The Literary Dish: Really Rashida celebrates Five Years of Success!

Entertainment writer  Rashida williams BKA. Really Rashida (pen name) is going on  tour to celebrate  her success  as an Author, and blogger. 2014, has been a significant  year for Rashida. Her beloved blog  Really Rashida online just turned  five years old,  she signed to Jaded publications, and her latest  novel Club Nirvana 3  has peaked  to number twelve  on amazon’s bestsellers List. The celebration tour is to honor her accomplishments, and to introduce  new projects.  Rashida wants to acknowledge  other successful  business women  during her tour.  Rashida states ” The celebration Tour  Isn’t about my success. i want  to share my happiness with other women doing amazing  things in business. a lady  with a hustle  that deserves to  be recognized  will  host each stop on the tour, and together  we’ll show what greatness can come from  from supporting each other.” , said Rashida of the event.The celebration Tour will start September 1st  and end October 1.  The celebration  tour will consist of virtual , and radio appearances. Therefore,  it’ll be easily access through our finger tips.  click here for the  tour schedule:


Who Is Rashida: Rashida  is a Cleveland based writer, and  multimedia personality. she  host her  own  podcast, writes a lifestyle blog dedicated to today’s Urban woman, and has an African american book review vlog. she is the author  of novels, A Love Hate Thing, and the  bestselling Club Nirvana 3 visit :  and connect  with her by following  @reallyrashida on Twitter  and Instagram.

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