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Kill A Black Teen And Make Six Figures Soon After When you shoot and kill an unarmed Black teenager, you can expect the racists of America to crack their piggy banks open and reward you a six-figure sum. Over the weekend, Darren Wilson’s supporters gathered for a rally, and sadly, they had much to celebrate now that it’s […]

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Nine Lives Suge Knight has nine lives. That is the only explanation I can come up with as to why this brotha keeps getting shot at repeatedly and then living through it all. The day before the VMAs were to go down Chris Brown threw a pre-VMA party at a club. The party was interrupted […]

The Daily Ish!

Who Was Michael Brown? FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Michael Brown Jr. was on the verge of starting college, eager to launch himself into the adult world. Instead, on Monday he’ll be mourned at his funeral, more than two weeks after his fatal shooting by a white police officer— an act that ignited days of violent protests and reawakened […]

Suge Knight Shot 6 Times At chris Brown’s pre-VMA Party This Morning!

  According to CNN, things turned violent at a party Chris Brown was throwing when 3 people were shot, 1 of which was the infamous Suge Knight, who was shot 6 times. Former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight was among the wounded, a sheriff’s deputy confirmed. The suspect remains unknown, but the victims include a […]