The Plot Thickens On the Game/ Meek Mill Beef

So by now I know you all have heard that Meek Mill is now in a beef with the Game. Game dropped “92 Bars” Friday morning … which possibly...

So by now I know you all have heard that Meek Mill is now in a beef with the Game.

Game dropped “92 Bars” Friday morning … which possibly explains why he started going in on Meek Thursday night in a Miami nightclub, calling him out as a snitch.

The Game’s entourage was the target of a drive-by shooting outside the Fontainebleau Hotel … after the nightclub gig. There’s no evidence connecting Meek to the shooting.

Game’s old rival, Stiches, is now taking credit for it. Smart … copping to a felony on social media.

Well anyway I guess that the beef started because Game believes Meek dropped a dime to authorities about Sean Kingston’s robbery. Kingston was apparently jacked of around $300,000 worth of jewelry at a L.A. nightclub back in June.. The Game and Meek were reportedly in the building that night, and the Game thinks Meek told police that people with the him were involved.

Law enforcement officials say the Game was never a suspect in the robbery and the investigation has since closed because Kingston won’t cooperate.
So now it seems that Sean Kingston has decided to chime in and if I may put I sidebar his response is not a good look for the singer.

SMH…If this dude (Meek Mill) put as much effort into his career as he does beefin with other rappers he might be able to make some ends. Here’s what he had to say:

Seems like Meek Mill wouldn’t even drop a track if it weren’t for beefing with somebody. Although the Games track really didn’t move me either (which surprised me because I’m usually a fan), to me, Meek Mill’s track was weak as hell. He really didn’t say much but that the Game is a stripper.

Hell I want to know where he takin it off at because unlike Meek the Games fine ass could strip for me any day…Umm Umm Umm all that beautiful Jayceon delishshishshishness!!!

Meek Mill tries to act like he’s so hard core but I bet if the two ever did meet up and there really was a fight instead of guns being drawn the Game would put a hurtin on him. Take plenty of seats Boo Boo, because it is so evident that your girl is much harder and damn sure more of a boss than you. He gonna keep on with all this beef and somebody gonna pop his ass.





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