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The Literary Dish: Really Rashida celebrates Five Years of Success!

Entertainment writer  Rashida williams BKA. Really Rashida (pen name) is going on  tour to celebrate  her success  as an Author, and blogger. 2014, has been a significant  year for Rashida. Her beloved blog  Really Rashida online just turned  five years old,  she signed to Jaded publications, and her latest  novel Club Nirvana 3  has peaked  to […]

The Literary Dish: Road Dawgz

 The ten year Anniversary edition of Road Dawgz was recently released.  I never read the original  Road Dawgz.  I had  requested the original Road Dawgz from the library.  When I picked it  up. It was   the ten year edition.  I’m not sure if  the original  Road Dawgz  had snippets of  of writing  in it. […]

Literary Dish : Club Nirvana 3

 It’s a great read, I read it in one sitting. Although I haven’t read any of the other books  in the series.  I didn’t  feel lost.  there’s enough back story and details to  keep the reader  afloat. Its fast paced and suspenseful, and full of drama, murder, and betrayal.  I’m intrigued to read the other […]

Literary Dish

Girls Got Issues A Women’s  Guide  to Self – discovery and Healing I read this book in one sitting. It’s well written and filled with insightful information. That  women can use to get over the issues that affects their daily lives.    Finance, relationships, emotions, and sisterhood, were some of the topics covered.  I like how […]

The Literary Dish

 The First and Fifteenth by K’Wan   The First and Fifteenth, was just recently released. It’s a short story installment to the popular   Hood Rat  series. The five chapter story is filled with laughs and great visuals. We get a taste  of some of our favorite characters  from the series. And we are introduced to […]

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Tyree’s Love Triangle Book Launch Celebration On June 21, Charmaine Calloway celebrated her birthday and the release of her fourth novel, “Tyree’s love Triangle”. Which is  the last installment  of the Secrets  Series.  The remarkable event was held  in the meeting room  of Motts  Library, in Toledo Ohio I arrived a hour  before  the event.  […]

2014 Capital Jazz  Fest

The  Capital Jazz  Fest was on the weekend of June 6- 8. It was held at the Merriweather post pavilion in Columbia Maryland. John Legend, Erykah   Badu, Down to the Bone, Michael  Franks, Dianne Reeves, Rick Braun . Les Nubians, Klymaxx, Regina Belle, Con funk shun, Chaka khan , Kem, Joe,  Faith Evans, Loose Ends, […]

More Than I Can Bear  book release celebration:

On Saturday, May 17th, Blessed selling author, E.N. Joy  had a book celebration. For  “more Than I Can Bear” , which is the second installment  of the  “Always divas  series” The event was held at unique Christian  Bookstore, in Eastland Mall. It was from 2 – 5 . During that time E.N Joy entertain her […]

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The Dayton Book Expo 2014 : The Dayton Book expo, was on May,3,  from 11 – 4. It was held on the campus of Sinclair Community College. In the David. H. Pointz Conference Center. “The inspiration of writing, “Self – publishing  made easy” , and “Power  marketing for  authors” were just a few  of the […]