Well!  It seems that out of all the gone with the wind fabulous tales that RHOA star (?) Kenya Moore likes to tell, the one about her “Rich African Prince” seems to be the closest to being true truthful.

According to Mediatakeout,It seem’s like Porsha William’s may have been bit by the jealous bug when she tried to debunk Kenya Moore’s rich ‘African Prince’ as nothing more than a fake prince who is just some rnb singer looking to get that spotlight opportunity, as not only was Kenya Moore spotted quite a while back walking closely with an unknown male during her trip at Harvard University, but the unknown male has now been identified as the so called ‘African Prince’ that Moore’s rent bills were so joyful about. 

According to mediatakeout, Kenya Moore’s supposed new beau is none other than Tonye Cole, a wealthy Nigerian businessman who has turned his used oil business into a billion dollar company that now trades around the world. Kenya has been noted to have visited both Lagos and Dubai recently this year, both places having Cole’s business office’s present. However, it’s not all as it seem’s (as usual), as Cole is a married man with three children. 

His bio reads that as “The Managing Director of Sahara Energy Resource Limited which he co-founded in 1996 with his friends Tope Shonubi and Ade Odunsi. Sahara Energy started out as an oil and gas company whose core business at the time was the trading of excess fuel oil from the Port Harcourt and Warri refineries.

Tonya Cole’s biography also reads that he is married with three children, something that Kenya Moore is all to well rehearsed in as once again, critics are calling her out as a homewrecker, especially when it’s been almost a year that Kenya has been going out with the tycoon, not to mention boasting about him on many occasions. 

Is Tonya Cole simply a cash donor card for Kenya Moore in exchange for bodily goods?