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Kendrick vs Drake

Aw man, T.D.E. had the hardest cypher last night during the BET HIP-Hop Awards. They killed alot of sucker M.C’s over “Shook ones”. I don’t know if ya’ll understand it or not but the beat was a message in itself. One after another, the T.D.E. wordsmith’s assassinated the cypher.

Now, lets get somethin straight. I don’t respect that fake ass ish Kendrick Lamar pulled. Homie showed big flaes in his character. He is not to be trusted. He’s the type of dude you can be chillin’ wit all day and soon as he sees an opportunity, he’ll break into your crib. Whenever you get done wit it he did some snake ass ish. I just don’t like grimy back stabbin’ people. I was a fan until that point. I mean you’re networking with these dudes, doin’ songs and videos. Then all of a sudden you’re feelin’ yourself and you start takin shots? Kendrick Lamar was already mentioned in every conversation or debate over “who’s the hottest M.C.”, his little beef tactic was unnecessary. i hope it was worth it homie, cause after your lil shine is over nobody’s gonna mess with you. What goes up must come down. And when you flop, you’re going to drop past the same people you shitted on. But whenever I get done with it; Damn that dude killed it last night! All that wasn’t even called for. He dropped bar after bar. And after they played the cypher, Kendrick’s lil ugly ass when sittin in the audience like he’s the king of rap or something. He’s doing his thang but he has a long way to go, and he’s goin about it the wrong way. You just don’t flip on dudes you’re cool wit. If its some beef or you see somethin fake, handle your business. That like we’re all cool, hangin out and gettin money together and the next thing you know, you’re getting text from everybody sayin I’m talkin about you. Just fake.

At first I was the one to say; “Drake should just leave it alone and every time somebody brings up Kendrick Lamar, Drake should just post up his record sales and stay focused on making good music.” But now? After they aired the cypher…..”I need you to say somethin baby.”

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