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Black Ceza Records

Black Ceza Records & Grimme Music Djs, S.C.M Radio
Who am i ? Wonderful a popular  song in the Mid 80s.. DaLandLordOfDaSouth ! Rent’s Due! “Pay Me! Films ” Ha, Ha.. S.C.M.R A D I O It’s not just Music // It’s a Movement!
PR Log (Press Release) – Feb. 18. 2011 – DaLandLordOfDaSouth, the CEO and founder of Black Ceza Records & Middle Finger U Enterprises is a multifaceted monster, on the grind 22 hrs a day nonstop, to make it to the top of the music charts .
Djblack Ceza AKA DaLandLordOfDaSouth has made it his goal, to climb to the top with artists and producers from around the world, from rap and r&b to rock.Djblack Ceza- has a broad range of music styles and businesses, including Graphic Designers With DjTrey Cash, Website Design With Kizzie Courtney, Recording, Music, Publishing co., Artist Management, Movies, Videos, and Radio are just a few to be named.

Music and Entertainment has always been Djblack Ceza- best friend, a
Cellphone, Pen and E Machine, have always been his women. In his
career,Djblack Ceza- has had his run in with the law, on a number of
occasions, from little crimes to major crimes, but now
with God showing him a better way of life,Djblack Ceza- only crime has been
killing the music world, with his knowledge, of running a super power
house of artist and outstanding business. Quality Music is always on
Djblack Ceza- mind and motivating the artist to become better is what he
pastors to his artist on a daily basis.Djblack Ceza- is recognized for his crazy
style of drops for TV and radio, skits for mix tapes and Cds and his
wild mix down skills on the tracks. Artist, Promoter, CEO, Graphic
Designer, Engineer, Artist Manager and so on and so on. S.C.M R A D I O .C O M
-Request Line 662-995-0679
Office phone 662-321-7781

Djblack Ceza-

Djblack Ceza- A Letter, for the folks.. that want to make Rapping or singing
there dream. Degrees are helpful, but they won’t guarantee you
success in the business world. Only faith in God and dedication to your
vision can do that.See your vision and stick with it .. I have learned
to listen and not speak.. since I have had my 6 strokes! Yes i said
SIX STROKES, i I’m Blessed by God.. this i no because everything has been great i belive in praying when i lay down to sleep and i pray when i wake up i  get on my hands and knees.. last year i was sick but this year I’m Hustling .. i I’m strong i have God in my life.. so I know why .. I’m still alive? To show you guy’s that with
some hard work and some bed rest.. you can achieve your goals..i should be dead right now…. but God seen it fit for me to live.. a little longer.. to archive my ..of getting these guys were they need to be.. i want to be the next Koch Records..why not? Just listen to these guys.. have you ever heard music like there’s before? I think not…

This Belongs On The Radio wwwthisbelongsontheradio.com is a network set up for A&R’S, Publishers,
Recording Company’s,Artist, Models, Club Owners and even Baby
Sitters, all just at your finger tips. I am  the program directer for
this site if you are an artist looking for music you can download your
favorite track here on the site. Start of tomorrow we have a special going
on it’s a $1.00 a day, 30 day’s $30.00 dollars only until next year. In
prizes will go up. So if you want to be seen and heard by BIG
PEOPLE; JOIN TODAY. Don’t wait til the prize’s go!

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Daddy Rich Thanks This Is My Guy.. And Artist

Daddy Rich is an underground Gangsta Rapper from Marion, Indiana.  In 1999 he was arrested for 6 counts of dealing cocaine.  After posting a $100,000 bond he was released.  After his release he recorded “Out on Bail” which became a local hood  classic.  Daddy Rich turned himself in August 22nd, 2000 to begin serving a 6 year sentence in the Indiana Department of Correction.   His album sold while he was incarcerated. In late 2002, due to time cuts and “good behavior” he was released.  In order to help fund his dreams of becoming a rap star Daddy Rich became a licensed Realtor and continued to sell cocaine.  In late 2003, Daddy Rich caught felony criminal confinement, battery, and intimidation charges for holding the local taskforce’s confidential informant captive.  He was caught in the act and arrested.  Afterposting another $100,000 bond  in April of 2004, Daddy Rich went strait to work recording new materials and negotiated a distribution deal with P.G.E out of West Palm Beach Florida to handle the distribution of his music in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.  In early 2005 Daddy Rich released Daddy Rich vols. l and ll statewide while awaiting the release of his untitled nationwide debut in October of 2005.  Sadly Daddy Rich never saw the nationwide release of his album because on August 18th 2005 he was set up by the drug task force.  He was arrested and held without bail. An unfortunate turn ion events led to Daddy Rich being compelled to represent himself at trial. Daddy Rich was convicted of possession of cocaine with intent todeliver and was sentenced to 30 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections.Daddy Rich was never charged with or tried for “Possession,” he was charged and tried for selling cocaine.  It is still a mystery how Daddy Rich, known to the government a Richarh L. Tyson was convicted of a  crime he was never charged with.  His wife has hired yet another attorney and he is still fighting his conviction and hopes to be released soon.  In the meantime, unable to record, Daddy Rich has turned to being an author to tell his story.  Throughout his career Daddy Rich has opened up for and gained the respect of numerous major acts.  He opened up for the Ying-Yang twins in 2003 which led him appearing as an extra in their #1 hit video with Lil John and the Eastside Boys, “Get Low.”  Daddy Rich currently resides in the Correctional Industrial Facility in Pendleton Indiana. He is a proud husband and a


*Grim Ceza- BCR
*Coke BCR
*Albanes Arber BCR
*9 Gotti  BCR
*Nina Ross BCR
*Blok Leadaz BCR
*Dirty Dankk  BCR
*Big Rome BCR
*Cash BCR
*Ced B BCR
*Nikki Allen BCR
*Duan Scott BCR
*Niza Night Mare  BCR
*Paper Boy BCR
*Robyn Z  BCR
*Tazz BCR
*Big Worm,BCR
*Chazz BCR
*Major Dee BCR
*James Hard Hitter,BCR
*Ladie Poet,BCR
*King Jboi.BCR
*Young Stella BCR
*Rob Dee  BCR
*Kortez BCR
*J Grims BCR
*Jaimac BCR
*Mystical Lova BCR
*Nick G BCRBread
*Hunta 13 BCR
*Empri330 BCR
*Heavey Chevvy Boyz BCR
*Tall T with S.O.D BCR
*Rodney Dangero BCR
*Capital T. BCR
*Gerne BCR
*Matt  BCR
*Dj CinSity BCR
*Geno G Swiss Brown BCR
*Anthony Peso Walton  BCR
*Dro Yeno Tenor BCR
*Brandon Lee BCR
*PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks BCR
*Lil Jimmy
*Cadillac Don
*Andrea Fice
*Bud Savage
*Chris Yung

Black Ceza- Models


 * Video Person: PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks
* Program Director: Maritza Bueno 973-641-8658
* CEO: DaLandLordOfDaSouth 662-995-0679
* Marking: Stephanie Burns 440-731-0475
* Video Person: Dj Inhuman 480-235-6064
* Radio Promotions: K-Lexi  678-719-2851
* News Person: 1XCOX 662-760-4788
*Manager Andrea Fice 267-507-4460
* Web Designer / Promoter / Kizzie 210-535-0451

* Producer  Lil Jimmy  662-419-1223
* Capital T Period Producer 662-231-3678

* Artist Publicist Michelle Alene
* Dj / Graphics  DjTrey Cash 205-535-5085
* Ladie Da Poet 469-335-2424
* Urban Image Magazine Daddy Rich
*  Promoter BCR  Paper Boy 662-587-2160
* Promoter BCR Gucci Desouza 901-319-6588
* Promoter BCR / CASH MONEY Camp G. 646-481-3141
* Voice Overs  Marlon B. 662-790-4803



AKA DJ Black Ceza-
Rents Due! Pay Me!

Black Ceza Records
Po.Box 180
Shannon Ms

Office Number 609-545-7932
Personal Cell: 662-321-7781


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