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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: SHOE TUESDAY!!!!!!

HAPPY SHOE TUESDAY!!!!!!!  It was so super hard trying to pick this weeks shoe that my head went into overload. So I began to think about how do we keep our shoes in order. If you look in my closet mine are sectioned off by style and season. Some may have by color, by style, or even by season. If you still have the origanl box then great. I know some who have theirs in Tupperware containers with the pictures on the front of them. I came across this picture on the internet.


Can you say I WANT AND NEED this in my life. To be able to swivel the shoes around would bring joy to my life. I wonder if my future husband would let me design my own closet. I love shoes that much that he would have to give me my own room just for shoes. He would understand that way before we get married though.. (got off topic)

How do you keep your shoes organized? I would love to know. Email me at [email protected] or leave me a comment letting me know that you stopped by.


Enjoy your day


E. Ahdai

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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: Shoe Tuesday!!!!!!!!

Happy Shoe Tuesday my CurvyLites!!!!!!  I hope you have had an awesome day so far. You all know I live for this day to come so that you can get a glimpse into my closet and my addictions. Today’s pick come from a fan. I love get ting fan mail. Its allows me to interact with you all and receive the love you all have for what I do. I am so thankful and humbled by every piece that I receive.

I absolutely love these boot and they are right on time for fall. I chatted with the owner of these shoes and you will not believe where she got them…. ((((WAIT FOR IT)))) AVON!!!!! Yes you read that right AVON…They only cost her 18.99. Now you all know I love a great bargain; and 18.99 spoke to my heart. You sure don’t have to spend your mortgage on shoes to have something cute or fly. Now don’t get me wrong I have bought a pair of shoes for 100.00 or more. Wait as I think about those shoes they were on sale, marked down on top of the sale and I ended up using a gift card for them. I only ended up paying 35.00 for them. So yeah they are worth 100.00 but I didn’t spend that (((LOL))).


I would surely pair these with some skinny jeans and nice sweated or even a basic top with a leather bomber coat. I could also see these with a brown wrap dress for a night out with the girls for drinks.. So you see these can go from day to night in just one change…


IF you want to share your pick for shoe Tuesday email me at [email protected].. I would love you hear from you, Make sure you add where  you go them from and how much you paid.



E. Ahadi




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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: SHOE TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you feel the excitement?!? I am officially on vacation. Tomorrow morning my flight leaves at 7am… I had to give you all my shoe pick of the week though. These shoes are super cute. Everything these shoes are up against in this photo go so well. Let me step into my closet for a second.

  • Mint color jeans
  • Tan blazer
  • Lace peplum top
  • black jeans
  • long sleeve cream lace accented top

Oh yes closet can support these shoes. These shoes are more than just cute; they are classy and very sassy.

This is a shoe quickie LOL




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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: BE ORIGINAL

I know it has been a minute since we had a “Tip Thursday”. Blame my mind and not my heart because I had nothing for you. I want to talk to you about being original and being you.

As a fashionista I want to tell you all that is it is OK to be original and different. I know I share a lot of my favorite styles and looks with you all. What I want from that I you be you and I be me. I think today we are so worried about how to create someone else look and we forget about our own sense of style.

This is the moment you all get to see me be transparent. I was not always this fashion person. I went through the phase of dressing like a boy to hide my body. My curves started to form before my friends. While that were still training I was full fledged woman. Me and my girls have been full grown since the sixth grade and I hated it. I hated that fact that I was in this by myself; so I wore big shirts. Underneath it all no one knew the curves I had. I was very self conscience. Then when I got to high school people found out I loved to dance and joining the marching band was EVERYTHING. I joined the flag team which meant little skirts and body suits. I had to face a fear; SHOWING OFF MY BODY.  I had to get over it pretty quick. There was still something in me that wasn’t ready but I fought through it. Four years of marching bad and it took me going to college to get over it. I headed of you North Carolina A&T State University AGGIE PRIDE!!!!!!! At that time I came into my own. The women looked like me.

In high school I took a class that tapped into me love for fashion so it actually turned into my major in college; Fashion merchandising and Design. I know you are like what was your plan with that. I wanted to be stylist or buyer. Then when I took a creative writing class I knew I loved writing as well. So why not mix and mingle  the two?  Well when I go pregnant with my daughters I had to make some changes. That old feeling came back once I gained the weight of the pregnancy.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I got my to myself and started back wanting to style others and write about it. I found my own little style and worked it. My style changes nothing is never the same and that is from day to day. I will say both of my walk in closets are full of so much. Yes I have a shopping problem, yes my closet is full of vintage and modern clothing. I love the style I have. My advice to you is find something you like and make it your own and BE ORIGINAL!!!!!!!


Thank you for stopping by today!!! I appreciate it!!!!!



E. Ahdia


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Naturally Curvy Fashionista: SHOE TUESDAY!!!!!



I am feeling kind of RED… Oh yes red is in my stars today. Is it me of does make you feel some kind of sexy? (waits for answer) LOL. This shoe sent me to sexy mode because it also contains animal print. This shoe can be ultra sexy yet can be really classy as well.

I would rock these shoes with a peplum top and jeans on my comfortable but Happy hour time outfit. This can even be rocked with a business suit. For that sexy night out with your man or with your girls, that little red dress would be just fine.


I am sorry for the shoe Tuesday quickie but I am in training for the rest of the week… OH THE JOYS!!!!


Happy Tuesday luvs! Enjoy your day!!!!



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