I earned my Stripes!

Dealing with Stretch Marks

As a mom, the beauty of carrying another human being is a beautiful thing.  To see your body shape, change, move and react over that 9 month period is something that you will never forget!  The excitement often overtakes us as the time draws nearer.  We do everything in our power to eliminate dry skin, stretch marks, swelling feet and more.  Stretch mars seem to be the reminder that we were once with child.  You can’t help but be reminded when you go and try on a bikini and there they are peeking at you reminding you how your body changed.  Many will do what they  have to cosmetically to rid themselves of the marks, a vanity move in my opinion.  Sure I miss wearing a bikini but I relish in the fact that I can still wear a two-piece though the waist is a little higher.

I had four children.  Each child stretched me a little farther than the last.  My youngest looks at my tummy and asks playfully, “was I really in there”?


I can tell the story of the 9 moths with each child with glee as I remember the times when they were smaller and new to the world.  I earned these stripes.  Many call them Tiger stripes. Why you may ask ?  Tiger stripes are like human fingerprints, no stripes are alike on any two tigers so therefore each is different.  They are also called Tiger stripes because of the similarity to the layout of stripes on a Tiger.  Either way you look at it, I love my stretch marks, my man loves my stretch marks and the house my kids built is a blessing from God!



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Arlene Wallis

Baltimore based blogger who focuses on the positive, motivation and uplifting of others locally, nationally and global. With an infectous smile, she brings calm and joy when she writes and also makes you think when you read her blogs. Single mom of four who is also a domestic violence survivor, she brings a unique view on the things that are often left unsaid. Lady Blue also keeps tabs on the underground music movement happening in Baltimore and around the world. If you need motivation, she also has a inspirational page on Facebook as well! Her favorite bible verse is also the title of her website because she knows that weeping may endure for a night but JOY does come in the morning!
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