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What’s happening in Georgia.

In Decatur Ga. A woman is convicted of perjury in husband’s death. The Ga woman accused of lying to investigators about the death of her husband was convicted of perjury and several other counts on Monday. Andrea Sneiderman’s husband Rusty Sneiderman was shot in November 2010 outside a suburban Atlanta preschool. Her former boss Henry Newman was convicted in March 2012 but was found mentally ill. Prosecutors accused Sneiderman of lying to police investigating her husbands death and lying under oath during Newman’s trail. The 13 count indictment included charges of making false statements hindering an investigation an perjury. Sneiderman 37 of Decatur was arrested last August after prosecutors accused her of helping to orchestrate the killing of her husband. Fort Gordon simulator prepares soldiers for Humvee rollovers. Twice a month soldiers are asked questions after experiencing the disorienting effects of the Humvee Egress Assistance Trainer. A stationary vehicle that is shaped like the M1114- up armored Humvee. But with a cylinder going through it’s frame that allows it to be rotated from side to side and upside down. It’s best known in the Army as “Heat”. The $250,000 model- 53 of which are in operation at Army posts and Marine Corps bases world wide was designed by the Defense Department in 2005 after US troops saw a singificant increase in fatal Humvee rollover crashes according to a 2012 report by the American Society of Safety Enginers. Jury selection begins in toddler’s murder trail. Marietta Ga. prosecutors and lawyers defending a teen accused of shooting to death a toddler in a stroller began the process of picking a jury. The 12- member jurors will decide whether De’Marquise Elkins is guilty of murder, aggravated assault, attempted robbery and cruelty to children. His Mother Karimah A Elkins is also on trail for evidence tampering and giving false information. De’Marquise Elkins is accused of the March death of 13 month old Antonio Angel Santiago on Brunswick street, while his Mother Sherry West pushed his stroller. The case was moved to Cobb County Superor Court because of the level of News coverage. Out of 45 jurors 11 said they heard something about the case. The Cobb County residents making up the pool of  prospective jurors including 27 women and 8 minorities including a Pastor, a pregnant woman, and several with children younger than 2 years old. From yours truly Black Rose.

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Court Clerk fired for helping wrongfully accused.

After working 34 years as a court clerk in Kansas City, Sharon Snyder was fired in June for giving Robert Nelson a public document that showed him how to properly seek DNA tests, a move that eventually led to his release from prison three decades after being wrongfully convicted of rape. Despite being punished for helping Nelson, Snyder told MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hay’s” on Wednesday she would do it all over again. “Oh yes, I would do it again” Snyder said in her first interview with Nelson ” I am so happy that he got exonerated on his charge and felt that would happen or he wouldn’t have filed that motion to start with”. Robert Nelson, 49, was convicted in 1984 of a Kanas city rape that he insisted he did not commit and sentenced to 50 years for forcible rape, 5 years for forcible sodomy and 15 years for first degree robbery. The judge ordered the sentence to start after he finished serving time for robbery convictions in two unrelated cases prior to the rape conviction. Those sentences ended in 2006. In August 2009, Nelson filed a motion seeking DNA testing that had not been available at his trail 25 years earlier. But Jackson County Circuit Judge David Byrn denied the request. Two years later Nelson asked the Judge to reconsider, but again Byrn rejected the motion because it fell short of what was required under the statute Nelson had cited. After the second motion failed in late October 2011, Snyder gave Nelson’s sister Sea Dunnell a copy of a motion filed in a different case in which the Judge sustained a DNA request. The Kanas city police department’s crime lab concluded last month that DNA tests excluded Nelson as a source of evidence recovered from the 1983 rape scene and was freed June 12th. Snyder a 70 year old veteran was suspended without pay five days after Nelson’s-release. She was fired on June 27th. In my opinion the courtroom precedence is much of the battle, so any good lawyer would have found that document when looking for said precedence. She should not have been fired for providing the public with public documents. And the Judge should have all his cases re-examined to make sure there are no more wrongfully convicted behind bars.

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Lafayette parish sheriff’s office pays 100,000 dollars in wrongful death suit



There job is to protect & serve but are these officers being held accountable when they violate a residents right. Justice seems to be one sided & no one really cares until these incidents affect them. True crime is on the rise & these officers must uphold it at all cost. But how do we determine if a officer has crossed the line. What qualifies as being too aggressive & unjust. Take this situation for instants a 28 year old alleged drug dealer was shocked twice with a stun gun & later died. to some of you, you might say he was a drug dealer.  But anytime a officer gets away with a crime it makes them more bolder & eager to apprehend  the next suspect. Which they will use more force, more aggression. These stun guns are meant to seduce a individual in a matter of seconds. The high voltage has enough electricity to knock someone down to there knees giving you enough time to apprehend the suspect before the affects of the electricity wears off.


Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Guidry shocked Javon Rakestrau  28, twice after he allegedly became uncooperative when he was questioned about a drug deal. Javon was shocked for seven second & then the second shocked was for nine seconds. now be honest seven seconds is a long time to be shocked & if you can’t gain control in that amount of time something is wrong.  With the high voltage three seconds is more than enough time to control the situation. The second shocked lasted nine seconds. The autopsy reported the young mad died from bronchial asthma but the report also states the altercation & results of the stun gun is a contributing factor to his death also.


The settlement was reached last month. The civil suit claims the deputy use excessive for & after the first shocked suspect should of been subdued. From the shock of the seven seconds before he was shocked again for a longer period of nine seconds.  Although deputies found a small amount of Marijuana on him there actions were uncalled for. Now we must embrace accountability.  We want the criminals to be accountable for there actions & it should be the same for an office. right is right. When you decide to  use a deadly weapon you must be trained & forced. everyone should have to be stunned to get control as well as everyone should have to be shot either. I use to live in Lafayette parish & this isn’t the first incident with the stun gun. there were four other incidents were someone was stunned with these guns. Ironically they all died & the citizens demands they be investigated.

Sometimes as officers get calls to come to these same neighborhoods & same areas, these officers automatically assume we are committing a crime. So as they confront us or apprehend us their mentality is that we are criminals & our right doesn’t matter. So that tend to handle the situation will force & no reguard for anyone’s rights. When you don’t feel safe in your community  from the violence as well as the corruption from the law, you want get any cooperation from the citizens. some many people witness crimes & don’t talk because there scared but also because they don’t trust the police either. Everytime you read the paper or watch the news there’s another story of a officer violating someone’s right & etc. Making it hard for the community to trust & making it easy for more violate crimes to occur.

Reguardless no one deserves to lose their lives so my sincere apologies goes out to Javon’s family. this man was a part of your family & now he’s gone.

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What is going on across America.

In Reuters-Miami Police are investing the death of 17 year old graffiti artist who died after being shot with a Taser. During a pre dawn chase, with Officers who say they caught him spray painting a building. Chief Raymond Martinez said Hernandez was seen vandalizing private property shortly before dawn. Israel Hernandez was an Award winning artist who won an acclaim for his graffiti work as well as sculpting and painting, according to The Miami Herald. In Arcandia Okla, two brothers were gunned down and killed on the 4th of July. Sheriff Whetsel says the two brothers came to Arcandia every year to celebrate the fourth with relatives at there home. One neigbor Tamara Stephens said the sounds of fire works and gunshots blended. Then she noticed two people, gunned down and dead in the street. The cause is still unclear,one suspect turned himself in. The search still continues for the other shooter involved. And violence in our communties is on the rise as well, in San Fransico a 21 year old man and his son were sleeping in there home when they were killed from a drive by. June 29th George Harvey was shot by three police with a Taser, police say the officers were trying to apprehend Mr. Harvey at the Chevron gas station on Gordon Hwy when the officers used the taser he went into Cardiac arrest. The Ga Bureau of Investigation is looking into the death. The Police are surpposed to protect and serve, the neigborhood watches aren’t watching anymore. And the not guilty verdict of Travon Martin’s killer being set free, how can we believe in the Legal system anymore. To my brother’s Diallo and Donald Scott, we might not can forgive the sins of man, but God has you in his Hands. R.I.P baby brother’s. For some good News I’ve just read about. And to say big shots out to Nas,We need more people in the world like him.This week Nas came across a story of Stanley Young. A single Father of 8, who had lost his home ina fire on the news and decided to start a campain to help the family find a new home. As of this morning Nas has helped raise almost $35,000 and is looking to raise at least $50,000 by August 13. Which is the date that Stanley and his family will be required to vacate the hotel.. Nas we salute you!! Thank you fir reading my first blog, and have a LOVELY DAY. BY DENISE SCOTT, AKA BLACK ROSE.

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4 year old shot while riding her scooter

4 year Khalise Weatherspoon  was riding her scooter in Marquette park with the other children  when two gunmen stepped out the alley & opened fire. Khalise was shot in the stomach. This is a constant reminder of how outta control our community has gotten. What worst is that she is the fourth of seven children that has been wounded or shot in Chicago this month. What is this world coming to when a 4 year old can’t visit her grandmother in peace. No one is in custody & there is no description of the shooter. she was taken to the hospital where she is list as in good condition.


leaving us wondering how do you explain to this child exactly what happen. How do you explain to her cousins & friends who witnessed her laying on the street helpless.  This cycle needs to be broke or it will be hell on earth. With a corrupt judicial system & careless law enforcement these incidents will continue to manifest in our communities. Without accountability there  can be no justice. Yet we are oversea’s fighting, we are fighting for gay rights & etc when it’s a warzone in our neighborhood. polluted with drugs, prostitution ,  rape, assaults, murder & violence. There is no apparent solution &  with unemployment continuing to rise it’s not getting better. Now our love ones have to worry about the constant violence plaguing our community.


It’s a shame when you can’t let your child go play outside fearing someone would kidnap or expose them to some sort of violence. As a nation we must come together & say enough is enough. This shit won’t happen anymore. Until we are fed up & actively take a stand then nothing will change, no matter whose in office. First change starts with us. our community needs to come together , from there we force our law enforcement to protect the community. Then make your mayor, governor & state rep aware of what’s going on. Then once we come together we force our government to empower change. Without us coming together then it will continue to be hell on earth. Race is a big issue but most crimes or involving their own particular race.. To the family of this young lady & the other kids that were harmed & being exposed to violence stay strong it’s going to be better.

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