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Daily Ish

The Porn Industry Shooked

Should we be surprised that another porn star has been diagnosed with HIV? I’m surprised that there only have been two who have tested positive since 2009. Porn star Pinky is the second to be hit with a positive status. She retired from the industry but not before getting a goodbye gift. Only nineteen percent of pornstars use condoms! In the words of Mr. Brown – stop being nasty! Ass and titties can and will kill you. They shut down the porn film industry for a minute until they figure out what they are going to do but what good will that do? Imagine how many already have it now? There is no cure for HIV, don’t they know that?

Did Tami Roman quit?

According to Shaunie O’Neal Tami got fired off of the show Basketball Wives. Twitter shots were fired at fans when they tried to inquire about the status of Tami, Shaunie even blocked a few of those fans for even asking the question. Shaunie personally needs to grow the hell up, her kids act better than she do. I see why Shaq went and cheated on her, she is annoying. Anyway I thought Tami and Shaunie were ace boon coons? What the hell happened? No wonder Tami took the chance to do a talk show because she was no longer on the show, that I heard was garbage now. Sometimes you have to move on. Why would a person want to be a part of that treachery anyway? Leave the kluck, klucking to the birds Tami.

Lamar Odom Overdoses

Khloe Kardashian has stuck to her guns with leaving Lamar alone…well until someone told her he suffered a drug overdose then all hell broke loose and she went into overdrive trying to find her boo. When she finally found him he let her know he did not suffer an overdose and that he was fine. I hope she hung up on him after she realized he was fine.

Lamar was spotted buying some copper Chore scrubbing pads which is commonly used to make makeshift crackpipes. And he was roaming around at night looking lost as hell in LA. What was you looking for boo some crack. Kiddies just say no before you end up like this fool.


Congratulations to John Legend and his fiancé Chrissy for getting married this weekend in Italy. How do you say congrats in Italian? Anyone?

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Lamar Odom fails sobriety test, mama K had enough!

If her damn daughter won’t do it than she’s going to step in and do something about it. Khloe’s mama, Kris Kardashian has had her last straw with Lamar Odom and she proved it by going to a divorce lawyer and they met for two hours. Now I know what you’re thinking she could have been in there for her own marriage but we all know Kris is not giving that man his balls any time soon. This is for Khloe. This all comes after Lamar Odom got pulled over Friday night and failed a sobriety test after the cops smelled liquor all over that booger looking bulldog. He seriously is spiraling out of control. He can’t get mad because he suck at basketball and can’t get it up long enough to give Khloe a baby. That’s what crack will do to you.

Eminem goes Berzerk on Khloe K

Poor Khloe she just get pounded from all sides. Although they should be used to it since they are always being talked about in rap songs. Rapper Eminem has released a song called Berzerk and he insinuates (loudly) that Khloe is the ugliest Kardashian and that he and Lamar have downgraded in past women. Well damn. I’m gone have to disagree with you Em, Khloe is the prettiest. It’s Kim who looks like an alien with those spread apart eyes that god I hope the baby don’t inherent. Can you imagine waking up to that face? Anyway check out the song and tell us was it worth this long of a wait. Will it do better than Magna Carter? Shit…if Eminem’s money right.


Miley Cyrus’ performance history making?

Can you believe Ms Gone Off That Molly Miley Cyrus thinks her damn VMA performance was history making? Can you believe I’m still talking about this shit? A week later and we are trippin’ still although I found her response to it hilarious. Miley called it history making because she knew a lot of people would hate or have a problem with her so called twerking. She also claimed she wasn’t even thinking when she did it. Heifa we know and we could tell. Start thinking, we might like you better. Black people, this is what you created and accepted.

Blackfaced donuts

I love chocolate everything but I will look at chocolate donuts differently how after hearing this story. Over in Thailand the Dunkin Donuts franchise got an earful once people saw their newest ad for charcoal donut. What was the big deal? They had a woman in blackface with hot ass pink lipstick on holding the charcoal donut and they called it great advertisement. They had it on all of their social media networks and they finally took noticed after so many comments about it on Facebook. They played the dumb role and said that they had no idea it would be offensive. How in the hell do you see that it would not be offensive? Businesses are starting to be like rappers; they stir up controversy before delivering a new product, ad or service and then use the word sorry because we are so naïve to believe it. They knew exactly what they were doing, getting attention at any cost. The devil is going in overtime. How do you feel about the pic? Are you offended or naïve and don’t give a damn?

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

Billy Ray Responds

What was Miley Cyrus on is pretty much what’s on everyone’s minds after her VMA’s performance. I wasn’t surprised and black people this is what you co-signed! You saw her twerk it once and thought she was instantly down. You really were gone off that molly right along with this girl. Personally I would have washed myself with bleach if I had been Robin Thicke, I know I felt like it after I saw it through my tv! And the Smith’s reaction was priceless. My Facebook and Instagram were bombarded with pics of her ill built ass. I laughed off of that but how did her daddy feel? Miley’s camp was proud of her but was her daddy? Billy Ray who always has a lot to say 9The devil is a lie) said only this, “She still my little girl.” M’kay. Only thing little about that girl is that ass of hers.

Where’s Waldo?

Lamar Odom has been m.i.a. for several days and now people (mainly Khloe) are wondering where he is at. Khloe kicked him out after he declined vehemently to get help with his crack cocaine addiction during an intervention. Knowing him he probably in a hotel somewhere on that crack cocaine. Flavor Flav go get your son and get him some help!

Move Bitch

Alec Baldwin is at it again. Photographers intentionally go in on Alec because they know he goes HAM. He and Kanye should be best friends. I could only imagine what would happen if those two were walking down the street together. Alec was harassed (or so he felt) by a photographer on the streets and instead of walking away and ignoring the photographer he decided to push him onto the hood of a car. I can’t even blame Alec because if I was a celebrity I would be hitting and running over photographers all of the time. Damn can I say anger management?


I guess we can send a congrats out to Kirk and Rasheeda even tho they were wrong for trying to stir up ish in their marriage which nothing is worth all that, just to get their own spinoff, for bringing home a healthy baby boy. This is her second son, so congrats!

Bye, Bye, Bye

It’s official. Actress Katherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas are getting a divorce. They’ve been together for some time especially in Hollywood standards, been through his cancer and her bi-polar situation but I guess enough is enough. I wonder did it have to do with his comment he made about getting throat cancer from giving head. Hmmmm…..

Peace and luv!

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Daily Ish

How was your weekend? Mine was decent. I reflected on a lot of things, but you don’t wanna hear about that. You wanna read this daily ish…

Train Wreck

Lamar Odom is a complete failure. I keep singing the song Stupid Hoe every time I think of Khloe because there is not that much love in the world for a man no sir! I just brought you the news that after hiring an investigator Khloe found out that her Lammy Lam has been with over 50 women since they have been together now word is this fool as a terrible crack cocaine addiction! For two years this idiot has been smoking crack which explains his extra lean figure and extreme candy addiction along with his rotting teeth that Kim caught on the show. You also notice on his show how he was always wanting candy, that explains it right there. He went to rehab about a year ago then bounced after three weeks. An intervention at the house led Khloe to kick him out of the house recently but we will see how long that will last. He will probably end up running to one of his skeez and Khloe will beg for him to come home and work things out.

Claiming True…

Sources (TMZ) are saying that Chris Brown is claiming to be a part of a gang. So this fool is thugged out? He has given us small hints throughout his music but I honestly thought that was an act just like every other rap artists claiming to be a part of gang. The funniest thing about the whole thing is the name of the group – Fruit Town Piru Bloods?! What the what?! I’m not claiming anything with the word fruit in it. Seriously where do they do that at? After TMZ ran the story Chris got upset, I don’t blame him I would be upset too with the name of that supposed gang! Chris come on man, really. You thugged out Fruit Town style huh?

Sneaking Around

While Chris is thuggin it out Rihanna is cuddling it out with her old flame Drizzy. Surprisingly these celebrities haven’t figured it out that if they want to date then go to a spot where the paps will not be. Rihanna and Drake chilled at Sons of Essex and only a few patrons and the DJ tweeted the night. No pics were taken. Nice job Drizzy Drake. You was determined to get your boo thang back huh?

Peace and luv!

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Khloe and Lamar: Does True Love Really Exist?

Does True Love Really Exist?

The recent reports of Khloe Kardashian- Odom filing for divorce from Lamar Odom has revived a question that has been lingering in my mind for years; Does True Love Really Exist? It’s always one ungrateful ass person in the relationship that “screws’ everything up. (Pun intended) I mean, how do you cheat on a woman like Khloe? She was always trying to “give him some” and she was very affectionate towards him. Every time you seen her on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” , “Khloe and Lamar” , and their show down in Miami, she was carrying herself like a lady and she repped her husband to the fullest. She was always doting after him to ensure his business was in order and he was well taken care of. Just ungrateful! She had his best interest at heart, even going the extra mile to see that his friends ( Her brother Rob included) wasn’t taking advantage of him. It’s obvious that she loves the dude, what more could he ask for? Khloe is absolutely gorgeous from her head all the way down to her deliciuous looking toes. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. She looks so natural. I loved her before the media pressured her into shedding a few pounds. I love the voluptuous Khloe, her bright illuminous eyes, her beautiful smile, her cute girly-like voice and her pouty lips. I just want to kiss em’. Yes I have a crush and if she was mine we wouldn’t have those problems. Ain’t no way in hell I’d cheat on her, and she got her own money too? Homeboy is tripin’. F.Y.I, Lamar’s goofy ass ain’t no helluva ball player and he isn’t a businessman either. Most of us didn’t even know who he was until he got with Khloe in the first place. So, once his lil time in the spotlight fades away, all them popcorn hoes in his circle are going to vanish. Them broads just want a piece of the man they believe him to be, Khloe loved him for who he really is. True love only comes along once in a lifetime- he threw it away…..

Love, Peace and Prosperity,

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