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Truth or Dare: How Freaky Deeky are you really? By IcyPoetress aka Khenderson


Greetings! My name is Khenderson or as I’ll be known here, Icypoetress. I’m a new blogger for Urban Image Magazine. I hale from the Midwest and currently reside in Chi-town.  This will be my first post for you all, and I hope you enjoy. I aim to entertain and have you laughing while offering some advice, through stimulating the mind…unless I want to be random, which I can be very random at times.  I’m 29 years old, I have a degree in

Counseling (so you may see me talk on mental health from time to time), and I do a little bit of everything. So please enjoy, this is not meant to be judgmental, or casting shade on anyone. I am to entertain and spark discussions. That’s a little about me so read below for the topic:


First off I want to say and I mean this in nothing but love…I’mma need ya’ll to head to Hollywood and hit up the Oscars, because some of you KNOWWWWW…you are very good actors.

I was reading some posts last night on FB about various questions on sexual advice and what freaky situations people would get into or have done. Of course every respond had me rolling.  I literally was in tears and falling out, over the outlandish comments being made and it had me thinking, “How for real are these folks?”  Seriously. We are in the most restricted, and puritan nation in the world.  Don’t believe me? Head over seas sometime, you see more backsides and yoni’s than you’d ever see here.  Still don’t believe me, then why are many of my former clients main issues are due to being sexually remote?

So once again, this has me wondering….why are you all lying so much? Or should I say, stretching truths? Especially in the Black Community, I am proud…no ecstatic that we are talking about sex and we are advocating responsible safe sex, which is a must, but how many of you are really, spread out buffet style on your counter top, snicker bars in the yoni, hands bound by various contraptions, nipple clamps ready on your boo, his shaft throbbing from the whips it took from your riding crop, while you wait  to open wide for various objects, or liquids to make it way across your tongue?  I want to know, because I do not believe it.

We are so secretive in our community that it’s hard to believe that all of you are reenacting every Zane or erotic book you can find at the local Barnes and Nobles in your room. I can not see Latricia down the skreet, bound on all fours with a anal plug hangin’ from behind as Demetri  chill sets with nut anchors, a gag ball in his mouth as he readies his toys for a hot round of sticky iggy as they so boast on these social networking sites.  So, if you are, then I want to know.

We are so repressed, scared, ashamed or prudish as I like to call it, that we can not even have face to face conversations with our best friends or even to teach our children healthy responsible sexual education, without blushing, fabricating, talking in circles, giving miss guided information and so forth.  Mentioning sex therapy scares us in the Black community. Talking about what makes our yoni moist, gets our buds hard, or fellas, what makes your scepters really hard (Yes I could say penis and vagina but I enjoy my words right now, *smiles*), or what gets that tip dripping, is thrown out the window in reality, but it’s easy for us to boost about what we do sexually, online. *side eye* Come on…step out of the shadows, if you really a freak for real, rep it and educate in a healthy format, not a egotistical format. How about we discuss it here?

…So again,

How many of you, Men and Women are really begging to take a dip in the mahogany hovel?  How many of you are really pulling out your BSM gear and getting it going in your basements? How many of you are REALLY hitting up Trois clubs?

Enlighten me, share your stories below and judge who’s telling the truth or not.


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