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Prayers up for actor/comedian Tracy Morgan. After returning from doing a show Morgan’s limo bus was hit bad by a tractor on a turnpike. The limo flipped, six cars were involved and unfortunately Morgan’s writer died while Morgan was flown to a hospital in critical condition. They say he is to stay for two weeks to recover. We hope everyone have a speedy recovery especially Tracy so he can get back to doing what he does well, making us laugh.

He’s Back!

Don’t worry ladies, Mr. Julius is back guarding the Queen Bey. They were spotted in the NYC the other day. Clearly his reason for being m.i.a. was because he was on a well deserved vacation. But just in case Jay succeeds at getting someone else to guard his precious jewel Julius can always guard my ass…just sayin.

Rih Don’t Want No Scrubs

Rihanna clapped back after the remaining members of the group TLC fixed their lips to say they were tired of seeing Rihanna’s naked ass every time they look up. During an interview they were asked about different artists and how they felt about sex selling in this industry. They rode their high horse and claimed they sold records and became the leading female group to sell the most records without selling sex.

Did they forget that they taught everybody that wasn’t Too Proud To Beg how to Creep while giving The Redlight Special on the TLC tip? All while wearing condoms as everyday accessories! Rihanna responded by replacing her Facebook cover photo of TLC holding their naked lady lumps. I want to know why T-Box can back up Molly Miley Cyrus and her riding a wrecking ball butt booty naked behavior but go hard on her own sistah when she wore a revealing dress? Tell me something.

Peace and luv!

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