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Daily Ish

I had to come out of my hustlin’ to get a 9-5 (which I finally got by the way) to write about some of tge fuckery going on. So here I go…

You Mad Huh?

Ciara really not feeling the media especially ghetto blogs. What is that suppose to mean or whom was she speaking to is beyond me but whoever it is has gotten her real pissed. Recently the sometime singer showed off an engagement ring given to her by her auto-tuned boyfriend Future (now don’t get him twisted with TPain although he could be his illegitimate son). Shortly after rumors popped off that she was already spawning his child which explains the engagement. I know what you’re thinking, well he has 3 other baby mammas what makes Ciara so damn special? She’s a celebrity that’s why. A lukewarm one but a celebrity nonetheless. She not only got slammed for getting engaged with this lil boy with 3 different baby mammas but for also getting pregnant. What threw Ciara in a tizzy was the flack she got for taking a pic with 2 of the baby mammas at his concert with the caption #family. What the what?!

Now I’ve been civilized with my baby daddy’s wifey but to put her in the same category as family? Nah I’m good. That was reaching Ciara. Stop trying to get in good, he is not even a good catch. I’ll give this ratchetness a year then she will really be taking pics with the rest the baby mammas, for court purposes….just sayin.

Love & Hip Hop

I guess I should expect anything from Erica Mena but after watching the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop I realized she could still surprise me. When did she become a lesbian? Was anyone else confused when she was talking with Rich Dollaz? Speaking of, he had to be terrible in bed if this chic turned to picochu. Damn that had to make a brotha sick.

Will It Ever Happen?

So Mr. Jones can get Chrissy’s face tatted on his arm, under the words Money Over Bitches, but he can’t marry her? Have you seen the show? All it’s about is arguing over getting married. Now she has convinced herself that she doesn’t want to get married now because they have to sort some shit out. Who she trying to convince us or herself? Let me save you some time Chrissy. You have a better chance at getting married and impregnated by his mama than Jim Jones. I know I’m not the only one. Sound off.

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

As we all know Chris Brown has gotten his high yellow behind arrested, no surprise there however what is a surprise is who was there to support him in court today. No it wasn’t Rihanna. It was his mama who probably was there to get first dibs on whooping his ass for acting a fool and also Trey Songz. What the hell was he doing there?

Now the reason for the brawl was because two gay men tried to get on his tour bus and Chris wasn’t having it. But isn’t it odd that Chris keeps getting into it with gay men? Frank Ocean. Drake. And now these two. Maybe what really went down is Chris wanted a lil creep, creep and the men didn’t want to be with Breezy so he fights them. Just sayin.

Put a Ring On It

Well Ciara has made an honest man out of ugly ass Future. Damn did I say that? Anywhoo, rapper Future finally put a ring on Ciara’s finger. Congrars to you just don’t have a baby with the kid.

Sucka For Relevancy

I like Benzino I really do, he seems like a cool person to chill with but he is old as hell and I think he needs to sit down somewhere. Since he obviously has trouble with finding love he has decided to take a page out of Flava Flav’s book and do a show called Sucka For Love on VH1. It’s set to air in the spring of 2014 and your boy Stevie J and Joseline are set to be the executive producers. All hell is about to break loose. Will you tune in?

Rumored Love & Hip Hop

Love & Hip Hop is trying to be universal. I heard it’s going to Australia. But lets focus on the alledged crew over here. These are not official but damnit it would be kind of interesting if it was true. Karrucheche Tran, Miss Joie (Bow Wow’s baby mama), Tyga and Christina Milian’a boo Jas Prince. What do you think? Love & Hip Hop is set to be in LA and if that is the case it is rumored that Ray J will have a hand in producing it. Hmmm…

Bitch Please

K. Michelle can sang but how do we know that if every time we turn around she is beefin with someone? The most recent is with her costar Erica Mena and for what I have no clue, Erica seems so damn irrelevant but she got K. Michelle dipping and diving into seclusion while in New York. K. Michelle, I’m gone need you to take a long seat down somewhere with all these petty beefs you’re conjuring up every other day, real shit.

Peace and luv!

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It’s Friday…!!!

SOOO happy it’s Friday finally….

I got a new song for you from Ciara called Overdose…..its an okay song, but I’m more interested in the cover of her and Future…SEXY SEXY….oh check out the song below..lol

R.Kelly has a new song with no album out,but he can do that because he been in the game forever, forever ever, forever ever …lol. Reminds me of something Prince would do.

Miguel is definitely having a good year. He has a new single called, Let”s Can’t Sleep Together. I’m kind of feeling it.

Chrisette Michele has a new joint called, Love Won’t Leave Me Out. She is definitely bringing that old school feel back to music.

Well that’s all folx..enjoy the weekend…be safe…be blessed!!!!!

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Monday Music

Hey guys…..now that the weekend is over and done and everyone is back to work,or school how about some music to get you through the rest of your day.

Over the weekend John Legend married his beautiful girlfriend, Chrissy Teigen, and he dedicated a song from his new album to her called, All of Me. I can see this being played for alot of weddings. Check it out.

For you rap fans Rick Ross is releasing a new album tomorrow and here is a video from that new album called, Oil Money Gang.

Here is the video for the song that had folx thinking DJ Khaled wanted Nicki Minaj for himself as a wife. It”s called, I Wanna Be With U, Ft Future, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross.

Keeping along the lines of rap, 2Chainz just released his new album last week B.O.A.T.S, here is a song from the album called, Where u Been ft Cap.1 (whoever that is..lol) Check it out

If anyone cares Eddie Murphy…yes I said Eddie Murphy has a new video with Snoop Dogg Lion called, Red light. Press play and see if you can feel it. I personally say Eddie should make another dang movie and stay out the studio, but that’s just my opinion..lol.

That’s all for today stay tuned tomorrow for new album releases!!!!


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And is it the pain of not finding peace, solutions to problems of living life at a standard you can stand, being with yourself or being 2% of Romney’s 47%, labeled unemployed and collecting unemployment? Non-productive you say, but all your life you’ve worked hard, played hard enough to appreciate ballers in this camp. Although, your presence with them was short lived. You’ve written about the façade of their hearts and dreamed of their wealth sleeplessly. Now, you’re sleeping on your skills, studying your words instead of God’s and sending yourself on a quest to beg some laureate for validation (an action you’ve considered as a form of S&M). Yet, you feel you need someone with literary creds, some university professor, Pulitzer prize or any literary award winner to tell you what you want to hear.  Looking for them to make your hair grow on the back end of your thoughts and e-turning the pages of your life.  You’re convinced it will take a renowned author to carry your work to a preverbal throne that won’t flush.  Can’t flush away any of your ideas or written works you’ve bled onto your iPad, the only sanitary napkin that can hold your soul’s blood stains and shared on other napkins. You wipe away the baited breath from your mouth, trying to hide thoughts of it being over, the end of crying out to validate what you’ve done, but its done, it’s out there. You’ve prostrated before all to see, naked in your right mind.  And now the search is over, too tired of being scared to hear you’re good enough. So you bleed on a street corner. You tell your stories and sell shit out of a trunk, because you know and believe every now and then, the blood will clot. You’ve come to an understanding that your muse is your faith. You can do this! You’re good, even great and not because your words have walked up and down harlem Streets, serengeti Plains in montclair, ave A, or a voice originating out of the boogie Down, but because someone and someone else and another somebody listened and Sally Field-ed you. So you write the book with performance pieces; you write like a motherfucker! And no other can do what you do.  As long as you’re still unsatisfied, just to keep from going crazy like Maxwell, you wanna throw a fist full of tears but they be tears of joy.  Cause with or without the critics, the prizes or recognition, you can write! And someone, somewhere and some more somebodies will feel like you can make it reign.


(Note: caps left out of locations—part of my signature)




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