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Daily Ish

Second Chances?

How would you feel if you continuously watched your father verbally abuse your mama as a child? Well it stung Kelly Rowland enough that she hasn’t talked to her father for over 20 years. For a minute Kelly admitted to wanting to reunite with him but she never took the first steps now her father has reached out speaking with Radar Online (how his old ass know about that website or the internet for thar matter) publicly begging for his daughter to get in contact with him. In case you’re clueless Kelly Rowland was raised by Beyonce’s family while her mama worked multiple jobs. Should Kelly work it out? Could you forgive your father after all these years?

Karma is a Bitch.com

I have officially heard it all. Tamar Bleach-Braxton’s recent single hasn’t been doing so well, surprise, surprise. Instead of blaming her lack of singing skills among other things she blames Rihanna’s photographers for the bombing of her video.

In the middle of doing the video to Hot Sugar the photographers bounced to take pics of Rihanna in Greece for her new collection leaving Tamar to figure out a treatment by herself. Aww poor ugly thang.

Tamar posted on Rihanna’s Instagram her distaste for what happened like the childish girl that she is. Girl get a life! Anybody with sense would have done that, Rihanna’s money vs Tamar money? Shit, that is a no brainer! Stay being a backup singer.

Strike One

Hasn’t anyone learned not to fuck with Kanye West? Kris H.’s father must not havr gotten that memo. When asked about the recent engagement of Kim and Kanye he went in saying they will end up just like the in-laws Bruce and Kris. Now I would expect Kris to say something like that but the old ass father? He sounds like a bitter ex. He also said that he is positive that the engagement was NOT Kanye’s idea, just like his son and Kim’s proposal it was staged.

As much as I can’t stand Yeezy I don’t believe anyone made him do anything, Kanye is too damn stubborn, arrogant, stuck on himself (shall I go on..) to allow anyone to make decisions for him, it’s just not happening but hey I don’t know the brotha personally. Do you believed it was staged and orchestrated by someone other than Kanye?

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Hello luvs! It’s been a few days since I’ve done a Daily Ish for you. I’ve been feeling under the weather but I had to open my big mouth on some thangs – one, have you seen North West? That name seriously kills me. Who would name their child a damn direction? Hopefully this child will direct them to some common sense but I won’t hold my breath. Anyway she is not as cute as I thought she would be or look like I expected. She looks like her father, damn! At least Blue Ivy looks like a cuter version of her father. Do you think she’s worth a 3 mill picture? Nah.

While one Kardashian is happy being a mama Khloe just trying to keep it together period.

Homegirl has not only found out Lammy Lam has had 2 affairs but he actually have messed around with over 50 women. How she know. Well a women’s intuition is a mutha and a little help from an investigator helps. Lamar even cheated on his ex with Khloe. The same day they were married he was flirting with someone hard! Of all people brotha compares himself to Tiger Woods, his idol. What the what?! I’m surprised his magic stick hasn’t fallen off.

1st Degree

Can’t take the streets out of a person no matter how good that person living. Sexy ass ex Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has been indicted on first degree murder of Odin Lloyd. Damn! What a waste. Don’t drop the soap pretty boy.

See yall the next go round….peace and luv!

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North West Pic Finally Revealed: She’s a cutie!!!!

Awwwww!!!! Kim K and daddy Kanye’ finally revealed a pic of baby North West and I gotta say, she’s adorable! Looks like Daddy to me!!!

As promised, the two-month-old daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian was introduced to the world via her grandmother Kris Jenner’s Twitter account.

Kardashian fans have been waiting since North’s June birth to get a glimpse of the tot, who’s been at home with mom Kardashian for the past few weeks.

West and Kardashian traveled to Oklahoma recently for the funeral of the rapper’s grandfather, but they covered the baby’s carrier with a blanket obscuring her face.

Contrary to assumptions that the couple would sell North’s baby photos to a major magazine or have her appear on one of the Kardashian family’s many E! reality shows, they instead pulled another classic media move.

All week Jenner teased that she would debut North’s baby photo on the final episode of her new talk show that is airing on a trial basis.

Jenner’s final guest was a much milder West, who told her that Kardashian and North are the biggest joys of his life.

On a side note, I think Kris was holding out to put the pic out because the network isn’t sure they are going to pick her show up next season. Meh. The baby is GORGE….


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Daily Ish

Teen Found Finally

Let me give you some great news first. The week long search for sixteen year old Hannah Anderson has come to a positive ending. She is safe and will return back to her father as soon as she gets the ok from the hospital.

Just a recap, Hannah’s captor was a family friend who everyone called Uncle Jim. James Lee DiMaggio was Mr. Fix It Man and recently admitted to Hannah that he always had a crush on her. Soon after admitting that their house with Hannah’s mama and younger brother in it was burned down then Hannah became missing.

An important lead on Wednesday led police to the Idaho area where Hannah and James were camping in the wilderness. As soon as they realized Hannah was away from James they fired a shot and James was killed we send prayers to that family and…

…to this family
Charlottesville, Virginia is looking for an angel by the name of Alexis Murphy. It’s been a week since Alexis went missing. On Tuesday the car that is hers was found in a movie theater parking lot, dogs was led by her smell to an apartment complex near the movie theater but no other clues have surfaced since. We hope she is found alive and if anyone knows anything please let the police know.

It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money

This is a complete shock to me, how about you? Kim and Kanye are now refusing to sell pictures of their baby North West to anybody. As money hungry as that chile Kim is they won’t? This is the work of the Devil oops I mean Kanye. They have already turned down as much as $3 mil. That is chump change to them they may be waiting for a higher price.

Another problem with this kooky family is Kanye’s adamant decision NOT to have North West on the show however Kim is contractually obligated to be filmed so E! has gotten a little creative (not much) by shooting the baby from a distance. They want to Bey and Jay so bad it’s sickening. Kanye is going to be pissed! But squash all of that lets get to the real issue. I swore they said Kanye lives with Kim and Kris. If he did he would know about all of this filming with the baby first hand right? We’re not that damn stupid!

Drake’s New Project

No not Rihanna, get your minds out of the gutter people! Remember Cassie, Diddy’s on again off again boo thang? Well she be on that new ish lately. She no longer is waiting on Diddy to make moves she’s ready to do it herself well maybe with a little help. Drake has signed Cassie to his OVO label and will be expecting to release an album this upcoming spring. Not a fan of hers lyrically but will not knock a bish’s hustle.

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Good morning luvs! How is your Saturday going? Party hard last night? Well I have some ish you might want to read to get your day off just right so here I go!

Bow Down Bitches!

Beyonce has some serious clout right now. She is telling people to bow down and that is what everyone seems to be doing. Recently it was released that Timbaland and Keri Hilson is releasing an apology track called fittingly Sorry on his upcoming album Shock Therapy III. Why and the hell Timbaland has to apologize? Supposedly he missed Jay’s 40th birthday but Jay attended his and sent him a gift on his birthday. Jay was not happy, just like a little girl would be I guess. Did not know they were best friends like that but anyway that incident prompted him to do an apology track. We all know why Keri is putting her pitiful apology on the song because she did a remix talking about Beyonce. She claimed she was not talking about Beyonce but we are not that damn stupid. Crazy thing is Beyonce probably don’t remember nor does she give a damn. But it is the thought that counts.

Kanye Wrestles with the Enemy

When Kanye says that you need not talk to him he means it and you better listen. Although let me tell you something. Kanye is not that person. He is nowhere near Jesus and he needs to climb off of his own stuff. I know that no one else is riding it but Kim so he needs to pump himself up somehow but this has gone too far. I don’t like the paps either and I don’t have any following me but they still have families to feed right?

Ok back to the story at LAX Kanye got pissed off because a photographer kept asking him questions and instead of keeping it moving Kanye turned around and dropped flipped him on the side of a curb saying, “You get me in trouble and I still have to pay $250,000!” Well expect to pay more boo because the LAPD is looking for you to press charges. See if you can work your Jesus magic on this one. But then again Kris will probably get him out.

No, no, no, no, no!

Speaking of Kanye and Kim it has been revealed that Kanye is not getting married any time soon to his boo thang. This could be for many reasons, one being Kim is not slim enough for him to marry, he doesn’t want to marry what everyone else had, he doesn’t want to be a father to the baby or he will soon be coming out of the closet. What do you think? You would have thought he wanted to do it like his mentor Jay but now he is looking like he is copying off of Wiz and Amber. At least Wiz and Amber are actually in love and not a cover up to underlying down low things. Just sayin….

Homeless in Chigago

D. Wade really needs to control his ex-wife because she is acting a damn fool on another level. You are supposed to be a mother to these kids but instead of that you wanna run around with I’m homeless signs to prove what? That he has moved on and he doesn’t want you anymore. Call it what you want but I don’t believe she is homeless because to me she looks plenty capable of handling her own business so what is the problem. Get over yourself and realize that your kids are seeing this. They are old enough to work the internet and be in school where kids will mention if not crack on them over it. I may not like D. Wade but I do feel sorry for this dude because clearly she needs some shock therapy!

What you say?!

Oprah has been getting hit with some serious name calling lately and this one tops it all. Recently The Color Purple actress Rae Dong Chong called Oprah a fat beyotch and a field ni***r! Of course she apologized for talking about the hand that fed her ungrateful ass but it got me to thinking why is it that the majority of blacks who are successful get called sell outs? She has done a lot for blacks here and in other countries. I don’t think that she misrepresents who black people are so what’s the problem, can someone answer that for me?

Here, have a chip.

Rihanna needs a reality chip…ooops I mean check. Two embarrassing moments in one concert should give her the hint that she needs to stop coming to her own concerts late as hell and give the crowd what they want. At a recent concert because of her lateness her fans decided to let her know by throwing chips at her while she was performing on stage. And if that isn’t enough, to add salt to and deep ass wound they started to chant Beyonce. Do you think her career is slowly diminishing? No matter how many times she claims she is pouring it up and making deals she still has to give the fans what they want because if it wasn’t for them she would still be in Barbados.

Peace and luv!

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