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My name is Richarh Aswanu. I created Urban Image to serve as a publication you can be proud of. It is our aim to dissolve the negative stereotypes associated with the “Urban Community”. We will inform, educate, entertain and inspire our readers.

In addition to providing you with thought provoking content, Urban Image Magazine will showcase talents who haven’t had the opportunity to reach mainstream media outlets. Urban Image Magazine was founded as a life changing movement for all that are involved in our mission. We are a stage for those without a platform to have a spotlight. Published to be accessible online, this magazine is designed to serve as a catalyst to success, a place where you can network with like-minded people who are in pursuit of their dreams

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Meet Our President:

My name is Tre L. Bryant and I am Vice President of Urban Image Magazine and was appointed as of January 2016. Born and raised in Detroit, MI I have always loved making a impact with everything I do and being apart of Urban Image Magazine allows me to do just that. On my long list of accomplishments I am also a published author , my first book Where There’s a Will There’s A Way is a biography about my life and I was recognized for my accomplishment as of April 2016 I was nominated for Author of The Year by the Rep Yo Grind organization. As a survivor of Domestic Violence , my mission is to bring awareness and to give back to others that are in need of encouragement and to help build the confidence they need to make change  as a mentor. My passion in life is to give back and I live my life everyday to be a blessing to someone who needs it so that I too may be blessed in return. I am also a Professional Makeup Artist , Blogger, Publicist , Personal Stylist, Mom of two adults , a Significant Other and everything in between.



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Meet Our Writers:


Arlene Wallis aka Lady Blue originally from Albuquerque, now living in Baltimore, MD

Divorced mother of four started writing in high school to deal with life.  She began writing for World Prayr in 2010 after the death of her father and started her website Joy Does Come in the Morning in 2014 after much encouragement. Survivor of domestic violence, she has overcome many obstacles to be where she is today.   Winner of the 2015 Rep Yo Grind award in Baltimore for Blogger of the Year and nominee for Blogger of the Year with Baltimore Crown and Titan Arts awards has lead to radio appearances, guest writing, magazine covers and now the Host of the Lady Blue Radio Show on  Her goal is to inspire, bring the positive , put a spark in your day and let you know you are not alone!
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Sally McGuire has written many short stories and always keeps a journal. Her love of researching the history of various cultures has earned her an award of excellence. She is the author of Romance novels Destined To Love and Forever Yours. Sally lives in New York with her son.

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Hello I’m Shamica Hennix, mother of two outstanding children. My husband Kasam and I write books together. The first book we have out is “The Streets or My Wife” with Life After Death publications. Writing has become my passion over a short period of time. I have also penned a short story for The Ink Master’s Street Lit Report anthology. I hope you all enjoy my blogs and I look forward to interacting with you all.





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