upcoming artists look to you and watch how you make it.  Therefore, conducting yourself in means which youth can look up to you is a responsibility.  I give back to the community in many ways and one way is speaking to the youth of Big Brothers and Sisters and the youth in schools.  I speak on how their education is very important for their future as well as the circle of friends they keep.  I am also now involved with Kerry Lee Crawford, radio host of G98.7FM, with his project called “Tha Love Project” bringing love back into the community by helping those realize we are better together rather than apart and that love is a choice and decision.  I also take the time out to answer any questions that fans may have for me regarding music and my experiences that may be asked on social media.

No Nonsense:          What advice would you give upcoming artists?

Jay Evans:                If you stick with your dream it will happen, as well as, stay humble.

No Nonsense:          What are your upcoming projects?

Jay Evans:                I debuted my new single, Wait For You, on live television on December 30, 2013 on CHCH Morning Live in Canada.  My album is set to be released in April 2014.

No Nonsense:          What motivates you to keep going in the music business?

Jay Evans:                What motivates me to keep going is my love for music.


Check out Jay’s single, “I’m Gone”

Here is his new release, “Wait For You”


You can follow Jay on:

Twitter:                             @jayevansmusic

Facebook:                        Jay Evans Official

For Booking Info:              [email protected]


Written By:

Cynthia Rogers

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Friday is here

Hello peeps and peepettes..lol Friday is finally here….so let’s give you some music to get you going.

A$AP Rocky has a new video ft Rihanna as the lead girl and while I’m not a big fan of his..the chemistry in the video was cute to say the least. Check it out.


Rico Love has a new song that’s been getting some air play on the radio and I found a video for it called, They Don’t Know. Kinda dope see if you are feelin’ it. The video is weird though.

Marques Houston is trying to make a comeback..did you here he is going to be touring with Immature, Dru Hill and Next….not sure I’d wanna see that unless they add more people to it. Anyway here is the video for his song , Give your love a try,

For my grown folx who enjoy good RNB, Ledisi has a new song called, I Blame You, I love her..

Ok thats all not gonna keep you too long..because its nice out and you should be off the computer enjoying the weather…until Monday….have a good one and be blessed.

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Musical Thursday

Happy Thursday to ya…here some new music  to vibe to.

SOLO I mean Solange, Beyonce’s little sister, has a new song and video out if anyone cares called, LOVERS IN THE PARKING LOT, kind of dope. Check it out. It reminds me of the old school videos back in the day. I don’t care for those wack dances she is doing but hey to each her own..lol Tina Knowles gave birth to some talented girls.

The next video comes from J. Cole. It’s his song “Crooked Smile”, this video is so heart wrenching. It’s dedicated to the little girl Aiyana Stanley-Jones who was shot and killed in Detroit 05/16/2010,during a drug raid. My heart goes out to her family who I’m sure is still feeling the loss.

Half a dollar, I mean 50 Cent..lol is out with a new song and video called, NY. Peep it for yourself. I’m not a 50 fan so I can’t get into it.

Keeping it short but sweet! Enjoy the day!




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Monday Music

Hey guys…..now that the weekend is over and done and everyone is back to work,or school how about some music to get you through the rest of your day.

Over the weekend John Legend married his beautiful girlfriend, Chrissy Teigen, and he dedicated a song from his new album to her called, All of Me. I can see this being played for alot of weddings. Check it out.

For you rap fans Rick Ross is releasing a new album tomorrow and here is a video from that new album called, Oil Money Gang.

Here is the video for the song that had folx thinking DJ Khaled wanted Nicki Minaj for himself as a wife. It”s called, I Wanna Be With U, Ft Future, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross.

Keeping along the lines of rap, 2Chainz just released his new album last week B.O.A.T.S, here is a song from the album called, Where u Been ft Cap.1 (whoever that is..lol) Check it out

If anyone cares Eddie Murphy…yes I said Eddie Murphy has a new video with Snoop Dogg Lion called, Red light. Press play and see if you can feel it. I personally say Eddie should make another dang movie and stay out the studio, but that’s just my opinion..lol.

That’s all for today stay tuned tomorrow for new album releases!!!!


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It’s Friday

The weekend is just about here……is it me or are the weeks flying by? Summer is almost over good grief…

I know I posted the audio version of this before, but here is the visual for, Jaheim’s, Age Ain’t a Factor, he uses Lisa Raye, Vivica Fox and Cynthia Bailey as video models and they fit the song perfectly being that they are all over 40 and still looking fierce.

This next video is by Wale ft Sam Dew..”LoveHate Thing”.

Did you know Diddy’s concubine, girlfriend, Cassie had a new song out? It’s called Numb and it’s featuring Rick Ross..check it out see if you are feeling it.

This new guy, Schoolboy Q has a song called, “Collard Greens”, ft Kendrick Lamar. I am all about the beat behind the music and when I heard this beat I thought wow thats HOT…check it out and see what I mean.

I finally saw the video for Lil Wayne’s God Bless America and it is really a deep song if you listen to the lyrics. Check it out!

Well that’s all I have for now..I hope your weekend is safe and enjoyable….Peace, love and blessings.



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