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Harlem Rapper Von Miller

In the birth place of hip hop there’s a new lyrical genius being groomed out of Harlem, NY and appears to be the new face and fresh air for the new generation of hip hop. Young, gifted and lyrically blessed with real raw talent and an awesome humanitarian, upcoming rapper Von Miller has exactly what it takes to bring New York’s hip hop back into main stream for a new generation. I had the pleasure to be invited out on his video shoot a few weeks ago while in NYC and it was great to finally meet the rapper in person . Definitely a hard worker and a bit of a perfectionist, I spent several hours out at the video shoot getting to know the young rapper as we sat down together in Central Park in between takes. Look out world a new rapper is on the rise and he sat with UIM to give us a little insight as to who he is.

UIM: Who is Von Miller ?

V.M: I am a straightforward, Intense & Magnetic Person. I was born in Brooklyn, lived in Queensbridge and moved to East Harlem when I was 2.

UIM: When did you realize that you wanted to be a MC ?

V.M: I realized I wanted to be an MC back in 9th grade when I would sit in my history class and write rhymes with my childhood friend Kevin Jean-Baptiste, A.K.A Koola Kev That’s my brother.

UIM: Being that you are from Harlem do you feel pressured to be on top of your game because of the many legends that made their hip hop humble beginnings out of New York ?

V.M: As long as I keep God 1st, great vibes & great people around that’s all I need. No, I don’t feel pressured.

UIM: Would you like to share with our readers about any up and coming projects ?

V.M: Yes, I have a project that I’m putting together now called “Walking A Thousand Miles & Unpredictable that will be out on Dec.6th of this year.

UIM: Being that you are a MC on the rise who are some of the hip hop legends that inspired you ?

V.M: Rakim, NAS, JAY Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, Common, Notorious B.I.G, 2-Pac, The LOX, OUTKAST, BIG L, BIG PUN, EMINEM THE DIPLOMATS, DMX AND G-UNIT

UIM: How did you get the nickname Harlem Nas ?

V.M: A friend of mine from Queensbridge Projects named Ron G gave me that nickname because he heard me rhyme and compared me to NAS.

UIM: I know that you love to give back in charitable ways throughout the different neighborhoods in Harlem , so how do you find time to fit that into your busy schedule ?

V.M: I am never too busy to stop and feed or give away clothes to the homeless. I am a humanitarian by nature. I learn from my environment.

UIM: Who are some of the producers that you have worked with or are currently working with on your project ?

V.M: I worked with Linn Mori (Japan)
Boogie from spittin raw (East Harlem) Bryan Holder (Brooklyn). I am working on my project with Tracy Randall. (Grammy-Nominated Songwriter & Producer.)

UIM: In your downtime what do you find most relaxing to do ?

V.M: Spend time with my family and think about life.

UIM: At what age did you write your first rhyme?

V.M: 15

UIM: Do you have any shows lined up ? And if so would you like to share where you will be headed ?

V.M: Not at the current moment.

UIM: Is your music available for download and if so where can it be purchased ?


UIM: What would you like to leave our readers with ?

V.M: I want my readers to know that they will not be disappointed and that I will become their favorite artist. Also, if you have beats send them to [email protected]
Follow me on instagram @theharlemnas



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