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The First Three - Where it all started

Urban Image Magazine was first launched back in January 2011. We produced our first 3 magazines during the first half of that year, then ran into some problems. At that time, we did not have author’s (bloggers) who were committed to our vision, and subsequently our magazine suffered. We spent the next 2 years in limbo for a variety of reasons. In early 2013, we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, hired a whole new management team, and went about finding quality writers that were committed to helping take Urban Image Magazine to the next level. You see, to us this is more than just a few magazines and a website. It’s more than just a vision, it has literally become a movement!

Now with our dedicated staff in place, in 2013 we plan on taking Urban Image Magazine to all new heights. To explore new ideas, and bring to you quality publications that we can be proud of. This is a new day, a new year, and we don’t plan on stopping now!



Check out our debut, Urban Image Magazine Vol #1

Did you miss our Vol #2 release? Check it out now!

Urban Image Magazine Featuring K’wan - Vol 3

Check out what we call our “Comeback” issue, after taking a step back for a while - Vol 4

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