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Know Your Worth

That change in your pocket barely covers what you worth!

The pictures that are flashed on social media that have you hungry for the wad of money doesn’t begin to cover the valuable treasure you are!

Everyday many of us  are drawn in by the amount of money we see others flaunting  and all the get rich quick schemes are only meant to tempt you and draw you in.  Knowing who you are and whose you are matters more that all the money in the world.  Learning to love yourself is the first and best deal you can ever have in your life.  Discovering your rough edges and learning how to refine them daily is what is important in your life so that you shine so bright others have to know what your secret is.  Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly normal to want to have the  money for the things that you need in life.   We all want to live comfortably and do the things that we want to do.  What we must be careful of is to fall so far in love with that green piece of paper that we forget the treasure that is our heart and spirit.  Our time and attention to ourselves is just as valuable as the time and attention that we give to the material things in our lives.

As you go thru your day to day just stop long enough and remind yourself that you are necessary, you are needed and you are of value.  You matter more than money.  Remember your self worth!

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Arlene Wallis

Baltimore based blogger who focuses on the positive, motivation and uplifting of others locally, nationally and global. With an infectous smile, she brings calm and joy when she writes and also makes you think when you read her blogs. Single mom of four who is also a domestic violence survivor, she brings a unique view on the things that are often left unsaid. Lady Blue also keeps tabs on the underground music movement happening in Baltimore and around the world. If you need motivation, she also has a inspirational page on Facebook as well! Her favorite bible verse is also the title of her website because she knows that weeping may endure for a night but JOY does come in the morning!
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