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Disappearing Act

Didn’t know Tamar Braxton was also a magician but after the series premiere of The Braxtons we all know it. She loves attention, that we also know but I don’t think she planned for this stunt. Tamar’s hairline, or lack thereof one was seriously looking like LeBron James’ hairline that he poorly attempts to cover up with a sweatband. K. Michelle, queen of drama took to Twitter and thanked God for her talent and added, at least I have my hairline.


Tamar’s lame explanation to the disappearing hairline is that hair goes when a woman has a baby. What?! First off I have never heard anything like that. Second it is all of those lacefronts she be rocking like it is her natural hair, period. But it was worth a try, I give her a D for the effort. Hasn’t she seen Naomi Campbell’s hairline? Someone needs to show her.


Sometimes I feel sorry for Karrueche. Most of the time I don’t. Everything this chick says is questionable. A day after the VMAs, she hosted 106&Park, doing what she was getting paid for she read a little supposed joke someone on the writing team put up at the last second.

I really did wake up like this because my parents didn’t comb my hair.

Bey stans went in! Even though immediately after reading it off the screen she apologized people still went in on social media. She said it was on the screen and she didn’t make that up. BET should be ashamed of themselves setting up a poor girl like that and without warning! They know their brand is worth a penny so they are starting to reach for anything. However Karrueche is one naive female, as soon as she started reading the statement she should have stopped and said, what the hell? Babies are supposed to be off limits! And what is the matter with Blue Ivy’s hair? It is adorable and healthy!

The Things We Do For Love

Couldn’t be me but on the season premiere of Atlanta Exes NeYo’s baby mama Monyetta Shaw admitted that she burned her tubes because he said he (yes he not we) didn’t want anymore children. When was it his choice to decide what goes down in her body? It’s called birth control or getting fixed! Oh or condoms! I understand being in love and wanting to please who you are with but this is too far. Especially since she wanted more children in the future, now she has to suffer for the rest of her life while he chilling having the easy life! I blame her as well too, she is a grown ass woman. I am for sure he did not hold a gun to her head. The only thing I can see that boy holding is another man at night.

Young Jeezy Arrested

Sunday during a Wiz Khalifa concert shots were fired. In the mix of it all Young Jeezy was arrested for possession charges. It is not said that he had any involvement in the shooting. But his bail is set for one million.

Flawless Gift

Nicki Minaj got a surprise after performing on the VMAs. As she was chilling in her dressing room Beyonce came in and gifted the rapper with a diamond encrusted Flawless necklace. Riding high she tweeted the hot piece. Must be nice to have Beyonce as a bff.

Peace and luv!

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