The Literary Dish: Road Dawgz

 The ten year Anniversary edition of Road Dawgz was recently released.  I never read the original  Road Dawgz.  I had  requested the original Road Dawgz from the library.  When I picked it  up. It was   the ten year edition.  I’m not sure if  the original  Road Dawgz  had snippets of  of writing  in it.  but this  one does, in between  a  few  of the chapters.  The snippets  are poems  and thoughts  from the author  to open  or bring closure  to what has taken place in the  story.  Road Dawgz is a story  about a man that was just released from prison, and his  plight to  the top.  No matter the cost,  even if he has to pay with his life.  I want to see  this book , as a movie. It should be on the big screen. Its a raw  tale filled with realism, suspense, betrayal,  murder, and drama.  I love it!

Well, thanks for reading!

Peace until next time.



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