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Daily Ish

Celebrities haven’t been doing a lot of foolishness lately which sucks for me. I feel this is the diet version but I’m gone get it in for you. It’s a little something to chew on.

I got a serious question tho. Why is Kanyeezy adamently shutting down the rumors that he is sleeping with a gorgeous Canadian model/bartender but not mentioning a damm thing about messing with that male designer? I mean he mad as hell over the ordeal. So does that mean he is boinking his Paris lover? As boring and as stiff Kim is I’d turn gay too!

Look whose calling the kettle black

How in the hell does Royce Reed from Basketball Wives call her ec co-star Evelyn Lozada a mentally slow hypocritical groupie? That description fit her to a t too with all the men she hop to. Both thirsty as hell! But I guess she had to say something after hearing a recent interview from Evelyn where she said Royce was never about this life and that she was boring as hell as that she was glad the lil girl is gone from the show and that it took them long enough to kick her off their island. I see that Iyanla interview didn’t do a damn thing! That little girl need to shut her mouth. How do yall honestly feel about Evelyn and the Basketball Wives clan? Getting tired? Should they just shut it down?

Are there any hot topics you would luv for me to put my two cents to? Let me know!

Peace and luv!

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Daily ish

Ocho no, no!

Reality tv is not made for everyone, especially not for this brotha.

Ever since participating in Dancing with the Stars Chad OchoCinco Johnson has been having nothing but bad luck. A warrant for Ocho’s arrest has been established; he has violated the terms of his probation stemming from the physical altercation he had with his ex wife Evelyn Lozada another reality star. He was supposed to meet with his P.O. on Feb and Mar. 15th but never showed. Nor did he prove that he enrolled and completed the court mandated Batterers Intervention program. Immediately after being arrested for the altercation, the Miami Dolphins released him. He lost just about all of his endorsements which could have came in handy with the property he lost.

Damn brotha, what else can go wrong?

Next Barbara Walters?

This chick has had too much botix done to think she could ever be on the same page as that legendary journalist. Pimpstress Kris Kardashian has found another excuse to not be a mother; she will soon be doing a trial run of a hour talk show, we’re assuming on the E! Network. They really should consider renaming that channel to the K! Network but anywho…Kris will be talking about anything and everything except about her family.

She claims she thought of the idea while walking down her illustrious stairs in their home and she thought people should be able to see her grand entrance every day so poof a talk show came out of it. She is expecting to take the place of the retiring Barbara Walters but newflash Kris that can only happen if you have an actual talent! If you don’t sit your crinkly behind down somewhere.

Didn’t get the memo

Did Nicki Minaj forget that she was fired from American Idol? Allegedly Nicki told someone that works for A. I. that she is not coming back for another season. And the reason is so she can focus on her singing career. Chile who you trying to convince us or yourself? She also claimed she only wanted to do it for one season anyway….


That is like when a man try to holla at you and you turn him down in front of his boys. Instead of keeping it moving he calls out, “Heifa I didn’t think you were all that cute anyway!”

Face it Nicki you were terrible, you git fired and messed up another chance to make an easy 12 million just to sit in a chair. And now you wanna work on your singing? You might have to now that E.V.E. has popped back up. Good luck with that ma!

Fuckery at it’s best

A special needs teacher’s assistant for Cahokia high school did a disgusting unheard of thing and probably assumed he would never get caught but this week it caught up with him.

Hunt was arrested after a special needs student come out and said he sexually assaulted her. Thing is Hunt is also HIV positive and knew full well he was. Now more kids are stepping forward with the same accusation and the school has sent letters out informing parents that may have to have their kids tested for HIV.

He was also the assistant to their track coach and a trainer. Oh and the school has him still on their payroll and will decide his job status with them next month! Now I know why they are named Cahokia, cause they have been smoking on that ish!

Things that go bump in the night

Neighbors are not too fond of Chris Breezy! Chris has been fined $376.32 that is an odd amount but he has it due to the murial of colorful monsters on the outside of his home. Neighbors claim it scares their children when they go past. So on top of the fine he has thirty days to get rid of it. You know he had something to say about this. On Twitter he says,

“There are scarier creatures in Harry Potter. Get a fucking life!”

What’s your opinion? It is his property.

Fuck you, pay me!

Apparently Usher is a cheapskate. Cecilia Duncan was Usher’s part time nanny to his boys beginning in 2010. She was to work 40 hour weeks (isn’t that fulltime) but said on numerous occasions she had to work overtime. Usher did not pay her for the overtime and when she asked he ignored her.

Getting tired of the nagging Usher fired her last year out of the blue. So she has decided to sue for wrongful termination and failure to pay wages earned. I hope she has proof cause she’s asking for six figures.

Wouldn’t it had been cheaper just to pay her Usher?

Ms. Duncan also accuses the singer of being a deadbeat father which we have heard before and also he allegedly did drugs in front of his boys, what she didn’t say. On the flip side Usher claims she us unstable, irresponsible and inattentive to his boys. But you kept her on for two years?

With friends like this who needs enemies?

A friend of Kim K. has made Kimmie freak the hell out by telling her that her baby daddy is gay. What makes it so bad is the guy he is supposedly messing with she knows! He actually designed the hideous dress she wore at the MET gala a week ago, Riccardo Tisci! Her friends said the designer has moved to Paris a couple houses down from Mr. West.

Gwyneth Paltrow even said he had a weird attitude lately. He got upset and threw down the mic he was holding, why he was pissed she wasn’t sure but later a friend said it was because the designer was posting about Frank Ocean on his Instagram. Jealous much?

Lets add some dots ok? Kanye basically sparked John Legend’s career. John Legend has been under his wing for awhile so he should know quite a few things about Yeezy right? Now fast forward to recently where John Legend has just sold his movie called Down Lo which depicts a gay rapper maneuvering thru his career being on the down low.

Just sayin!

Will you be watching the season finale of SNL tomorrow? He is suppose to perform and this past Wednesday he make it clear on stage at an Adult Swim concert that he is not a fucking celebrity and he hates the paps and he will not do any skits either!

Can this boy grow some balla and stop getting in touch with his feminine side?!

Peace and luv!

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You Knew What You Were Getting Into Ev…Just Sayin’

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 05:  Chad Ochocinc...

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 05: Chad Ochocinco #85 of the New England Patriots waits on the field during warmups before the New England Patriots take on the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 5, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

We’ve all heard that Ev got headbutted by her new husband Chad Johnson over the past weekend allegedly. This past season of Basketball Wives I did not watch but a few snippets. I did see a few convos where Ev and Chad talked about his overzealous love for women and how that will not change once they were married.

One of our flaws as women is assuming our picachos alone will lock a man down, put a ring on that important finger and stop all temptations men have for outside women will disappear. Well I have news for you, they don’t and your ish is not that damn good if he is a cheater he is a cheater, you can’t change that only he can change IF he wants to. Since Ev did participate in those conversations it really shouldn’t have been no surprise to her when she saw a receipt for some condoms in his whip. He let you know from jump Ev! Honestly I thought Ev was smarter than that.

And please don’t get it twisted, I do NOT condone abuse of any kind. No one deserves that so for this whole situation I feel sorry for her. My advice that I stole from Dr. Maya Angelou is when someone shows you their true self believe it, so Ev you know what he is capable of doing so what are you going to do about it ma? Think about your daughter if anything.

Do you think Ev will take him back? I mean, not to sound like a gold digger but he doesn’t even have a job anymore since the Dolphins kicked him off the team. Damn, that shit’s cray! If that is what that life is about I’m good right where I’m at!

Peace and luv!

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Rihanna’s Picacho Is Damn Good!


Drake is one of the most successful emerging C...
Drake is one of the most successful emerging Canadian male Rap artists in the early 2010s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Man Rihanna is the ish or at least that is what Chris Breezy and Drake oh AND Meek Mill feels. Last night you would have thought Evelyn Lozada was in Club Paradise. Bottles was thrown at Chris Brown leaving his whole chin cut and bloody as well as several partiers. Nasty pics has surfaced with numerous skulls damn near cracked all the way open, blood dripping all over and I’m not kidding.

Immediately after the Twitter world went crazy. And what was Ms Rihanna at? Across the pond being her sexy self oblivious to the fighting over her. Must be nice to have all of these rappers fight over you. Get it bish!

Peace and luv!

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 28: Recording artist Chris Brown leaves the Los Angeles courthouse after a probation progress hearing on January 28, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna, after a pre-Grammy Awards party in 2009. He was given a sentence of five years probation and ordered to complete 180 days of community labor and a year of domestic violence counseling. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

rihanna (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

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The Slap Felt Across The Globe

Basketball Wives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basketball Wives[/caption]

What did the 5 fingers say to the face?!

One small slap that’s it. Of all the hair pulling, clothes ripping, punches thrown, threats spewing out of Secret Kisses lip gloss covered mouths, oh and big ass champagne bottles being tossed with perfect aim one little half a second slap is the most controversial of all the seasons of Basketball wives combined? Monday right at the end of Basketball Wives Nia Crooks (Jennifer’s used to be good friend and Evelyn Lozada’s assistant) slaps Jennifer in her face. Remember Nia Crooks has nothing to do with Basketball Wives. Jennifer decided to sue Nia for the slap. The reunion show may not go into fruition because the rest of the cast members will not show if Jennifer doesn’t drop the lawsuit. Good luck with that ladies. If no one shows no one gets paid and the way these chicks love the limelight and money I doubt if they will actually boycott the reunion.

On top of that foolery Jennifer will be fired if she completes the lawsuit. No seriously it’s in their contract. My thing is this what kind of message are they sending? Instead of getting thrown off the show because of the physical altercations you’re thrown off because of a lawsuit? What kind of shit is that? Are they really that attention thirsty?

Do you think the reunion will happen? Or is it a ploy for more numbers? And what about Jennifer’s future on the show. Should she risk being fired by continuing with the lawsuit? She does have her own make up line but no one knows the future of it and having that back up consistent check wouldn’t hurt a damn thing. However on the other hand not going thru with the lawsuit will show clearly that money should come before disrespect. I think the show has run its course. Evelyn Lozada is doing her own thang with Secret Kisses, six figure book deal, wedding, as well as the reality show with her fiancee so I think she’s cool if the show ends. As far as everyone else I see them slipping away from the limelight, just saying.

Peace and luv!

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