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The Porn Industry Shooked

Should we be surprised that another porn star has been diagnosed with HIV? I’m surprised that there only have been two who have tested positive since 2009. Porn star Pinky is the second to be hit with a positive status. She retired from the industry but not before getting a goodbye gift. Only nineteen percent of pornstars use condoms! In the words of Mr. Brown – stop being nasty! Ass and titties can and will kill you. They shut down the porn film industry for a minute until they figure out what they are going to do but what good will that do? Imagine how many already have it now? There is no cure for HIV, don’t they know that?

Did Tami Roman quit?

According to Shaunie O’Neal Tami got fired off of the show Basketball Wives. Twitter shots were fired at fans when they tried to inquire about the status of Tami, Shaunie even blocked a few of those fans for even asking the question. Shaunie personally needs to grow the hell up, her kids act better than she do. I see why Shaq went and cheated on her, she is annoying. Anyway I thought Tami and Shaunie were ace boon coons? What the hell happened? No wonder Tami took the chance to do a talk show because she was no longer on the show, that I heard was garbage now. Sometimes you have to move on. Why would a person want to be a part of that treachery anyway? Leave the kluck, klucking to the birds Tami.

Lamar Odom Overdoses

Khloe Kardashian has stuck to her guns with leaving Lamar alone…well until someone told her he suffered a drug overdose then all hell broke loose and she went into overdrive trying to find her boo. When she finally found him he let her know he did not suffer an overdose and that he was fine. I hope she hung up on him after she realized he was fine.

Lamar was spotted buying some copper Chore scrubbing pads which is commonly used to make makeshift crackpipes. And he was roaming around at night looking lost as hell in LA. What was you looking for boo some crack. Kiddies just say no before you end up like this fool.


Congratulations to John Legend and his fiancé Chrissy for getting married this weekend in Italy. How do you say congrats in Italian? Anyone?

Peace and luv!

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Tami Roman Takes A Big Girl Pill On Wendy Williams

When Wendy Williams announced Tami Roman will be on her show this morning I immediately jumped for my notepad and Raisin Bran with no milk! (What? Don’t judge) I wanted to 1) know how Tami would act around Wendy knowing that Wendy does not watch the show because of the foolery that goes on with EVERY episode and 2) what excuse will she conjure up this time as to why she is portrayed so negatively on the show. I was actually kind of surprised with what Tami admitted.

She looked flawless in a bright spaghetti strapped yellow form fitting dress, colorful spring heels, her weave looked delicious and I want her earrings that she was rocking. But lets get to the good stuff; she didn’t give some bullshit excuse about her behavior on the show like they have been doing (gasp I know right?). She admitted that when her daughters looked at her after these last few episodes were shown (she pauses because she started to tear up then she regroups) she didn’t see that proud look they used to give her anymore; they were embarrassed and were getting teased at school and on Twitter. Right then she realized she had to start being held accountable for her actions.

Tami went on to admit she will be doing Season 5 of Basketball Wives and she just signed a contract to be on a scripted show however she couldn’t go into details because the network has not made the official announcement yet.

I do believe everyone deserves second chances as long as they have learned their lesson. Now that she is taking responsibility and realizing that she did not take advantage in a positive way of the platform that she was given maybe big thangs will start to happen for her and how society will view black women. Ok maybe that’s asking a bit much but still a bish can dream. Oh maybe her positiveness will rub off on Ev….yeah I’m not going to hold my breath for that one either.

Tami did look damn good though!

Peace and luv!

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Twitter Apology? How Classy

Basketball Wives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basketball Wives[/caption]

I am damn near tempted to watch the Basketball Wives episode where Tami spazes out on Kesha after reading the skeleton of the show. As I’ve proclaimed many times I am done with the show but I’m so curious as to see what caused Tami to go HAM on Kesha in Tahiti that had her run home crying. A little birdie told me even Ev cried for Kesha. Now that I will believe when I see it cause I can’t imagine Evelyn crying for anybody but her damn self. Could someone just give me a detailed synopsis of it so I don’t have to waste an hour becoming brain dead from all of the ignorance radiating off that show? Please and thank you in advance.

Anyway supposedly Tami pulled a Nicki Minaj and shut down her Twitter account after apologizing for going in on Kesha. Who knows who the apology was to. A Twitter apology is like the prize in the CrackerJack box, it holds no merit, it’s childish and proves to me you are nowhere near grown enough to come at me one on one like a real bish (isn’t that what she be snappin’ about on tv to everybody? Practice what you preach ma!). Instead of closing down your Twitter you need to close down that mouth, find Jesus and meditate, or get you some. Let me hook you up with Kandi’s number so she can send you some of her sex toys to get you to release some steam.

Peace and luv!

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The Week In Entertainment

Kim Kardashian at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festiv...[/caption]

Rihanna live in Belfast, on her tour The LOUD Tour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rihanna live in Belfast, on her tour The LOUD ...

Kim Kardashian at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of Wonderful World. Photographer's blog post about these photos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kanye West

Kanye West (Photo credit: NRK P3)

Lil Boosie

Cover of Lil Boosie

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 26:  (L-R) Singer Chris...
LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 26: (L-R) Singer Chris Brown, rappers Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes accept the Best Collaboration award onstage during the BET Awards ’11 held at the Shrine Auditorium on June 26, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Foolery and destructive, immature behavior never sleeps. Like before there were so much going on in the entertainment world that I had to combine them all into a gumbo post. Shall we begin?

Chris Brown Drinks A Little Too Much ‘Theraflu’

If I was cool with Rihanna  I could of told her this was going to happen. I guess being friends in my head and sending advice thru my mind wasn’t working. Recently Kanye released a song called Theraflu which he is professing his love for Kim Kardashian and blatantly dissing her ex-husband whom he doesn’t even know on a personal level (that’s having monster balls, lol get it, ‘monster’?). This past week a remix was released with a verse from Chris Brown. Check out the verse:

“Don’t fuck with my old bitch, it’s like bad fur. Every industry nigga done had her.”

Rihanna of course got wind of it and took her opinion to Twitter. Chris dumb ass claims it wasn’t about her but who else could it be about considering he hasn’t dated anyone besides her? After dropping the restraining order, doing two remixes together, going to her birthday party, and openly supporting him when he was in trouble for stealing some random chick’s phone, he turns on her? Proof again he is young-minded and haven’t learned a damn thing these last three years. Nobody even knows where this came from including Rihanna. But I bet she is kicking herself in the ass right now for allowing herself to be once again screwed in the ass with no KY. Someone needs to grab his lil’ balls, rip them off with their bare hands and stuff them deep into his mouth to prevent him from saying anything stupid. Am I being too mean?! Hell yeah but I’ve been thru this so I know she has to be saying WTF! Any sliver of respect I had left for this child is gone - drops mic.

Murder Wasn’t The Case That They Gave Him

Lil Boosie got the ‘not guilty’ verdict this past week which is delightful in all but to be honest I’m not impressed. I support black men but I don’t support some of their shenanigans solely because they are the same color as me. He put himself in this situation that could of easily been avoided which is why he was in court to begin with. Then I hop on Facebook and everyone was celebrating the verdict like it was a blessing. Where was this passion for Troy Davis’ case and his tragic murder he received from the state?


Yeah didn’t think so. Stop glorifying the wrong things my beautiful black people - seriously!

Attention Deficit Disorder

Back to Twitter again. Kanye posted on Twitter last week of Kim Kardashian driving his expensive ride and claimed it as ‘rare’. First off I can’t even believe I’m giving this story an ounce of breath thus fueling the attention disorder they both need to quench on the regular. Second that blow up doll (that all of the athletes have run up in, Chris Brown’s lyrics should have been Kanye’s toward his slutty girlfriend) was not driving it, she was just pulling out the bag in his passenger seat carrying his black thongs and matching pasties he bought for himself like a good little doggie that she is. He decided to take a pic and make everyone think she got it like that. Boy, fuckery at its best - drops mic again!

Royce Goes In On Friend Tami Roman On Her Blog

A true friend will tell it like it is no matter the reaction they get. Royce took to her blog after watching the latest episode of Basketball Wives. She was highly upset with how Tami came at Kesha while they were on vacation for no reason. Now I stopped watching the show so I don’t know what situation she is referring to however if is anything like her past arguments fights then I know how volatile this grown ass woman can get and it’s shameful, screw every black woman in the world right now lets focus on Tami. How do she look in the mirror at night? She has to hate herself. Anyone who acts like that hates themselves. You heard of misery loves company? Well Tami has so much misery up in her crib to supply her needs for eternity! I feel sorry for her kids. I hope though that Royce’s response will awaken that sense she packed away in the attic of her head but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Usian Bolt Has Run His Fastest This Week!

He is coined the fastest man on earth. And this year for the Olympics Usian ‘Thunder’ Bolt will get the chance to demolish his old record from the ’08 Olympics. However this brotha has never ran away so fast in all of his track career like he did last week.

A pic of Usian kissing his Slovakian white girlfriend surfaced recently and all hell broke lose from his black female fans. So much that he broke up with her saying that he just needed all of his focus on his training. Yeeeaahhhh, ok Usian if that’s what you believe then fine but don’t expect me to believe your foolery.

Thing is I’m all about black power. I still think there is nothing better than a black man. I will back my people up but I will NOT cosign racism nor will I condone bitterness. Date whomever you want to regardless of race. Luv is luv. The only time I’ve had a problem with interracial dating is when hate is spawned out of it. I’ve heard brothas justify their reason for dating other races and not their own because they think we are trash, we are worthless and nothing but loud mouthed golddiggers. Until your name changes to Lil Wayne and you have fucked every girl in the world you can’t categorize your mirror image all in one clump. I’ve learned in the many years of being single that all men are not the same and will not always cheat on me so stop putting the old shit onto the new shit. This also goes to the bitter bitches who put all of their two cents into the mix once the pic was published. Why would you wanna be the cause of a break-up just because YOU disapprove of interracial dating especially if it is true love? Yes some brothas get to a certain financial status and get themselves a white bunny to flaunt on the red carpet but NOT everyone is this way. I will give him the benefit of the doubt until someone can prove to me otherwise. But to Usian Bolt stop being gullible and run at the first sign of difficulty. If that is who you are feelin then be with her. You don’t need to prove to anyone how ‘black’ you are. For all who have viciously commented and called this situation ‘disgusting’, ‘the work of the devil’, an embarrassment’ you minds well throw a stark white bedsheet over your head and join the KKK because you are sharing the same ignorant mentality as them!

Exiting stage left now….

Peace and luv!

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Mistress One On One

Basketball Wives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basketball Wives[/caption]

This ish is just comical.

I guess Tami from Basketball Wives figure if her bff Evelyn can land a six figure book deal so can she. With the possibility of the show being cancelled these girls is forced to find a way to make money. Tami will be releasing a non fiction piece. Not a memoir, not a self help, definitely not a book about positivity, rainbows and teddy bears. No this classy broad is writing an instructional book for married women on how to keep their husbands at home instead of out cheating.

Marinate on that last sentence for a sec……

Ok, the name of this future bestseller? Mistress One on One. She is interviewing numerous sidepieces about what they do to satisfy the ‘already taken’ men in their lives. I can only imagine what they admit to her.

Tami most likely will not disclose real names for obvious reasons. My question is what made her come up with this one? The second question is did Shaunie assist in it? Call me insensitive but the ish is funny. Maybe Shaunie will benefit from what these alleged mistresses say.

But on the serious tip this book demeans women on so many levels. Tami’s intentions may have been well at first but in reality all this little ‘pet project’ will do is make married women think that because their men are cheating or have cheated it is their fault. It’s basically shifting the blame on the innocent party and not the real culprit. As if she isn’t demeaning black women enough by endorsing a show like Basketball Wives now she has this book? Good one Tami, I guess if you like it I luv it boo; long as you can look in the mirror at the end of the day and be comfortable with what you see standing in front of you. Anything for a buck….smdh.

Peace and luv!

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