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Beyonce Drones?

Can a hoe be turned into a housewife?

Ok that was a bit much, Rihanna is not a hoe nor is she trying to be anyone’s housewife. However Jay has different plans for the bad gal. I wonder did Rihanna see this coming. It probably was in the small print in the contract she signed with Jay’s RocNation. Now that Jay has her under his label he wants her to be more like his wife. Yes, he wants her to stop posting erotic pics on social media. Bey has started to rearrange Rih’s wardrobe to replicate her own and giving her lessons on how to speak eloquently during interviews. This story doesn’t seem real. Rih would not bow down so willingly to these demands. And when would Bey have the time to train her? Especially since she is preparing a tour with her hubby. I love Bey but I can’t imagine having a clone of the Queen Bey although there are a lot of simpletons that try.

Where’s The Bodyguard

Speaking of Beyonce, has anyone noticed lately that the regular bodyguard Julius hasn’t been around? Ever since that elevator incident with Solange and Jay, he has been m.i.a. The guy that has replaced him is not half as cute as Julius which I believe Jay had something to do with that. Rumors have circulated that Bey and Julius maybe smashing, I mean it does get lonely on the road ask Janet Jackson. Jay has been trying to get rid of Julius for a minute, maybe now he has succeeded. Hopefully he is on vacation, he need it after the fight involving Solange.

It Wasn’t You It Was Me

Keyshia Cole’s soon to be ex husband Daniel Boobie Gibson spoke about their split and why it didn’t work. I found it refreshing that he took complete ownership of his mistakes since most men will quickly fix their lips to blame everybody and their mama for what brought down the marriage. He didn’t get too specific on exactly what ended the relationship but did say that he stopped being the friend she needed. Eventually she got sick and tired of being sick and tired and left. Hopefully they can co-parent successfully for the sake of the baby.

Superman That Hoe!

Now this is nine levels of nastiness! Instead of getting a thirsty girl his own age, Dwight Howard decided to get a young thirsty girl nowhere near the legal age to chop down! This shit R. Kelly wouldn’t even touch. A sophomore in high school put it on him so good he flew her to his spot in Florida. Why wasn’t she in school and what did she tell her parents she was going, on a class trip? I see Thirsty University is giving out diplomas early this year. He probably started his organization for underprivileged kids to scope out potentials for himself!

JLo Dumps Casper The Friendly Ghost

She finally had enough of his gay antics. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Not So Smart have broken up. Since they have gotten together about three years ago rumors have circulated about him and his gay tendacies and I suppose this last stint was enough for her ass. Sources say that they have been arguing non stop and he has already started to move his stuff out of her place. I was surprised it lasted that long, I guess he got enough exposure to continue with his 15 minutes of fame. Now he can bring his ass all the way out of the closet like everybody else seem to be doing. I wonder if he will continue to be her dancer though?

Peace and luv!

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